Birthday Philanthropists : At least thousand by 31.12.2023
How to become a Birthday Philanthropist

Donate Rs 3650/- or USD 50 or your country equivalent to Developed Nation Network Trust clearly indicating the charity (NGO) or the issue you want to donate to. We will donate 100% of the money received by us to charity (Foreign currency has some bank charges)

You will get a certificate of Birthday Philanthropist.
Rs 3650/- is affordable to millions on their Birthday.
It is 365 days into Rs 10/- a day.

Developed Nation Network Trust is an NGO.
From India : Send it to TJSB Bank.
Account number : 003120100013214 IFSC Code : TJSB0000003

Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet
Bill & Melinda Gates with Warren Buffet started "Giving Pledge", a movement of philanthropists who commit to give the majority of their wealth to charitable causes, either during their lifetimes or in their wills. 236 pledges from 28 countries by June 2022.
Venkat Krishnan

LivingMyPromise which involves Venkat Krishnan is a community of like-minded Indians who believe in giving back to society. It invites advantaged people to commit to giving 50% or more of their wealth to philanthropic causes either during their lifetime or in their will.

Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat
Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat was thinking something which even an office clerk can do. And he wanted people to help social causes. Knowing that direct action is difficult, best option is to donate to NGOs (charities). So came the idea of Birthday Philanthropist
For everything, there is first target. 
Bhau, founder's father gave house & property to him through a Gift Deed and Government Authorities valued it as Rs 13433000/- and founder's father (Bhau) paid a stamp duty of Rs 403000/-. Neither founder has that much money nor he aspires to earn money for himself. He experienced that after death, PM, President, Queen can neither take anything with them nor do they know whether their son or relative came to see them before they left earth. When they leave this world what they did during their life is left.
Bhau's indirect message : Your death was postponed to serve mother earth & many individuals & organisations who help her.
But the first target is Rs 13433000/-
Birthday Philanthropists should suggest a charity (NGO) or issue you want to donate.
Donation amount is same : Rs 3650/- or USD 50 or equivalent.
Till 31.3.2023, its donation to NGOs in India and from 1.4.2024 to any country


Be a Rose Flower

Remember that even a rose tree has leaves and thorns.
The leaves are social issues which will live till there are humans in every country. Dont neglect the social issues. They are part of a life tree.

Rose tree has thorns.
In Botanical terms, they are not thorns but prickles whose purpose is to protect plants from would be predators.
Each country must take care of its people's social issues (leaves), protect itself from enemies (predators) and these enemies can be internal or external.

Outside world sees only rose flower
If you see Rose Awards, they share roses and not rose trees and even if they share trees, the focus is on roses.
People see what is presented to them. That's brand image.
Rose brand image is never thorns. It is flower.
Nobody will make thorns or prickles as celebrities.
But we know prickles (villains) are celebrities like Pran or Amjad Khan in Hindi Films.

So people believe in image and not completeness. is for the people, so we will brand good things.


Your birthday significance in the world




Corporates, NGOs, Doctors, Celebrities, Media, FAs

Any Individual, Corporate, NGO, Funding Agency, Media or Agency can be a Birthday philanthropist. While for individuals it is their Birthday, for organisations it is registration of the organisation. And the amount remains same for individuals & organisations. Rs 3650/- per year or equivalent in your currency and its not 3650 US Dollars or 3650 pounds ...
The idea of sharing this with corporates is they have large number of employees and if they can convince their employees to donate Rs. 3650/- a year (Rs 10/- a day) to sharities, it is good. And the employees can donate it to any NGO including the foundation of the NGO or any issue. And corporates can tell us not to include the name of charity anyone is giving because it may look odd to an employee to donate to other NGOs and not the foundation of corporate the employee works with or not the NGO the corporate where one is working is supporting..

If 10000 people out of 140 crore people in India, donate Rs 3650/- once in life time (Only 1 birthdayday),
the donation amount is Rs 36500000 (10000 x Rs 3650)
Rs 3.65 crore or Rs 36.5 million
And next year many can drop out but new will join as Birthday Philanthropists.
So every year at least India will get Rs 3.65 crore or Rs 36.5 million as donations from commom people.

And 1 million Birthday Philanthropists in all countries means
1000000 x Rs 3650 = Rs 3650000000 which is Rs 365 crores or Rs 3650 million.
Now this amount is not close to what Bill Gates has donated & will donate in his lifetime or through WILL.
But like you are a human being, he is a human being.
So how we can treat both you & him as human beings with attitude of donation ?
We have decided that anyone, rich, celebrity, doctor ... has to give only Rs 3650/- to be a birthday philanthropist.
If you want to donate more, then donate Rs 3650/- as birthday philanthropist and millions of Rupees as donation.

If you want your name here, you have to be a philanthropist.
If the donation is for NGOs in India, then the amount of donation is Rs 3650/- or USD 50/- to Developed Nation Network Trust. 100% of the amount is given to the NGO you recommend or else, you recommend the issues and we will use it for NGOs in Thane which has programmes for that issue.

If the donation is for NGOs outside India, you or we have to pay bank transaction charges. So the donation amount we receive will not be USD 50 but less. And dollar rate changes all the time. So if the donation is from outside India, we will donate Rs 3650/- from your dollar amount and donate it to NGOs. Any extra amount, we will keep it as corpus of Developed Nation Network Trust.

And US dollars is just one currency. You can donate amount equivalent to that in your country currency term.

We are thinking of partnering with NGO in other countries from 1.4.2023 when the new financial year for 2023 starts in India.

