'First human' discovered in Ethiopia : 2.8 million years back


CSRidentity.com covers only


Jeanne Louise Calment is oldest human (122 years and 164 days)
Mind Share
Market Share will follow you

You can be a corporate, an NGO, a Government, a media, a hospital, a celebrity.
Consumers, communities, voters, readers, patients, followers have clearly decided.
They will
associate with Brands which care them, climate, world, universe.
Else you get temporary market share.
If you want your Brand to live even after you leave earth, your reputation of being trutworthy, good and caring must be when you are on earth. Else, it is buying time.
It is like you live when you are on earth on respirator.
Your brand means it can be you as an individual or you as an organisation.

















Countries, SARs, Islands, Territories, 7 Contienents, 5 Oceans, Moon, Sun, World, Earth, Universe, Thane
No one sponsors any country is truth. You can sponsor of information of the country. But we are different. Instead of just one organisation sharing their banner on all pages of the country, we give opportunities to corporates, products, NGOs registered in that country to share their name which we link it to the organisations official website on the right side of every page of that country forum.
Where is my country ?
Where is my district in India ?
'First human' discovered in Ethiopia : 2.8 million years back

Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they claim is one of the very first humans. The 2.8 million-year-old specimen is 400,000 years older than researchers thought that our kind first emerged. Prof Villmoare said the discovery makes a clear link between an iconic 3.2 million-year-old hominin (human-like primate) discovered in the same area in 1974, called "Lucy"..

2.3% is BIG
At least 0.00775%
0.00775% is not just any figure. It is the percentage of usable fresh water on earth.

If one does 2 hours of volunteering per year for 20 years, it is 40 hours.
60 years x 365 days = 21900 days x 24 hours = 525600 hours
Just 40 Hours in 60 years is 0.007610350

Now 0 .00775 % of usable fresh water on earth and 0.007610350 % are close.



Click here to go to world map which shares many countries and on the left is a drop down of all countries
All countries (193 UN member countries,
2 SARs, 63 Non UN member countries which also has Islands & territories)



Click here to go to National anthems Respect



In each country, we share
Area, Capital, Currency, Emergency numbers, Flag, Government, Law ministry, Languages citizens use, Police, Political parties, Religions of citizens

There are separate folders for Corporates and NGOs of each country and the folder of the country is linked from that country.

From each country, we will give links to the index page of following
Corporates namewise, corporates industrywise, Brand CSR (3000 corporates), Corporate Brands (2100), NGO Brands (10000)

There are separate folders for each of the following which covers all countries. In each country, we link the related page
Funding agencies, UN, Media, Celebrities, Advertising agencies, PR agencies, Business Associations, Industry Associations, MBA Colleges, Medical Colleges, Law Colleges, Social Work Colleges, Religious locations, Historical locations, Tourism locations, Experiential tourism,
Business celebs, Film celebrities, Interesting facts.

From each country, we share the links to folders related to
News, interviews, conferences, seminars, webcasts, research, workshops, training

From each country, we share the links to following great celebritiy folders
Giving Pledgers, Venkat Krishnan, Goodwill ambassadors, Brand Ambassadors, Super rich, Parents, Teachers, Corona fight winners. The content may or may not have related country pages, so we give link to index page

There are separate folders for the following Social, Health, climate issues and from the country, we share the page related to that country of the issue. Each issue shares only links to programmes of NGOs in that issue (only links not presentations or comments on credibility)
Agriculture, Blood Banks, Cancer, Child health, Children , Climate change, Disability, Education, Energy, Environment, GLBT, Health, HIV, Housing, Livelihood, Nutrition, Rural development, Senior citizens, Skill development, Tribals, Urban Development, Village Development, Water, Women, Youth

From each country, we share links to the pages related to that country's Hospitals, Doctors.
We will do specialitywise hospitals e.g. hospitals for cancer or heart ..from 28.8.2020 for each country.

Brief information about social, health issue, its challenges (We may add more health issues)
Addiction, Adoption, Animals, Art & Craft, Biodiversity, Clean country, Clean river, Culture, Disaster Relief, Diversity, Economy, Ecotourism, Employment, Financial inclusion, Girl Child, Heritage, Human Rights, Hunger, Income Generation, Indigeneous communities, Jobs for disabled, Jobs for locals, Jobs for poor, Jobs for women, Justice, Marriage, Microfinance, Migration, Nutrition, Peace of mind, Population, Poverty
Prisoners, Recycling, Religions, Sanitation, Science, Sports, Suicides, Trafficking, Traditional medicine, Waste Management

