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South America continent

Venezuela Government
Ministry of Popular Power for Interior, Justice and Peace

Latest population


Independence Day
July 5 1811


Venezuela National Anthem

Glory to the Brave People

Glory to the brave people
which shook off the yoke,
the Law respecting
virtue and honour.

“Down with the chains!”
Cried out the Lord;
and the poor man in his hovel
for freedom implored.
Upon this holy name
trembled in fear
the vile selfishness
that had once triumphed.

Let’s scream out aloud:
Down with oppression!
Faithful countrymen, your strength
lies in your unity;
and from the heavens
the supreme Creator
breathed a sublime spirit
into the nation.

United by bonds
made by heaven,
all America exists
as a Nation;
and if that tyranny
raises its voice,
follow the example
given by Caracas.

Venezuelan Bolívar

Emergency numbers

Numerous indigenous dialects

Venezuela Police
Agency overview
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Caracas, Venezuela

Website : NA

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Venezuela Political parties
The parties

Major parties

United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela
Founded : 24 March 2007

Justice First
Primero Justicia
Founded : 2000
Website : http://primerojusticia.org.ve/

Democratic Action
Acción Democrática
Founded : 13 September 1941
Website : http://www.acciondemocratica.org.ve/

A New Era
Un Nuevo Tiempo
Founded : 1999
Website : http://www.partidounnuevotiempo.org/

Popular Will
Voluntad Popular
Founded : 5 December 2009
Website : http://www.voluntadpopular.com/

The Radical Cause
La Causa Radical
Founded : 1971
Website : http://www.lacausarbolivar.com/

Progresist Movement of Venezuela
Movimiento Progresista de Venezuela

Proyecto Venezuela
Proyecto Venezuela
Founded : 1998

Communist Party of Venezuela

Partido Comunista de Venezuela
Founded : March 5, 1931
Website : https://prensapcv.wordpress.com/

Progressive Advance
Avanzada Progresista
Founded : 27 June 2012
Website : http://avanzadaprogresista.org/

Clear Accounts(es)
Cuentas Claras

Fearless People's Alliance
Alianza Bravo Pueblo
Founded : 2000

Vente Venezuela
Vente Venezuela
Website : http://www.ventevenezuela.org/

Emergent People(es)
Gente Emergente

Republican Bicentennial Vanguard
Vanguardia Bicentenaria Republicana
Founded : October 27, 2007

Other parties

Parties with no representation in the National Assembly but recent electoral activity:

Hope for Change
Esperanza Por El Cambio
Founded : February 28, 2018
Website : https://esperanzaporelcambio.com/

National Force
Fuerza Nacional

Authentic Renewing Organization

Organización Renovadora Autentica

Democratic Republican Union
Unión Republicana Democrática
Founded : 18 December 1945

Democratic Unity
Unión Democrática

Ecological Movement of Venezuela
Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela
Founded : 2005
Website : http://www.movimientoecologico.net.ve/

Force of the People
Fuerza de la Gente

For Social Democracy
Por la Democracia Social
Founded : 2002

Free Electors
Electores Libres

Going Forward
Vamos Adelante

Independents for the National Community
Independientes por la Comunidad Nacional

Social Christian Party
Partido Socialcristiano
Founded : January 13, 1946
Website : http://www.copeivenezuela.com/site/

Labour Power
Poder Laboral

Liberal Force
Fuerza Liberal

Movement for a Responsible, Sustainable and Entrepreneurial Venezuela
Movimiento por una Venezuela Responsable, Sostenible y Emprendedora
Founded : February 2012
Website : http://moverse.net/

Movement for Socialism

Movimiento al Socialismo
Founded : 1971
Website : http://www.masvenezuela.com.ve/

Movement of the Conscience of the Country
Movimiento de Conciencia de País

National Convergence
Convergencia Nacional
Founded : 1993
Website : http://www.convergencia.org.ve/

National Integrity Unity Movement
Movimiento de Integridad Nacional

National Thought
Pensamiento Nacional

Networks of Responses of Communitary Changes
Redes de Respuestas de Cambios Comunitarios

New Revolutionary Way
Nuevo Camino Revolucionario

New Social Order
Nuevo Orden Social

Organized Youth of Venezuela
Juventud Organizada de Venezuela

Patriotic Community Unity
Unidad Patriótica Comunitaria

Popular Vanguard
Vanguardia Popular

Red Flag Party
Partido Bandera Roja
Founded : 1970
Website : http://banderaroja.com.ve/

Renovative Democracy Unity
Unidad Democracia Renovadora

Revolutionary Middle Class
Clase Media Revolucionaria
Founded : August 7, 2006
Website : http://www.clasemediarevolucionaria.org/

Revolutionary Party of Work
Partido Revolucionario del Trabajo

Socialism and Liberty Party
Partido Socialismo y Libertad



The Force Of Change
La Fuerza del Cambio

Revolutionary Movement Tupamaro
Tendencias Unificadas para Alcanzar el Movimiento de Acción Revolución
Founded : 1992
Website : http://www.tupamaro.org.ve/

United for Peace and Democracy Democratic Party
Partido Demócrata Unidos por la Paz y la Democracia

United for Venezuela
Unidos para Venezuela

United People Liberal Movement
Movimiento Liberal Pueblo Unido

Venezuela First-class

Venezuela de Primera

Venezuela Vision Unity
Unidad Visión Venezuela

Venezuelan Popular Unity

Unidad Popular Venezolana
Founded : 6 February 2004
Website : http://upvsucre.blogspot.com.es/

Venezuelan Revolutionary Currents
Corrientes Revolucionarias Venezolanas

Republican Movement
Movimiento Republicano

We Organized Choose Unity
Unidad Nosotros Organizados Elegimos

Regional parties

Major regional parties:

Alternative Response Independent Movement

Movimiento Independiente Respuesta Alternativa

Amazonas's New Route

Nuevo Rumbo de Amazonas

Autonomous Indigenous Movement of Zulia
Movimiento Indígena Autónomo del Zulia

Carabobo Proyect
Proyecto Carabobo

Efficient Revolution
Revolución Eficiente


Independent Social Alliance of Sucre
Alianza Social Independiente de Sucre

Independent Regional Emergent Movement
Movimiento Emergente Regional Independiente

National Council of Venezuelan Indians
Consejo Nacional Indio de Venezuela
Founded : 1989
Website : http://www.conive.org/

Vargas's First
Vargas de Primera

Regional Advance Movement - MRA
Movimiento Regional de Avanzada

Republican Vanguard Force
Fuerza de Vanguardia Republicana

Revolutionary Social Alliance Party
Partido de Alianza Social Revolucionaria

United Multiethnic Peoples of the Amazonas
Pueblos Unidos Multiétnicos de Amazonas

United Movement of Indigenous People
Movimiento Unido de Pueblos Indígenas

What's Been Achieved by Yaracuy
Lo Alcanzado por Yaracuy

Defunct parties

Parties with no legal status and parties with no recent electoral activity:

Founded : 1964

Nominally Roman Catholic 96%
Protestant 2%
Other 2%

World Heritage sites 
Coro and its Port
Canaima National Park
Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

Nobel Laureates
Baruj Benacerraf

Olympic Winners (2020)
Yulimar Rojas


Ashoka Fellows  

Giving Pledgers (Started by Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet)


UN Goodwill Ambassadors


Interesting things in this country


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