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Roses dont have thorns.
In botanical terms, they are prickles.
Rose prickles serve to keep away predators

We think each country is a Rose

Rose plants are tasty according to deer
So just below the location of a country in the world, we share interesting (tasty) reading for you.

  Earth was formed over 4.5 billion years ago (Mean radius : 6371.0 km)
Earth revolves around the Sun in 365.26 days (Earth year).
First human was seen in Ethiopia 2.8 million years back.
We cover 193 UN member countries, 2 SARs, 63 islands, territories, dependencies and non UN member countries plus 5 oceans, 7 continents, sun, moon, world, earth, universe
  We changed our canvas only after 28.08.2013 when founder had an almost fatal accident which initiated his new thinking of life.  

  Bhau indirectly suggested founder that nobody can stop death. His death was postponed because he has not served Mother Earth enough.  


Dr Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, Scientist.
Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat feels great that he had the opportunity to talk to Dr Kalam only once when Dr Kalam's office called founder when founder had done a website for villages in India and how they should be developed by 2020

If purposely you do not see your father, grand father, father in law,
when he is about to leave earth, then its loss of Mother Earth.
Though Mother Earth is small, attitude towards climate affects this Universe.

Tiger is India's national animal.
Tiger courage is not affected by bad words

Purposely not seeing your father, grand father, father in law ... when he expires.
There is no
medicine anywhere in the world for this ego driven disease
World must stop this disease before tooooooo many people gets this disease.

If purposely (repeat purposely) you did not see father, grand father, father in law when he expires, you carry ego attitude disease which is bigger than 3rd or 4th stage of cancer. No medicine or surgery can cure you.
You live killing yourself every second you live.
You may laugh and people may think you have forgotten the ugly human behaviour.
But within you, you remember what you did.
And while you laugh, you kill yourself.
Of course, this is only for living human beings and not for emotionless human bodies who live like emotionless robots.

In a war, you kill soldiers or civilians of so called enemy country.
But in many countries, you send the remains of them, to their country.

By any method you kill the person who says this (directly, indirectly or by accident) and act in such a way that nobody will know your involvement or that third grade act of your neighbours or so called friends ...

You may think that you acted well and fooled law or bought law.

Law will take time but will be on truth's side.

You or someone who told you this, just fools yourself, not law.
Even a so called lawyer who says Rakta Paat Hoel (Blood bath will happen) on 11th July 2013, is trying to fool law.

Law system in India is good. Implementation will take time because of many things like population, urban population, more important issues like rape, Covid19.
You cant fool legal system.

On 25th Septmber 2020 , you are told by a lady that she has a child and people want to see the child but because of Covid19, its not possible to have ceremony.

Does this lady know that you are a living body which purposely did not see your own biological father when he expired ? If she knew, she would have fainted.
And if she knows this, then she is just a living human being with good acting skills who gave birth. And this acting is good but actor is of villanious attitude.

Imagine, you have a heart attack and your grand child tells you clearly that you did not take care of your father, so dont expect us to take you to hospital. We dont mention child because she or he can be as inhuman as you. We dont know grand child, but hope she or he will follow good human behaviour, at least ethical norms.

You make think that this is a story of unbelievable human attitude because they can not believe such egoistic humans exist on earth.

No names mentioned because law doesnt allow us to share them without legal proof. We have to believe that even truth needs a legal proof.
People who experienced this can equate it.

Like you do good or bad, but you need a legal birth certificate.
Like you marry in a big ceremoney but you still need marriage certificate.
Like you do good or bad, but people need a legal death certificate.

Bhau indirectly told founder that his death is postponed not just as he was son but he has not done enough to serve mother earth.
Vishwachi Apule Ghar (Universe is our house).   
Charity begins at home and your home is all in all countries and the nature not just in this world but universe.

Bhau indirectly told founder that he saved him from an almost fatal accident only because he has not served mother earth enough.
Todd Henry's book "Die Empty"
says : “Do not go to your grave and you carry inside you the best that you have; always choose to die empty.”
We share CSR ideas of us as well as you.
Millions of ideas we cant do, copy them for the betterment of mother earth

Social issues was, is & will always be our heart.
But Heart is just 0.3% by mass of human boday. 99.7% mass is brain, stomach, ENT, Hands, Legs ..

