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Social Doctors are Social workers & Government officials working on social issues
In case of heart attack, one goes to medical doctor. This doctor operates in hospital.
In social attack, the social operations are done in Social Hospitals (NGOs, Governments).
Hospitals need money to take care of people & communities and be sustainable. This comes from corporates, philanthropists, funding agencies, corporate foundations, celebrities, UN and Birthday Philanthropists.
Let media start sharing social doctors, hospitals and supporters regularly. We can help them.

Founder is one of the 4000 odd Ashoka Fellows from 93 odd countries. If we have to implement our idea of integrating all stakeholders from all countries in each social, health & climate issue, we need support. Its for "helping us help others".
Founder wants to be a driver and needs more drivers.
His Identity is IIT which is Integration of Investment & Time
Company identity is IIT which is Integration of Investment & Technology.


An almost fatal accident of 28.8.2013 changed our canvas from Thane & India to world & universe.

If there is legal war within the family (courts do right justice), war between communities, castes, religions, countries is not new and
let international courts do justice. We dont deal with it.

Social issues was, is & will be our heart.

Our heart used to beat badly when we heard death of an infant or children not going to school because there is no school or ebola, corona takes lives or people get addicted or companies making pollution ... our heart cried (we know medically heart doesnt cry, but it attacks us - heart attack). And we know that when large governments, UN cant solve every social challenge, we cant do anything.

So we decided to integrate Information of social plans of stakeholders in every country & technology from 100 plus countries.

While we share 100000 corporates, we hope at least 35000 corporates will give employment to more than 10 people (so giving regular income is good social responsibility - Corona has made many economies go down), 100000 NGOs, 4000 corporate foundations, 4000 Funding Agencies, 2000 Philanthropists, 3000 Celebrities, Government Departments, UN organisations, UN Global Ambassadors

3000 Media

In Success Stories, we had decided that we will share 100 words with link to the source. But we thought, people send mails sharing images, presentations, pdf or word files or apps which one has to download. And there is always a risk to server. So we decided to share links.
If the link is right today but tomorrow the link goes to a message that it is risky to see this page, then you can decide either not to visit
(that is what we do) or visit the portal at your risk.




Products are Brands. OTC medicines are brands. Many medicines are not advertised but prescribed by doctors. And industries make brands.




We plan to share about 10000 Questions with Answers from 1.4.2023 to 31.12.2024. Idea is clear : Create a Knowledge Bank










We all love Rose. And we know rose plants have thorns which in a way protect roses.
Like police & soldiers protect people from all countries.

So instead of thorns in every country, we share roses which make the country a Brand. Right from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (193 UN member countries) we share people and natural things that have the power to make them brands.

These are Nobel Laureates, World heritage locations, Celebrities, Olympic winners, scientists, discoveries and greats who won Wimbledon or double centuries in cricket or NBA players or Golf players.

But what they cant protect us is from climate which is our biggest enemy.
Thorns protect.
They are soldiers

Hundreds of years corporates, media, funding agencies, NGOs have damaged earth environmentally. On 16 June 1972, the UN Scientific Conference, also known as the First Earth Summit, adopted a declaration that set out principles for the preservation and enhancement of the human environment, and an action plan containing recommendations for international environmental action. But ask yourself how much bad environment action you did not do like using paper or buying packaged food or packed material or damaging environment by using modern transportation ...

Courts do justice to humans & animals, what about environment?. Lawyers use paper for legal cases. And paper means indirectly cutting trees because paper is made from wood. So cutting tree is mandatory if we have to use legal papers and not digitised way.

In 2011 there were 1.3 million lawyers in India, but not a single one till November 2022, has convinced judicial system in India go paperless.

We share corporates countrywise because each country may have different laws for corporates
Same with NGOs, Funding Agencies, Media,
Philanthropists, Celebrities ...

But we know that someone just wants to see TCS or IBM or Google or Honda ... and they are MNCs. The idea of corporates namewise (in addition to countrywise) came when founder read about Kering.

People want to know country population, capital, law and interesting facts. So we share them as part of this huge Knowledge Bank.

Funding Agencies want to know not just NGO Brands but what other BIG funding agencies are doing and they want to know funding agencies by name, also they may not visit every country but some funding agency in some not respected country may be doing extremely well, so we share funding agencies by name


Brand Thane
Thane is not a country. But like worldover, people know Eiffel Tower or Wall of China, we want Thane to be a Knowledge Bank with many firsts in the world
1) Birthday philanthropist 2) Brand driver
3) Health issuewise Medicines 4) 7 hours volunteering 5) CSR info capital 6) 10000 NGO Brands
7) NGO Tree 8) Sustainability & Reputation Tree
9) Responsible product or service info capital
10) College alumni as celebrities capital
We are a Social Bridge

NGOs are Soldiers.
Millions dont want to be soldiers, police
but without soliders & police
(NGO soldiers & police force)
billions cant leave peaceful life.

In life, some humans are heroines, heroes
Some are villains, some just extra.
That does not mean all humans
are useless, criminars, bad.