Health issues
Accidents, Acid Attacks, Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, Alzheimer disease, Anaemia, Animal bites, Anthrax, Antibiotic resistance, Arsenic caused, Asbestos related,
Acid Attacks, Assistive devices and technologies like aid machines, Asthma, Autism, Brain (Part of nervous system), Bacteria, Blind, Botulism, Burns, Cardiovascular diseases, Cataract, Chagas Disease, Chikungunya, Cholera, Chronic obstructive pulmonay disease, Chronic obstructive, Cogenital anomalies, Cold, Contagious diseases, Contraception, Cosmetology, Cough, Covid19, Deaf, Dementia, Dengue, Depression, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Dioxins and human health, Drowning, Dumb, Ebola, Echinococcosis, E. coli, Electromagnetic fields, ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat), Epilepsy, Eye diseases, Falls, Family welfare, Fever, Fitness, Flu of various types, Gender diseases, Gynacology, Heart (cardiovascular), Hepatitis, Juvenile patients, Haemoglobin disorders, Handwash, Health and human rights, Health care waste, Health care & expiry dates, Herpes, Immunization, Infectious diseases, Influenza, Japanese encephalitis, Kidney (Nephrology / Urology), Leishmaniasis - Kala azar, Leprosy, Liver, Lungs - Pulmonary diseases, Malaria, Measles, Meningitis, Mercury & health, Monkeypox, Mental disability, Mental health, Nervous system, Non communicable diseases, Obesity, Onchocerciasis, Oral health (Dentistry), Organ transplantation, Orthopedic disorders, Patient first, Physical disability, Pneumonia, Plague, Poisoning, Polio, Prequalification of medicines by WHO, Prisoners Health, Protecting workers health, Rabies, Radiation, Radon and health, Radiology, Rubella, Respiratory diseases, Salmonella (non-typhoidal), Salt reduction, Schizophrenia, Schistosomiasis, Sexual health, Skin diseases, Sleeping disorders, Soil-transmitted helminth infections, Spinal cord, Stomach diseases, Substandard, spurious, falsely labelled, falsified and counterfeit (SSFFC) medical products, Trachoma, Tuberculosis, Traditional medicine, Ulcer, Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Vector-borne diseases, Viral diseases, Worm diseases, Yogasana

World must know
1) Thane, global example    2) India,Global example country

5 oceans
Arctic Ocean , Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean , Southern Ocean

7 continents
Africa , Antarctica , Asia , Australasia , Europe , North America , South America

World & Universe
World , Earth, Moon, Sun, Universe


Whether it is hotel to eat, hotel to stay, countries I visit for my job, new job opportunities, clothes, locations, Time Pass .. when anything I need I go to Google (not my spouse, parents, children), why go to CSRidentity.com ?
Seriously, I think it is waste of my time.
Our answer is clear.
Click here to know how.

Global examples

Thane is not a country. It is Maharashtra State of India. Thane is our global example of development.

In each country, we share National anthem, Flag, Government, Political parties, Police HQs, Law ministry, Area, Currency, Awards ...

Starting in August 2020
Independence days
Emergency numbers

ISO Telephone codes  





Corporates : Namewise, countrywise, industrywise, 500 Large corporates, Ad / PR agencies, Business Associations
Diamonds are in Mines.
Management strategy must be like diamonds.
They just change e to d.
Managements change d to e
They see Minds of mines of customers.

Management focus
Win Mind Share
of consumers, employees, supply chain

Then market share will be on auto mode

Red diamonds are rare & costliest. 90% of them are from Argyle Mines, Australia. These mines will close in 2020 or 2021. But other diamonds will not stop.
Most natural diamonds have ages between 1 billion and 3.5 billion years. Most were formed at depths between 150 and 250 kilometres (93 and 155 mi) in the Earth's mantle, although a few have come from as deep as 800 kilometres (500 mi). Under high pressure and temperature, carbon-containing fluids dissolved various minerals and replaced them with diamonds

Mines are in 12 countries. Humans & their Minds are in all countries.

Diamond Model by Michael Porter

Politicians are Great Social Doctors who know how to Win Minds of people so that they win Elections. They are clever to know that People just does not mean Voters but Party leadership, Party members.
On similar lines, Management should never think of only consumers.
Think within your organisation. First win minds of employees, supply chain and most importantly win Nature. If & only if you do this, then employees will regularly help you Win Market Share because then they think the company is their company. You are not seen as employer but as parent..

We are doing a sustainability & Reputation tree research which covers each branch & leaf of the Sustainability & Reputation Tree of corporates
Corporates employ millions of people. Corporate products are used by billions of us. Corporates have millions of shareholders. But no body talks about that.
What most people do talk is about Corporate Social Responsibility. Does that mean that one should not even think of social responsibility of NGOs, media, celebrities ....
Corporates help issues more than financial donation and volunteering

On 28th May 2020, we thought that pharma industry is much more CSR related because every product they make and sell is directly related to health. Citizens across the world are consumers of them or of others. But citizen health is their priority.

From 5th June 2020 to 31st March 2021, we plan to share at least 3650 products on social & health issues

2000 Corporates

Corporate Brands

How many corporates
2100 by 20.07.2020

Forbese shares detailed research on Global Forbes 2000 companies every year. Where we are different is our focus.

We want you to judge these companies on their business processes, governance, Board, how much they invest in Social Responsibility or how many volunteering efforts they do or ....

So we just share links to their official websites. So you can go to the site and study it.

