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Norway Government

Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Latest population


Independence Day
May 17 1814

Norway National Anthem
name: "Ja, vi elsker dette landet" (Yes, We Love This Country)

National Anthem lyrics/music: National Anthem lyrics/music
Bjornstjerne BJORNSON/Rikard NORDRAAK
note: adopted 1864; in addition to the national anthem, "Kongesangen" (Song of the King), which uses the tune of "God Save the Queen," serves as the royal anthem

Norwegian Krone

Emergency numbers

Bokmal Norwegian
Nynorsk Norwegian
Small Sami- and Finnish speaking minorities

Norway Police - Norwegian Police Service
Agency overview : Formed 13th century
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Minister responsible : Minister of Justice and Public Security
Agency executive : National Police Commissioner
Parent agency : Ministry of Justice and Public Security
Police districts : 12

Website : https://www.politi.no/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Norway Political parties
Parliamentary parties

Labour Party (Norway)
Founded 21. August 1887
Website:- arbeiderpartiet.no

Conservative Party (Norway)
Founded 25 August 1884
Website:- www.høyre.no

Progress Party (Norway)
Founded 8 April 1973
Website:- frp.no

Christian Democratic Party (Norway)
Founded 4 September 1933
Website:- www.krf.no

Centre Party (Norway)
Founded 19 May 1920 (96 years ago)
Website:- www.senterpartiet.no

Liberal Party (Norway)
Founded 28 January 1884

Socialist Left Party (Norway)
Founded 16 March 1975
Website:- www.sv.no

Green Party (Norway)
Founded 29 October 1988
Website:- www.mdg.no

Non-parliamentary parties

Red Party (Norway)
Founded 11 March 2007 (9 years ago)
Website:- roedt.no

The Christians (Norway)
Founded 24 February 2011
Website:- www.dekristne.no

Pensioners' Party (Norway)
Founded 1985
Website:- pensjonistpartiet.no

Pirate Party of Norway
Founded December 16, 2012
Website:- http://piratpartiet.no/

Christian Unity Party
Founded 26 September 1998
Website:- www.kristentsamlingsparti.no

Coastal Party
Founded 1 February 1999
Website:- www.kystpartiet.no

Democrats in Norway
Founded 24 August 2002
Website:- www.demokratene.no

Communist Party of Norway
Founded 4 November 1923
Website:- www.nkp.no

Liberal People's Party (Norway)
Founded 1992
Website:- www.stemdlf.no

Society Party (Norway)
Founded 1985
Website:- http://www.samfunnspartiet.info/

Capitalist Party
Founded 2014
Website:- Liberalistene.org

Sami People's Party
Founded 15 October 1999
Website:- www.samefolketsparti.no

Church of Norway (Evangelical Lutheran) 71.5%
Roman Catholic 2.8%
Other Christian 3.9%
Muslim 2.8%
Other 2%
Unspecified 7.5%

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