If some NGOs are not good
Dont fund them or volunteer with them.
Please never say all NGOs are bad.

Will corporates like if someone says that
all corporates are bad
If on media some journos are not good
entire media isnt bad

In life, if some people have lost humanity
dont purposely see father, grand father
or father in law's physical body
and that in non covid stage
they can be termed born humans
because law terms them as humans
That does not mean all humans are bad

We equated CSR to Corporate Social Responsibility.
In 2010 we equated
CSR to Corporate Sustainability & Reputation
After 28.08.2013, we think
CSR is Conscience Sustainability & Reputation.
We all are global citizens.
Purpose of existence is form many Knowledge Banks

CSRidentity.com and its founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat salutes

Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity , Social workers, NGO Founders
Doctors, Hospitals, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines
Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants
Rivers , Extinct animals
Citizens living with pride when they know they have just a few days to live on earth
People working in crematorium
Those who let Ego GO out of their thinking and in their behaviour


0.0000000000000003016%. Right or wrong no one knows. But it is said to be percentage of earth in this universe. Where is your country in this world ?
About 71% of earth is water and about 29% is land. You are 1 of the 8 billion plus people living in earth. But you are BIG. And can make a difference

Success Stories helps Social Issue Branding

Success matters.
People want to pass out from Branded School, College, work in or start good company, get good life partner, be rich, party at good hotels, tour many countries.
They want to live happy.

"social issues" has no time in their life.

Our interest is Branding social issues. Best and quicker way is success stories.
And more importantly, celebrities supporting issues.

And yes, social issues success stories can be from government, corporates, funding agencies, celebrities and they can be from any country.

People like to see images but we do not share pictures because we think credit goes to stakeholders doing work and we just share 100 words or 2 paras with link to the organisation.

Success stories are issuewise and within issue, subissuewise. Like water is issue but water conservation is subissue or cancer is issue and breast cancer is subissue.

Your Brand is a parent of employees, supply chain, consumers, clients.
Your Brand cares ROI of shareholders & investors.
But your Brand also thinks ROI differently.
ROI is Returns (satisfaction), Opportunities (to help) & Impact (Investment)

Your Brand cares Branding countries, NGOs (Charities), Social Issues.
Your Brand has a WILL to help the world
Your Brand keeps Privacy (Patent) of information.

Cant believe ? Remember it leads to dangerous attitude.

When son purposely doesnt see father when he is about to leave earth
When grandson purposely doesnt see grandfather when he is about to leave earth
When daughter is law purposely doesnt see father in law when he is about to leave earth
and worst is when they influence others not to see the person about to leave earth, then their identity damages human identity.

Others you influenced may be very good 99.99999999999999999% time and someone may say that they just made one mistake. It is known to everybody that even good baloon bursts with just one prick. So goodness baloon will burst if people know this real life fact.

The identity of the person leaving earth remains as a case study.

No names shared because we respect privacy, but if they KILL the other son of the person who left earth directly or through accident which is hard to know who was behind the accident (an Indian or someone from neighbouring country or far off country), then not just their names, but name of a person who said about Blood Bath on 11th July 2013, name of person who talked not good about police on mobile, name of a person who was not in society meeting but signed at home an important decision in 2008 plus many other things will be open to people across the world..

And factual information will be shared to HR of the company where you work as employee or to company which gives you business or the foreign embassies because the related person may be helping others know language.

And to parents of students to whom you gave education because education is critical to build a human being.

Born humans may kill someone, thinking they have won.
They will know that they are big loosers.
They, their future generations, neighbours, relatives will suffer till they exit earth.

And beyond that.
They kill 1 but that may result in many people killed, not physically but mentally..

No politician or court can question a dead person. They cant question what a person wrote in registered WILL. They go by what is real and signed by a person who shares WILL.

Hence when you are alive, you do things accepted by law of your country. e.g. Give your property by legal Gift Deed, give your knowledge, share your hobbies with charities you like ... do it when you are alive because everyone knows that a dead person doesnt carry property or gold or money or relatives or enemies.

And on top of this, you do PR or tell good stories or religious thoughts trying to influence people ... but in this case PR stands for Punctured Reality.
(A punctured tyre can not move and if one tries to use a punctured tyre, it is dangerous or if one has put Nitrogen in tubeless tyres, it will go a few kilometers but then it will stop)

This will not be just an individual's real life story, it will be a world story if anything is purposely done wrong. Media, Social media are still alive in the world. So do it.

Bhau had done 2 registered WILLs and founder has done one registered WILL with due medical certificate.

In India, WILL just written has importance but can be easily challenged.

And, registered WILLs are also challenged.

We are sharing this because "Giving Pledge" started by Bill & Melinda Gates alongwith Warren Buffet invites billionaires to donate when they are alive or through WILL

or in India Living my promise movement which involves Venkat Krishnan says you can donate when you are alive or through your WILL

Pulitzer Prize & WILL

Nobel's WILL was not accepted initially but it won ultimately.