So only 0.3% is NGOs and rest of the 99.7% are stakeholders like government,
corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, media,
volunteers, donors And YOU are important. On your Birthday, at least, show the world, how caring you are ....
Please understand when an insurance agent meets you.
Dont be foolish thinking your life is secured.
Nobody, not even a doctor can save life forever.
It is just a financial insurance.
And the amount depends on the premium you pay.

When in the Thane court, founder was asked what was his financial loss because of accident. He thought this is toooooooooooooooooooo much.
He was not asked how much time he lost to serve others.
Maybe, founder thought his thinking of "No Salary now" was harmful because they dont ask how much time you lost to serve people (directly or indirectly).

One thing founder learnt from this court case was
Misunderstanding of the word Insurance.

Insurance companies or their agents are playing with human emotions if they say Life Insurance. Its Life financial insurance. They dont stress the word financial. They just say Life Insurance and most of the people think it is not just financial insurance but Life is insured.

Agents must say it very clearly "It is financial insurance"
They must get an official signature from the person who signs that the person has understood it is financial insurance. And it is not a sign where there is toooooo much of reading and people dont read it, just sign it.

It has to be just 2 lines on a separate paper clearly stating it is financial insurance.
Nobody, Not even a PM, President, Scientist, Doctor .. can be immortal.
They die one day. So again, it is just a financial insurance and the amount depends on the premium you pay for the insurance.

Insurance is only a means of protection from financial loss.
(And not all losses because again it depends on the policy amount and therefore the amount you pay (remember YOU PAY) to insurance companies.






























2.3% is BIG

Brain weight is 2% of body mass.
Heart weight is 0.3% of body mass.
Combine it and you get 2.3%.

But donating 2.3% of Time & Money is
very big for billions of people.

At least 0.00775%
0.00775% is not just any figure.
It is the percentage of usable fresh water on earth.

If you live for just 60 years, it is 525600 hours
60 years x 365 days = 21900 days
21900 days of 24 hours each = 525600 hours

If one does 2 hours of volunteering per year
for just 20 years, it is 40 hours.
40 Hours in 60 years
is 0.007610350

Now 0 .00775 % of usable fresh water on earth and
0.007610350 % are close.






Thane : Blood donation and Value education can be World Wonders

How is different than Google, Wikipedia, other search engines, media, research agencies and portals on social sector.

Our answer is clear. We are the only portal in the world which has
1) Provisions to share NGO programmes in on social, health, climate issues.
2) Index page of each country, we share that country's national anthem.
3) Offer opportunities to corporates and NGOs opportunity to promote them
4) Cover not just film or sports celebs but many other celeb forms plus doctors, hospitals, lawyers who are helping social, health, climate issues.
5) Plans to 15 000 corporates from various countries (31.3.2021)
6) A person who comes out of fatal death who should take care of family and legal issues, thinks his death is postponed by his father because he has not served mother earth. Founder thinks he is a driver whose vehicle is internet and idea is integration of all stakeholders who help the government in handling 25 social, health, climate issues that we plan to cover.


We plan to start an online Question & Answer session for NGOs across the world on many management issues like fund raising, PR with corporates, corporate foundations, funding agencies, PR with communities, how branding helps, HR issues, how to arrive at salary structure ... issues which NGOs across the world

One can think it is creative idea but we say no.
This is not our idea, its common sense.
Brands must Win Mindshare first because then Market share is automatic.

Its a fact.
If you dont think this way, we can say you dont breathe.

Yes, how you present it and communicate it with your audience is important.

Again, just thinking that your consumers or clients is what is your target is myopic. Your competitors consumers & clients is just one step ahead.
Your employees, their families, your suppliers, their families, government, media ... all must be happy to get associated with you.

It is far more important than the commerical thinking. You must get them emotionally involved with you.

You should be seen as father or mother. In India, mothers get emotional faster, father looks at all angles, can keep aside emotions and think of the future ... so fatherly figure is right when they say it. Its not just a sentence. It is far more important

Instead of telling or scolding your child, if you think that the child can do what he wants to, in a way it is right and in a way it is wrong.

Right because as per law, a person above a particular age, has the legal right to do what she or he wants.

Wrong because you did not scold your child or guide your child or in some cases realised that your child is so egoistic that for others he behaves good but within, she or he is so arrogant that you thought life and law only can teach her or him a lesson and invest your life in helping others.