Forbes shares large companies not just SMEs or MSMEs or a small scale retailer. So there is lot of info you can get from visiting the company official website.

Its good for media.

How can I be seen ?
Many companies which are not their in the list say that Research is good but I want my brand to be seen. So we have options where you can put your banner on companies whose name start with A or B or Z

when anyone actually goes to each company , we share on the right side names with due links to corporates as well as NGOs from any country.

More importantly, while we start with just names, during 2020-21, we will share links to Covid19 work of company, its CSR or Sustainability link, its employee volunteering link and link to its climate issue work.

Of course most of the large companies will have links to them but if they are not seen online, then we cant put them.

But by 20 July 2000, we share their official links.









Countrywise Corporates

Countrywise corporates

How many corporates
10 000 by 25.12.2020

NGOs, governments, consumers are keen to know that corporates in their country are doing for not just earning money for them and their shareholders but how much care they take of communities, climate which is main concern.

So we have corporate folders for each country, SAR, Island. And on the index page of the country where corporates are shared will be a stock exchange operating in that country plus ministries related to corporates.

Corporates by name

Namewise corporates

Industrywise corporates
I want to know more about Amazon or Unilever or HSBC or Glenmark or Walmart ...
I dont know whether the company is Headquartered in South Korea or China or Japan or USA or UK or UAE ..
I want to visit the official website of the company to know more info about it, its business processes or CSR or ....

And instead of visiting countrywise corporates or industrywise corporates or just corporate brands where CSRidentity.com shares only brands which are in Forbes 2000 list

So we share namewise corporates.

Corporates by industry

Industrywise corporates

Industrywise corporates
We know many visitors want to know corporates in particular industry either for knowing what their competitors are doing or one may be thinking of changing the job and wants to know whether the company they choose is good & sustainable. Or NGOs may be looking from their angle like an NGO working in cancer patients may like to go to pharmaceutical industry and then see which company manufactures drug related to cancer and approach them or a journalist doing research on a particular industry may like to visit corporates in that industry .......

Corporate Products


Corporates make products

Corporates to know

32 Global indices & principles

Advertising agencies

PR agencies


Business Association

Industry Association










  100 Brands (Product / services)  

The 100 products / services are from corporate sector and are selected from Forbes 2019 100 Brands.
What CSRidentity.com did was research these Brands to share their culture, commitment and give only links to related page. We can add maximum 5 corporate brands beyond the 100.

Accenture : Artificial Intelligence
Adidas : What makes a winning team - The 3Cs
American Express
Apple : People come first. In everything we do.
Bank of America
Budweiser : Responsible Sourcing Principles for Farms
Coca-Cola : Focusing on a World Without Waste
Disney : Protecting the magic of Nature Together
Facebook : bring the world closer together.
Goldman Sachs : Supporting expecting parents
Google : Committed to improving lives of people
Hermes : Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Home Depot : Protecting the climate
HSBC : We recognise commitments to communities
Hyundai : The earth needs us – now more than ever.
J.P. Morgan
John Deere : Sustainability is deeply rooted
Kellogg's : We believe consumer nutrition literacy
KFC : Commits to racial justice initiatives
Louis Vuitton
Philip Morris (Marlboro) : Delivering a smoke-free future
Microsoft : Empowering every student on the planet
Nike : Transforming trash into source materials
Oracle : The Internet of Things (IoT)
Pepsi : We believe strong corporate governance
Philips : Removes 99.97% air pollutants in 6 minutes
Red Bull
Verizon : Delivering the promise of the digital world
Wells Fargo

Unilever : How we will improve the health of our planet



NGOs supporting promotion









Know them








Know them


Know them


Know them


Know them


Know them

If your Product / service brand wants to be shared in "Know them category" Pay Rs 11800/- or USD 160 to CSR Consulting for our research, global promotion & sustainability.






We will start online management education programme for NGOs soon. It was supposed to be in April 2020 but we have to postpone it because of Covid19.

All NGOs in all countries (not just 1000 in 3.3 mn in India) need to be on stock exchange. Afterall they exist to serve people & nature and must be increase their value based on the work they do. We thought of Dream Stock Exchange in May 2018. And in this dream (not real) stock exchange, we include all NGOs in all countries. Like some dream are good, some are bad, some worst where one dreams of being killed, there are NGOs, some good, some bad, some expire when their founder expires.

Infact that is the reason why we want NGOs in Stock Exchange where community is the share holder of the NGO and if the shareholder is not getting divident in terms of service, the NGOs value must go down because time & again we say that the NGOs exist for their community, nation, world & climate

First 3 humans who started "Giving Pledge in this world"
Giving Pledge is for Billionaires.

