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World must know that NGOs as trusted as family members, parents by communities they serve. NGOs can sell products made by communities or can be agents of corporates in slums, villages, rural area. We start with India as an example from 15th June 2023
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Happy birthday
Just 7435 large companies employ 110246865 people. Its good even if 1% of these employees donate (1102468) Rs 365 or $5 to blood banks. We say blood because evey human in every country has blood which in adults is 7% to 10% of body weight. Let world know your employees have Blood of a Philanthropist.
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Which corporate, funding agency, philanthropist, NGO, Government, UN organisation, Celebrity supports which issue ? As a social enterprise, we want to change this business into social business and share it with all because communities must he helped. We start from 15th June 2023
Which product to buy
I know how to decide
Quality, cost, availability, attractive packaging ... consumers look at all these when they buy a product or opt services.
We think now they must know how the companies they buy from treat their employees, country, climate and take a conscious decision. So we plan to share all basic things to look at before you buy product categorywise and not companywise. All from 4th July 2023
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General Knowledge
General Knowledge
 28.8.2013 was black day for us
 but realised that it was golden day for world
Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Apule Ghar (Universe is our house) 


Your Brand is a
parent of employees, supply chain,
consumers, clients.

Your Brand cares
ROI of shareholders
& investors.

But your Brand also thinks ROI differently.

ROI is
Returns (satisfaction), Opportunities (to help)
Impact (Investment)

ROI can also be
Results, Opportunities, Impact

Your Brand must know that
Each country is a Brand
Each NGO is a Brand
Each Social issue is a Brand

Your Brand has a
WILL to help the world

Your Brand keeps
Privacy (Patent)
of information but patent makes sense only when millions use your patent giving due credit to the
Brand which has patent.
If hardly anyone uses it, it is just a patent.
A doctor who serves patient has meaning.
A doctor who just get degree but doesnt practice
or doesnt help research or teaches students
is just a doctor degree holder.
It is just adding to number of degree holders.

We respect brands
We know everyone brands products.
People even brand goddesses and gods
and religions and castes.
And cultural, historical locations are brands
ultimately people love brands.

Our purpose of existance is to
brand people & organisations
which help communities and climate.

Let others promote brands which makes quality products or cheaper products.
Let them charge for it.
We dont want to do it because
our purpose is different.

Our purpose is
world's income should increase and
world's challenges should reduce

We know challenges die
but we also know that
new challenges are grooming
when old challenges exist.
They take over, when old challenges die.


Our research


Time & Talent
We are a Social Bridge
Cant believe ?
When son purposely doesnt see father when he is about to leave earth

When grandson purposely doesnt see grandfather when he is about to leave earth

When daughter is law purposely doesnt see father in law when he is about to leave earth

and worst is when they influence others not to see the person about to leave earth, then their identity damages human identity.

Others you influenced may be very good 99.99% time and someone may say that they just made one mistake.

It is known to everybody that even good baloon bursts with just one prick. So goodness baloon will burst if people know this real life fact.

No names shared because we respect privacy, but if they KILL the other son of the person who left earth directly or through accident which is hard to know who was behind the accident (an Indian or someone from neighbouring country or far off country), then not just their names, but name of a person who said about Blood Bath on 11th July 2013, name of person who talked not good about police on mobile, name of a person who was not in society meeting but signed at home an important decision in 2008 plus many other things will be open to people across the world..

till then,
it can be considered as a not real story
but just a story.

Founder thinks he has seen many people trying to do mental rape for which he doesnt know if their is any punishment by law

but founder is planning to write an online version of a book on "Mental Rape"

And factual information will be shared to HR of the company where you work as employee or
to company which gives you business or to companies in other countries and more lasting is the school where that person's son or grandson goes and the school or where neighbour's son or grandson or granddaughter goes.

And to parents of students to whom you gave education because education is critical to build a human being.

Born humans may kill someone, thinking they have won. They will know that they are big loosers.

They, their future generations, neighbours, relatives will suffer till they exit earth.

Hence when you are alive, you do things accepted by law of your country. e.g. Give your property by legal Gift Deed, give your knowledge, share your hobbies with charities you like ... do it when you are alive because everyone knows that a dead person doesnt carry property or gold or money or relatives or enemies.

And on top of this, if a person is as per what is shared at starting point of story does PR or tell good stories or religious thoughts trying to influence people ... then in this case PR stands for Punctured Reality.
(A punctured tyre can not move and if one tries to use a punctured tyre, it is dangerous or if one has put Nitrogen in tubeless tyres, it will go a few kilometers but then it will stop)

This will not be just an individual's real life story, it will be a world story if anything is purposely done wrong. Media, Social media are still alive in the world. If you think you can buy media or politicians, try it.
Politicians are far more clever than you think.

Bhau had done 2 registered WILLs and founder has done one registered WILL with due medical certificate.

In India, WILL just written has importance but can be easily challenged.

And, registered WILLs are also challenged.

We are sharing this because "Giving Pledge" started by Bill & Melinda Gates alongwith Warren Buffet invites billionaires to donate when they are alive or through WILL

or in India Living my promise movement which involves Venkat Krishnan says you can donate when you are alive or through your WILL

Pulitzer Prize & WILL

Nobel's WILL was not accepted initially but it won ultimately.