World needs
World needs

Community based
Core competency based
Human process based
Skill based
Time based
Video or audio based













We are different than Google, Wikipedia and other greats
because we really are different.
Each country has links to its government

We have links to political parties, legal ministries (districtwise courts in India), foreign embassies, corporates, NGOs, media, funding agencies, philanthropists, common great celebrities and more importantly, our heart, the social, health & Climate issues of the country.

As per our editorial policy, we can not have 1 organisation sponsor the country info because country belongs to its citizens and we allow NGOs, Corporates, Products in that country to share their names with due links to their organisation's official website
them for a nominal cost.

But if there is no one in that country that we can motivate to share their name, it is ok with us because Bhau saved founder from an almost fatal accident not to make money but to share social, health & climate challenges of countries and Rohan gave the idea tha we can do it only by sharing and integrating various stakeholders in various countries.
We know no one exits the earth with money or house with them. When someone dies she / he dont take satisfaction with them. They exit in terms of physical body but they remain in the minds of 1, 100, 1000 or 10000000 or whatever.
Doing good, helping others is key. Yes, you can do business and give income opportunity to 1 or 100 or 10 000 or more employees, supply chain people and even NGO people or you can devote life for animals or for climate .... do something which is worth your existance on earth.

Founder is an award given to this world by his parents : Aai & Bhau.
Bhau's clear thinking when he was the first on earth (followed by many) to start postponing the Death of founder on 28.08.2013 was clear. Founder has not served Mother earth enough. Let him do it and then leave.
Nobody (not even doctor) can stop death of patients and themself
Everyone on earth is an award given to this world by their parents
Interesting things

Cayman Islands
One of the world's largest financial centres and a well-known tax haven, this British overseas territory in the Caribbean has more registered businesses than it has people.


Telephone directories list individuals by their first names as a few have original surnames.

Known as the "land of 1000 lakes" and has about half a million identified lakes

The average woman gives birth to six children.

Afghan rugs are very popular around the world.

At least 10% of the land is made up of 8 national parks, 11 nature parks and two nature reserves. The lucky people in Croatia enjoy 2,715 hours of sunshine a year


1) 12 humans who walked on the moon
2) Moon age
3) Mean radius,
4) Equatorial radius
5) Polar radius
6) Surface area
70 Volume
8) Mass

1) Age
2) Area
3) Mass
4) Radius
5) Time to revolves around sun
6) Volume

Without the Sun's intense energy, there would be no life on Earth.
1) Temperature at the sun's core
2) Average diameter
3) Rotation period
4) Surface temperature
5) Composition
6) Mass covers

What is BP ?
25 December
Brain Heart
Dying Mortality
YOU Billionaires think
What is the weight of

7 Wonders New
7 Wonders (Old)


Its not creative if you think that Brands must Win Mindshare first because then Market share is automatic.

Its a fact.
If you dont think this way, we can say you dont breathe.

Yes, how you present it and communicate it with your audience is important.

Again, just thinking that your consumers or clients is what is your target is myopic. Your competitors consumers & clients is just one step ahead.
Your employees, their families, your suppliers, their families, government, media ... all must be happy to get associated with you.

It is far more important than the commerical thinking. You must get them emotionally involved with you.

You should be seen as father or mother. In India, mothers get emotional faster, father looks at all angles, can keep aside emotions and think of the future ... so fatherly figure is right when they say it. Its not just a sentence. It is far more important













'First human' discovered in Ethiopia : 2.8 million years back

Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they claim is one of the very first humans. The 2.8 million-year-old specimen is 400,000 years older than researchers thought that our kind first emerged. Prof Villmoare said the discovery makes a clear link between an iconic 3.2 million-year-old hominin (human-like primate) discovered in the same area in 1974, called "Lucy"..

In the last 2.8 million years, billions of people who lived on earth have seen many conflicts, deadly wars, diseases

Now world has become a village and like a contagious disease spreads faster in a village, Covid19 which is a non contagious disease has spread across the world and economy has gone down seriously. But this is a medical disease and there will be some medicine or vaccine after some days and it certainly will not be a big disease in 2030.

But there would be new diseases, crime, wars, conflicts ... and we are stupied enough to not worry about the biggest war we and our future generations have to fight. Call it by any name but in simple words it is " Climate disease"

And human attitude disease like not purposely seeing your father, grand father and father in law who has expired but is about to leave in physical form is a big disease world must take care of in this fight against climate because neither 100000 billion dollars not just 10 countries can solve this problem. It needs the world to come together and Covid19 has partly started this action of togetherness as well as working from home attitude thereby reducing climate damage that we do through vehicles, more consumption of water and light ...