NGO Management Modules
Its free module for NGOs in all countries

We know that NGOs can do much more if they get more funds. We have also seen that many NGO founders have the potential to lead corporates but helping social issues is their religion.
Many NGOs face several management issues like
1) Branding of NGOs : So they get funds & volunteers
2) How to approach funding agencies, corporates
3) How to management employee welfare & insurance
4) How to do PR with Corporates, Media
5) How to say NO to issues they can not handle
6) Succession planning

We were to start the modules in April 2020 but because of Covid19 have to postpone issues because we need corporate managers to share their views


Of individuals   Of organisations    Of programmes

Of individuals   Of organisations   Of programmes


Countrywise NGOs

Countrywise NGOs
Countrywise NGOs are shared because every donor & volunteer is keen to know the NGOs in their country or their locality. And more than 99.9999% of NGOs work in only one country.

For anyone based in Japan, to do volunteering for an NGO based in Chile is not economical and difficuit timewise, even if the NGO is not just credible but needs volunteering urgently. Which means maytimes, issues come second and first is the location.

Issuewise NGOs
Within a country, one looks at NGOs in the closeby region so that corporate or funding agency can see the impact of the money which is in donation
form because time to reach out to far off NGOs can be a costly element. And volunteers or corporates which do employee volunteering always look at credible NGOs in nearby location.

Yes, there are corporates or funding agencies which work on rural areas which are far off from their location and are willing to invest money for time to visit the NGO, the communities they serve ..

So we share issuewise NGOs separately.



Funding agencies

Funding Agencies

Ashoka Fellows

We can start other forms of fellowships if the related organisations want. Just email us on Datacentre at CSRidentity.com







Issuewise NGOs

Climate Change

Blood donation
Child Health

Rural Development 
Senior Citizens
Skill Development

Urban Development
Village Development
Youth & adolescent

NGOs to know

India Welfare Trust

Kai Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi
Help Age India








NGOs to know







NGOs to know

If your Brand wants to be shared in "NGOs to know category" donate Rs 10000/- or USD 150 to Developed Nation Network Trust for our initiatives to develop Brand Thane and donation to our global examples.













  10000 NGO Brands  

Every NGO is a Brand. Some are well known, some are good but not known, some are bad but well publicised brands.
CSRidentity.com planned to share 20 000 NGOs supported by corporates whose income is more than Rs 100 crores (USD 150 Million) or by celebrities or known funding agencies. Later changed it to just 100 but on 8th July 2020, we decided to share 10000 NGO Brands by 31.3.2021
In year 2000, we half heartedly started a portal of NGOs in all countries but now that is merged in CSRidentity.com




Corporates supporting promotion








  Social, Health, Climate

Brands which support research, promotion of NGOs in different countries, pay Rs 354000/- or USD 5000/- for any issue. Climate issues are sponsored in memory of Bhau
Brand which support only basic information, challenges, solutions, success stories of any social, health issue, you donate Rs 20000/- or USD 300
Donation to Developed Nation Network Trust for our initiatives to develop Brand Thane and donation to our global examples.

Social, Health, Climate issues was our heart. Heart is only 0.3% of body mass but one can live as brain dead, but when heart fails, one is real dead. So these issues will never be dead (yes, even if the site or founder is dead).


Issuewise NGOs

Climate Change

Blood donation
Child Health

Rural Development 
Senior Citizens
Skill Development

Urban Development
Village Development
Youth & adolescent

Issues are challenges

In the last 2.8 mn or 3.2 mn years, world has faced many challenges. We are on earth because our former generations have tackled them.

Now after another 3.2 million years, if people exist on earth, they must say our former generations tackled not just Covid19 but many such deadly issues.

See how billion animals have been caught in Australia’s fires. Some may go extinct.

It is clear red signal to us. Climate change is a major issue.


Social issues (Only info)

Art & Craft


Clean country
Clean river

Disaster Relief


Financial inclusion

Girl child

Human Rights

Income Generation
Indigeneous communities

Jobs for disabled
Jobs for locals
Jobs for poor
Jobs for women


Peace of mind




Waste Management

Health issues (Only info)

Acid attacks
Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Alzheimers (Aai)
Animal bites
Antibiotic resistance
Arsenic caused
Asbestos related
Assistive devices & tech

Bacteria & diseases

Cardiovascular diseases 
Chagas disease
Chronic obstructive
Cogenital anomalies
Contagious diseases


E. coli
Electromagnetic fields
Expiry dates
Eye diseases

Family welfare
Flu of various types
Gender diseases

Haemoglobin disorders
Health care waste
Human rights

Infectious diseases

Japanese encephalitis
Juvenile patients


Leishmaniasis - Kala azar
Lungs - Pulmonary diseases

Mental disability
Mental health
Mercury & health

Nervous system
Noncommunicable dis..

Oral health = Dentistry
Organ transplantation
Orthopedic disorders

Patients first
Physical disability
Prequa by WHO
Prisoners Health
pulmonay disease

Radon and health
Respiratory diseases

Salt reduction
Sexual health
Skin diseases
Sleeping disorders
Soil-tran helminth inf
Spinal cord
Stomach diseases
Substd . medical products

Traditional medicine

Ulcer (Bhau)

Variant Creutzfeldt
Vector-borne diseases
Viral diseases

Workers health
Worm diseases


Climate issue

Climate Change








Do volunteer



What about Giving 0.00775% of your time & money?






