28.8.2013 was black day for us
 but realised that it was golden day for world
Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Apule Ghar (Universe is our house) 
If you purposely do not see your father, grand father, father in law or close relative when he is about to leave earth, it is bad ego attitude.
If you are human, your heart will stop anytime (Now, today, tomorrow, next year or ....) Killing someone will have dangerous effects on next generations.

Think of people & moeny going towards Social sector and heart breakes. Their must be Operation Brand NGOs which helps Social Sector

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First human on earth was found 28 00 000 years back. In the last 2.8 million years, world has seen many viruses causing AIDS, Polio, Covid19, wars, floods, deserts ..






I am important
than CSRidentity.com
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You tell us where you exist We will share you where you are registered. And we are not judging who you are. We provide links to your official sites available in public zone because we respect your privacy.
We have countrywise pages for Corporates, NGOs, Funding agencies, Media, Philanthropists,
Helplines, Ad agencies, PR agencies, Stock exchanges, Business associations, Industry associations,
Tourism locations ......

CSRidentity.com plans to share your name in appropriate country categorywise

In case of India, we share NGOs districtwise and there are dedicated stakeholder pages for India which is our global example country because we have been working on India since 1999

Global example could have been Japan, China, North Korea of Croatia ... if we were working on all stakeholders in the last few years

If your name is missing
email it to Datacentre and within 5 days we will share it free. We dont take holidays




Your brand image can be on the right side of corporates in USA or NGOs in Japan or philanthrpists in India or media in China or independence day of Canada or tourism location in New Zealand or ........

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If you find your corporate or NGO or FA or Media or tourism location or agency name in any category from any country missing, send us name with link.

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First person
First human on earth was found 28 00 000 years back. No, that person was not in India but Ethiopia

In the last 2.8 million years, world has seen many viruses causing AIDS, Polio, Covid19, wars, floods, only some died, billions of people lived. But world can be a deadely place with climate change.



We are planning to write an online book for social issues status in 75 countries. This eBook will be free for all to see.

We are doing a research on various aspects of sustainability & reputation tree and it will be useful for NGOs, SMEs, Corporates from all countries.

Its important to dream but dont have a mission of removing poverty in the world. It will not happen in just 1, 2,3 or 100 years unless climate removes all people in the world.

Have a mission of removing poverty in a district or a county or a state or a small country of say a few thousand citizens in ... years.

Communication is key element for NGOs because they need to communicate with donors, volunteers, communities and media ....









What's CSR ? By equating CSR to Corporate Social Responsibility, dont run away. Afterall Social Responsibility is of all individuals, organisations. Think larger & deeper.
C = Conscience
, S = Sustainability , R = Reputation CSRidentity.com has Identity , dot com

We value Brand . We know Every citizen in this world has a WILL, why Register it , Can best option be Gift Deed when you are alive. Remember YOU are billionaires
How you can help the world
Rohan is our teacher in thinking that Integration of the work millions of organisations are doing across the world on Social, Health, Climate issues is master key


Sad & happy

Founder wanted to help Covid19 affected citizens but cant because of his accident
but is happy because his son , who is an intern doctor gets opportunity to serve Covid 19 affected citizens.

And more importantly, millions of wardboys, nurses, police, politicians, corporates, NGOs, celebrities, sweepers ...in all countries have come togeher to help doctors and pharamaceutical companies in not only treating patients but getting vaccine ready.

This proves what founder thinks.
He thinks receptionist is welcome doctor, driver, liftman, security guards are safety doctors reducing the burden police have.

Its not cancer or heart related disease, many billionaires are stressful and have BP, Stress and right from receptionist to liftman decide how caring the company is, so they are the first identity makers of the company. CEO hardly meets consumers, so salesman is identity of the company, NGO founder meets less community members than social workers on job, so they are first to make identity mark of the NGO.

Media owners meet hardly hundreds but journalists put together meet millions.
This brings one more clarity. Togetherness.

So he is bringing all people and organisations together online without them knowing him

He doesnt stand out in the crowd but he helps you stand out in the crowd.

Branding, PR, Identity, Social attitude and his technological background helps him.