Corporates directly & indirectly is income generating source of billions of people. But instead of product quality & availability, people talk about cost, CSR budget, salary of top management ...
Hardly does one talk about how corporates are looking at climate change, how they are looking at packaging changes, logistics and business processes, HR policies, how they are handling Covid19.

1) We share corporates countrywise.
2) Corporates products are brands and they add value to the corporate. So we share corporates namewise also.
3) People buy products & must see whether they products and the corporate industries are socially responsible. So we do that from Oct 20
4) Many are keen to know how much world's biggest corporates invest in CSR, Climate change, Covid19, doing volunteering ..
5) As of now only corporates have global indices & principles. So we share that.

We share ministries & stock exchanges countrywise






















eBook on : Social, Health, Climate Issues


Founder is writing a couple of books online, the first being Win Mind Share, which is for all corporates, NGOs, media, you ...
It will share status of Social, Health, Climate issues of at least 60 key countries

eBook will share social, health, climate challenges in 60 plus countries.
Founder will approach Ashoka Fellows in 92 countries and credible NGOs
For each country that we will share, we will have two pages. One page will share key issues of the country (in point format, maximum 50 lines) , second page will be key issue that the NGO which shares info serves (challenges and programmes, contact address, website)
We will compile it in the form of an eBook. This will be shared with the NGO which can share it with their funders, volunteers or potential funders.
We will share it with funding agencies, corporates, foundations, NGOs, media, Consulates, Foreign embassies ..
Since we share name of the NGO & website it helps NGOs because donors & volunteers directly approach the NGO and not through us.
Our ultimate idea is helping you help communities we may never see. There is far greater satisfaction of helping unknown.

eBook to corporates which shares views of Brand experts on how to win mind share of consumers, customers so that your Market Share is on Auto mode. Brand experts from 25 key countries and these experts may be from companies, consultancies.

Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat is an Ashoka Fellow.
Book research starts on 1.11.2020


Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat is a driver,
a Brand information driver who is integrating all brands from all countries.

He worked in companies, Ad agency, PR agency, Social PR agency which did consultancy in Identity and has been working with NGOs since 1999. He thinks that it is myopic to think that only corporates are Brands or only corporate products are brands. NGO names are Brands, so is media, so is river and it is ood but even Gods are Brands.

He got his Ashoka Fellowship in 2005 ...
Ashoka has over 3500 fellows from 92 countries.

By education qualification he is Engineer (Mechanical) & MBA (Marketing).
He admits that while he attended many Engineering and MBA classes, he hardly paid attention to the classes because what was taught was already in books. So he used to sit in library if he got time from being in Gymkhana or sports ground to play carrom, cricket, football, badminton. Founder learns from people around all the time because his mother taught him Value education which is far larger and deeper than academic education to get good job & income..
And value education does not mean how to get money, it means values, ethics in education and there is no school, college in the world which makes it a mandatory part of every class. His philosophy : Win Mind Share

All the things that we share on are other brands. If we do research of largest corporates or NGOs supported by celebrities, it is just our research and we are not that corporate or that NGO ... when you go to a shopping mall, what you get is Saree, Shirts, Coat, Vegetables. Fruits, Grocery, Light, Computer ... and you dont ask the Shopping Mall whether they have agricultural areas which generates all fruits or vegetable they sell and the shopping mall certainly do not buy ocean, they buy fish from fisherman and sell it. So we are like a World Shopping Mall which shares all brands.

So founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat thinks that he is a driver.
Yes Brands information driver who is taught the value of integration by Rohan.
He knows Brand Integration is critical for this world of wonders

Like focus of hospitals is on patients and mainly win disease first.
If your heart surgery is succesfully done in hospital A, you will equate that hospital like a good church, mosque, temple and promote it. Its word of mouth.
And you equate surgeons like Gods in that Church, Mosque, Temple ..
Politicians, celebrities Win Minds to get votes, followers

Corporates, products must Win Mind Share of consumers, customers, clients, employees, supply chain if they are good.
They know that then Market share goes on auto mode.
NGOs Win Mind Share of communities, donors, volunteers if they do good work.