PR Agencies from any country can use us free with only condition that we just want headlines linked to related corporate, NGO, FAs and not to your PR agency.
Of course, we will be happy to share your PR agency as well as Advertising Agency here


CSRidentity.com covers

If your Brand wants to be shared in "Know Media, Ad agency, PR agency category below" Pay Rs 11800/- or USD 160 to CSR Consulting for our research, global promotion & sustainability.



HUL to rebrand ‘Fair & Lovely’; new brand name to be announced after regulatory approvals

Johnson & Johnson Named a 2020 Fortune World’s Most Admired Company

Dole Food Company releases 2020 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report

Hindustan Unilever partners with UNICEF to support India’s fight against COVID-19

A Black Hole’s Boomerangs
Astronomers dissect the energy flow in a distant galaxy.



Al Jazeera


Times of India











PR Agency


PR Agency






We know tourism industry is badly affected because of Covid19. But we are sure world will come back with good regulation system and tourism industry thinks 2020 was just a year which was testing its sustainability. Reputed agencies will bounce back sooner but all will bounce back because people love tourism

Why tourism ?

We cover tourism because it not only is the need of people but
1) adds income to locals
2) stops migration
3) relaxes people
4) brings families together
5) brings friends together
6) brings alumni together
7) Historical locations are pride of many
8) experiential tourism gives you learning what people do all the time or it is thrilling
9) religious locations gives satisfaction and yes, agewise old people like it very much


If your Brand wants to be shared in "Tourism category below" Pay Rs 11800/- or USD 160 to CSR Consulting for our research, global promotion & sustainability.



Tourism places






Religious locations

Religious locations

Histrocial locations

Historical locations

Experiencial tourism

Experiencial tourism











We know Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Wardboys, lift persons, waste management people infact everyone in hospitals across the world are taking care of Covid19.

If your Brand wants to be shared in "Hospitals category below" Pay Rs 11800/- or USD 160 to CSR Consulting for our research, global promotion & sustainability.


Blood Banks

Our responsibility
The first name will always be Jupiter Hospital.
CSRidentity.com can not charge Jupiter Hospital any fee because founder was treated in that hospital after the almost fatal accident and it is our responsibility to help them grow responsibly

We can not charge VPMC HRC because Aum, son of founder is an intern there. It is our responsibility to share the hospital which gives us invaluable experience.



Hospitals : Tertiary

Bethany Hospitals
Sapphire Hospitals

Hospitals : Specialitywise



Hospitals : Specialitywise



Hospitals : Specialitywise


Hospitals : Specialitywise


Hospitals : Specialitywise


Hospitals : Specialitywise








  Colleges, Univertisites  

Education is absolutely important and founder thinks that one need not go to school or college for basic value of life. Parents are the first teachers of all.
Today, parents invest less time with their children. So children goes to schools, colleges / univertisits for further as well as specialised education.

If your Brand wants to be shared in "various colleges category below" Pay Rs 11800/- or USD 160 to CSR Consulting for our research, global promotion & sustainability.
MBA Colleges 

MBA Colleges

Welingkar, India

Our responsibility
We can not charge Welingkar Institute where founder did his MBA.



MBA Colleges 

Medical Colleges 

Medical colleges


Univ of B Aires, Argentina

Peking Univ, China
Univ of HongKong
Tehran Uni of Med Iran
Hebrew Univ , Isreal
Kyoto Univ, Japan
Univ Malaya, Malaysia
U of Aukland, NewZealand
NUS, Singapore
Seoul Nat Univ, S Korea
Mahidol Univ, Thailand
Imperial College, UK
Johns Hopkins, USA
Makerere Univ, Uganda

Our responsibility
We can not charge VPMC HRC because Aum, son of founder studied there.



Medical Colleges 


Social Work Colleges 

Social work colleges

Social Work Colleges 

Law Colleges

Law colleges

Yoga classes

Value education









World loves film stars and is not at all interested to know the person who lives with great courage knowing that he has cancer and life is just a few days away from death.
We think these are common greats who teach us the value of life. We also think great about Satya Nadella not because he is the CEO of Microsoft but the courage he got from his wife Anu, to change the perspective of life while living with their son Zain, who has cerebral palsy. It gives founder more courage to say that his son Rohan, who has sensory integration and cant live alone (even eat himself) is his teacher of interation.

If your Brand wants to be shared in "Celebrities category" donate Rs 10000/- or USD 150 to Developed Nation Network Trust for our initiatives to develop Brand Thane and donation to our global examples.





World inspiration
Free coverage

Common Greats

Nilkor Kulkarni


We will start sharing world inspirations from 1th July 2020





World inspiration
Free coverage

World inspiration

Cerebral Palsy


We will start sharing world inspirations from 1th July 2020




You are celebrity











Know them


Know them


Know them




Know them

If your Product / service brand wants to be shared in "Know them category" Pay Rs 11800/- or USD 160 to CSR Consulting for our research, global promotion & sustainability.





  Interesting facts  



Interesting things

Cayman Islands
One of the world's largest financial centres and a well-known tax haven, this British overseas territory in the Caribbean has more registered businesses than it has people.


Telephone directories list individuals by their first names as a few have original surnames.

Known as the "land of 1000 lakes" and has about half a million identified lakes

The average woman gives birth to six children.

Afghan rugs are very popular around the world.

At least 10% of the land is made up of 8 national parks, 11 nature parks and two nature reserves. The lucky people in Croatia enjoy 2,715 hours of sunshine a year


Interesting things


Interesting things


Interesting things


Interesting things

Interesting things






Knowledge Bank

CSRidentity.com covers

What is BP ?
25 December
Brain Heart
Dying Mortality
YOU Billionaires think



1) 12 humans who walked on the moon
2) Moon age
3) Mean radius,
4) Equatorial radius
5) Polar radius
6) Surface area
70 Volume
8) Mass

1) Age
2) Area
3) Mass
4) Radius
5) Time to revolves around sun
6) Volume

Without the Sun's intense energy, there would be no life on Earth.
1) Temperature at the sun's core
2) Average diameter
3) Rotation period
4) Surface temperature
5) Composition
6) Mass



7 Wonders New

7 Wonders (Old)

What is the weight of





















  What is today ?  

World loves film stars and is not at all interested to know the person who lives with great courage knowing that he has cancer and life is just a few days away from death.
We think these are common greats who teach us the value of life. We also think great about Satya Nadella not because he is the CEO of Microsoft but the courage he got from his wife Anu, to change the perspective of life while living with their son Zain, who has cerebral palsy. It gives founder more courage to say that his son Rohan, who has sensory integration and cant live alone (even eat himself) is his teacher of interation.

If your Brand wants to be shared in "Celebrities category" donate Rs 10000/- or USD 150 to Developed Nation Network Trust for our initiatives to develop Brand Thane and donation to our global examples.

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Bhau & Rohan are neither celebrities nor can they be celebs you think and yes, they dont want to be called celebs.
They like founder are just 2 of the 7.8 billion individuals on earth. Yes, they are not well known celebrity brands but are teachers of simplicity, courage & integration for all in the world

If you purposely do not see your father, father in law or grand father when he expires and do not regret it and live happily, whatever PR you do or donation you give or teach young minds ... all are dangerous realities.
This attitude virus has no medicine.. But they are good teachers who teach you what not to do. They cant use politicians because politicians are much more clever than most of you think. They may behave like they dont know the truth, but that is class acting. They are social scientists.
Killing somebody related to this will be more dangerous not just for you, your neighbours, so called friends but future generations of all of them.


Founder is an award given to this world by his parents : Aai & Bhau.
Bhau's clear thinking when he was the first on earth to start postponing the Death of founder on 28.08.2013 was
Start serving Mother Earth and then leave.
Nobody (not even doctor) can stop death

We firmly believe that each one has a unique identity.
The identity of CSRidentity.com is IIT which is Integration of Information & Technology.

We have moved ahead in terms of technology. Unless robots made by humans say exit, we will not exit
CSR means Conscience Sustainability and Reputation. Till humans have conscience, we will exist

Till humans are sustainable, we exist. And humans care of their own Reputation.

We are not myopic and say we will exist all the time. We will exit earth. We may pass on the portal to others or the portal will exit but the concept of CSR (Conscience led) will exist till humans exist).

Again, let it be clear, CSR Identity belongs to all humans. We are just drivers who will be replaced by another driver.

Each one has Unique Identity.
So let Identity of CSR exist, without us.


We regularly surf




Can anyone in the world live without them ?

Giving Pledgers are from corporate background.
Even if some are wealthy because of family background or heritage, they invest money in corporates. If there is any programme involving celebrities, like music programme, sponsors are corporates. Even for books which were earlier printed in small scale now need Amazon type companies.CSR is far deeper than Corporate Social Responsibility. Many people think corporates are money making machines.

Give genuine answers.
If you have cancer, what do you do ?
Go to a doctor and a hospital. They analyse and do surgery or give medicines.
Who produces surgery equipment and medicines.

All need food. Farmers produce raw food. How you get it in your house ?
Raw food is transported. Now who makes trucks or railway engines.

So can we live without corporates ?

You are right if you observe that some companies overcharge.
You must ensure that they are charged properly.

But think before you comment.

Think of R &D costs which leads to right composition of products.

Do best football player gets maximum money ? Yes.

So good R & D driven companies, good products must get more money.

Football player gets only that much which club decides, We consumers have to decide product pricing.

But again, if you have 3rd or last stage of cancer, then you may pay higher money for the medicine not because manufacturing costs are higher but fortunately for us, the demand is low but the product has to be available when one needs it. So pricing is higher.

About 7 billion people use products. Who is manufacturing and marketing them ?

Government gets billions of dollars in taxes. Who gives them ?
Corporates, their employees, supply chain

Who gives employment to billions of people ?
Corporates and their supply chain.

So corporate social responsibility is essential.

And only governments share their social responsibility through budgets & reports.

Do you ask NGOs their social responsibility ?
Few NGOs share Annual Report in public zone.
NGOs work only for social causes. So they must report how responsibly they used funds
Corporate donors now have started measuring impact of their giving. So NGOs must show the impact either in terms of numbers or in terms of solving difficult challenge.

NGOs must pay their CEOs and employees good money.
Afterall they are talented.
If you dont pay and others pay, they may go there.
Or start of their own.

We have been working with NGOs since 1999 and think they are too much heart driven and emotions overtake their brain power.

We are starting NGO training modules for NGOs from August 2020 or earlier on NGO Management Focus. It was to start in April 2020 but because of Covid19, we have to delay the module which is free to NGOs in all countries.


72 hours
Govt, NGOs special

Within 72 hours
Corporates, NGOs, Media, Governments, Funding agencies, Philanthropists, Ad or PR agencies .... from any country, just email your website from your official email (5 lines, no images, presentations, files) and within 72 hrs it will be in relevant page.
Email : Datacentre @ CSRidentity.com

No hacking
Our emails & database are on cloud server and not in office. So we can get it from any country in the world where there is interent connection and no worries of any theft or hacking.

Government, NGO special
Social, Health, Climate issues fora start from 15th June 2020.
Each issue has special pages for 258 (countries, SARs, islands) & over 730 districts of India which are shared in related State / UT pages.

Each page can share related government ministry of that country and programme links of NGOs (Not actual programmes but website links) per issue.

Like a cardiac surgeon knows medicine but will only do surgeries related to heart (and not teeth), we share NGO programmes in respected issue (So if the NGO works in 3 or 5 or 10 issues, we can share them in all the issues. Whether they really work on the issue or it is just on paper will be checked by donor & volunteer. So NGOs should be careful, else their credibility will go down and their Brand Value is important for them.

Why industrywise brands of corporates?

1) Researchers, Media, Consumers are keen to know industrywise brands

2) There are NGOs working with disabled and they need a corporate to donate an ambulance. It is easier to approach an automobile company which may donate a larger vehicle which can be used as an ambulance or there are NGOs which work in housing and they can find a related industry which can donate or give their equipment free for certain work.

3) If employees want to change jobs, they can see the profiles of the companies in their industry or other industries by visiting industry sections



















Identity of any country is dependent on what you want it to be known for. It can be gods place or river or peace or scenary or flower gardens, sunny beaches....
Clever countries use this to market their country brand. They focus on your mind, so not just you but you motivate others to like the country.
Our attitude is different. We dont want toooooooo many people to crowd any country on just few days
because it damages climate positiveness. Vist the coutries when there is less crowd so you can enjoy more.
Yes, we share interesting things in each country that you must know.
More important reason for our existance is to sharing the Social, Health, Climate issues they face and how Government & NGOs address them with programmes.
You may not like it. Like nobody likes to watch a face of a lady on whose face acid was thrown.
They want to see best looking actresses or actors.
Some like truth, some dont like it. We will never request you to like CSRidentity.com.
We will go one sharing truth. Not worry about the hits that we get.
Founder worked in ONIDA which showed broken TV to market.
You decide whether it is wrong or right way to market. Because you not money is important to us.



Worried about death ? No.
Worried about future of bad people who happily use bad words.
Absolutely Yes

Bad things are good teachers. One good thing this Covid19 has done is gave example to founder that his son & teacher Rohan can live without him. This was the biggest worry of the founder. Bigger than all others in the world including his family by blood and family of 7.8 billion people in this world.

But still, founder is worried about the future of so called middle class or sort of higher middle class people who think they can buy everything including people.

Money or Satisfaction ?

Billions of dollars
Billions of Satisfaction pts

CSRidentity.com is clear
It wants
Billions of Satisfaction pts

But we know that
We need to promote millions of individuals & organisations across the world who are working for Social, Health & Climate issues

And it needs
Billions of dollars

But with volunteers
And social attitude
We need
Millions of dollars
Billions of dollars

Of course
we can work
without money
but only founder can do it
because he thinks this is his second life and Bhau gifted him to the world after 28.08.2013


We are many times asked questions related to corporates or NGOs or Colleges or Issues .... these and our answers to them are shared below the World Map in most of the folders ... we will share more Q & As




Heart never cries. It beats

We know Heart cant cry

We also know that if someone is competing General Knowledge Quiz at world level and cant answer just 1 of the 100 questions, she / he cries (Not crying literally but they think why I could not answer this 1 question when I have got 99 right answers)

They never CRY. But when they suffer they CRY and start blaming government, NGOs ...

We always think when it comes to social, health, climate issues, people say they are busy.

There is no point in telling about handwash to students in slum areas because what can just 1 hour change them. And it is teacher's job.

Do these same people know that a coronary artery bypass suregery takes just 3 to 6 hours.

Now can you as a patient say I dont have time now, lets do my operation after I retire (which is 20 years from now). We all know that you will say that "Do it as early as possible"
" I will stay in hospital for 7 days after the heart surgery because 7 days is not at all a big time".

Now since this is about you, so you have time.

But just 1 hour time with students in slums or an hour with disabled citizens or senior citizens is too much time for you.
That is what we regularly experience..

Covid19 is one issue which have made everyone know that "I must protect myself" "I must protect my family" and if I am CEO or HR, then "I must take care of my company people and supply chain..."

This attitude towards society makes our heart cry.

How BIG is Earth ?
Earth, the third planet from the sun, is the fifth largest planet in the solar system;
Only the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are bigger.

Earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets of the inner solar system, bigger than Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The radius of Earth at the equator is 3,963 miles (6,378 kilometers)

Earth's polar radius is 3,950 miles (6,356 km) — a difference of 13 miles (22 km).

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has discovered its first Earth-size planet in its star's habitable zone, the range of distances where conditions may be just right to allow the presence of liquid water on the surface. Scientists confirmed the find, called TOI 700 d, using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and have modeled the planet's potential environments to help inform future observations.


How BIG is Earth ?
Earth, the third planet from the sun, is the fifth largest planet in the solar system;
Only the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are bigger.

Earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets of the inner solar system, bigger than Mercury, Venus and Mars.

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has discovered its first Earth-size planet in its star's habitable zone, the range of distances where conditions may be just right to allow the presence of liquid water on the surface. Scientists confirmed the find, called TOI 700 d, using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and have modeled the planet's potential environments to help inform future observations.











All brands are diamonds
Focus : Get Mind Share




Google is a search engine.
At 8.38 Hrs on 24.4.2020, we searched Corporates in Japan.
In 0.65 seconds, we got 2,20,00,00,000 results.
Searching all these sites will take life's time.

In CSRidentity.com just go to Corporates folder, select Japan and you go to Japan. Just few seconds.

Same with NGOs, Media, Celebrities, Brand Ambassadors, Funding agencies ....

Every individual has unique identity. Even two sons are different. In their life thinking and mindset.

Example is clear
Neil Armstrong was great Austronaut and the first human to walk on moon. His two sons are not astronauts like him.

We value Brands.
Each brand has marketing strategies helping it stand out in the crowd of brands.
We value Mind Share first because then you get sustainable and reputed market share
Yes automatically.

Charity begins at home.

If governing own house is a problem, imagine how tough it is to govern a country.

And there is no point even in imagining the problems world faces.

There is no point even to think challenges universe faces.

So start with self.
Do you have Marketing Strategies helping you stand out in the crowd or you just exist and vanish after some years doing nothing notable
to Mother Earth.

We will be happy to help PR Agencies in the world

Corporates can share link to their Social, Health, Climate programmes free.
We will share it free in the Corporate Brand forum of that country.
Just name with link to issues your brand to supports.
PR Agencies can also send liks to us .
Its their Social PR




Death postponed




Today's consumers expect companies to act on
Social, Environmental Issues
Instead of Market Share (MS),
its time businesses win
Mind Share (MS)


Indians and
cricket lovers

All love West Indians
Garfield Sobers
Clive Lloyd
Michael Holding
Roberts, Marshall

West Indies is a Team
But do you know that

West Indies is not a country

The West Indies cricket team, nicknamed the Windies, is a multi-national men's cricket team representing the mainly English-speaking nations and territories in the Caribbean region.

The players on this composite team are selected from a chain of fifteen Caribbean territories, mentioned below and these are parts of several different countries and dependencies.

Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago Saint Kitts and Nevis British Overseas Territories
British Virgin Islands Sint Maarten
US Virgin Islands

Fact are facts. Whichever way you say & think



Getting a vaccine for Corona Virus seems easier than getting medicine for human attitude virus of not seeing father when he expires

If purposely (repeat purposely) you do not see father, grand father, father in law when he expires, it is very bad social attitude virus. The case will not stop if you kill someone, directly or indirectly. Without proof law can save you till cconfirmation but that is just postponement. You, your future generations, neighbours, friends, so called relatives will suffer during this life. Law & Police will take care of their Reputation.



Identity is what you are. Image is what people see. Brand reputation is sustainable only if Your Identity and Your Brand Image are same.
Consumers have decided to associate themself with good & caring brands. They are like parents & close friends. They scold you because they care for you.
Now its time "You decide" whether you are just money making machines or good & caing of your consumers & clients who are your parents & close friends..

CSR is far deeper than Corporate Social Responsibility. Not just corporates but every NGO, FA, Media, Government, Citizen has social responsibility.
We want every corporate to share their annual reports which has Profit & Loss statement freely accessible to all. Do we bother about NGOs, FAs, Media?
The number of people corporate sector gives livelihood is in billions. It is multiple times that of NGOs, FAs, Media, Governments. Are we aware of this.

We cant change your thinking fast. So we changed the very way, we think of CSR. Now it is Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation.
So all governments, for profits, not for profits, religious locations, rivers, all 7.7 billion citizens must have Conscience, must be Sustainable & care for their reputation.