All can benefit

We will share the names of NGOs which get Birthday Philanthropist Donation.
But if the NGO wants their name as Birthday Philanthropist, then they will have to donate Rs 3650/- and the entire amount will go to the same NGO or any NGO they want.
They can also tell us that the donation is on registration day of particular corporate or funding agency or philanthropist ... but we have to say that only one can give Rs 3650/- on any celebrity as birthday philanthropist because many would like to associate their name with celebrities or donors but in this case it will be first come first serve basis. And even if someone comes second and says she or he will give Rs 36500/- instead of Rs 3650/- we cant accept it. But this may disappoint many. So we have worked a solution to this challenge. Like we are giving a page to each NGO which gets Birthday Philanthropist donation, we will have a page for each celebrity wherein we can mention the names of Birthday Philanthropists who will donate Rs 3650/- on that celebrity's birthday.
Still one challenge. The person whose name (not surname) starts with S (like Sanjay) will come alphabetically after A, B, C .... R and then S, and we do not go by his surname (like Bapat) which can go after A.

Alternatively, it will be good for NGOs to ask their individual donors to donate Rs 3650/- or USD 50/- as Birthday Philanthropists on NGOs name with Birthday as NGO registration day because anyway 100% of amount will go to the NGO or charity.

But the idea is NGO will get more visibility and can attract more donors if their name comes as one which is selected by Birthday Philanthropists.

Corporate Brands
A separate page shares names of corporates whose at least 100 employees are Birthday Philanthropists. Again, they can donate to the same corporate's foundation or any NGO or issue they want..

Birthday Philanthropist name
Birth name & surname
(In case of married women, afer birthname, present name & surname)

We had thought of lot of things like putting names of parents, names of husband ... but dropped the idea because name matters in Brands.

In ad of Lifebuoy, Lifebuoy brand name is prominent.
So they dont give the grocer or mall where you can buy Lifebuoy.
But in case the Product wants name of the corporate which makes the product, we will do it with letter from its corporate communications team or Brand Manager or CEO ..and not its Ad or PR Agency.

Birthday Philanthropist : Donation amount is same
We will not accept any amount bigger or less than Rs 3650/- or USD 50/- for donations because we think attitude of donation is important and no donor should see who gave more or neglect those who gave less.
Bill Gates first name is Bill and there will be thousands with the same name. For them, their name is important.
Interestingly, you put name and surname, still you get many names. We put Sanjay Bapat on Google at 8.26 hours on 21 st August 2022 and got 7,34,000 results.
In facebook, you will see many Sanjay Bapat names from various countries. But with Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat you can see only one.

Birthday : As Birthday Philanthropist, you can prepone or postpone date
You cant prepone or postpone your real Birthdate.
But Birthday Philanthropists can prepone or postpone donation day because need is more important. Its just in case, you realised that you wanted to donate after your birthday or think that lets do it now which is 3 months before your birthday.
Afterall you are important decision maker.

Founder preponed blood donation (he wanted to donate blood on 8th August which is his birthdate but blood bank said on 15th August many donate blood because it is independence day in India, so donate blood earlier. And blood need is important, so he preponed blood donation to 2nd July)

You must think that you have got birth from parents for a larger purpose than just living & leaving life . So the idea is give.

Exceptions make life interesting
Founder, his wife, his son Aum have to donate if their name is to be put as Birthday Philanthropist.

But exceptions make life interesting.
This is not a marketing excercise, but life experiences.
Following persons will not donate anything on their birthday to be called "
Birthday Philanthropists" but still we call them Birthday Philanthropist.

Maybe because they are responsible for helping founder survive after an almost fatal accident or helped their organisation form multiple branches or are greats founder admires. They are.

Dr Harshad Purandare, Dr Vikas Mhaskar
Venkat Krishnan, Sanjeev Bramhe
Cecil Dmello Family, Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala
Mahesh Joshi, , Suvarna Raval
Mohan Hukerikar
Mastek Foundation, Adfactors PR

And we will not pay any amount to any NGO or charity on their name.

Want to donate more ?
If anyone wants to donate more, let them donation into two.
One is Birthday Philanthropist amount of Rs 3650/- or USD 50/- and the other is donation for whatever cause they decide.

We are thinking of how to cover speically abled (in common language disabled) citizens staying in hostel because they do not earn outside and decision will be taken by 28.8.2022. Similarly children (girls & boys) in Orphanages or Senior Citizens in hostels.


YOU can be a Birthday Philanthropist

YOU are potential Business Philanthropist
Founder thinks giving Rs 10/- a day (Rs 3650/- per year) or USD 50 a year on your birthday is possible for millions.
If it is too much, give once in your life.

And it is a donation plus you have a choice
1) Specific charity
2) Specific issue (Social, Health, Climate)
3) Specific country

So he starts a movement to invite people to donate Birthday Philanthropist amount (Fixed at Rs 3650/- or USD 50/- or equivalent to Rs 3650/- in your country currency.

Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreswhar Bapat has started donating Rs 3650/- from 13th October 2018 on birthdays of
His parents (Aai & Bhau), His wife : Rohini
Elder son : Rohan (Who has disability of sensory integration and is founder's teacher on integration) , Younger son : Aum (He is a medical doctor)
His birthday and 28th August (day on which Bhau & others postponed his death).

He has donated Rs 100 000/- (Rs 25000/- x 4) on his 60 years existance on earth on 8.8.22 to charities managed by Christain, Hindu & Muslim and 4th one is to Paradhi Samaj (Life is their religion) knows that people can give small amounts easily if they know NGOs which can make impact of donations given to them. India is our global example country because we started with India in 1999. (Zambia could have global example if we started in Zambia)
On 15th August 2022 is 75th year of India's independence.

WILL is important

Bill & Melinda Gates with Warren Buffet started "Giving Pledge",which is a movement of philanthropists who commit to give the majority of their wealth to charitable causes, either during their lifetimes or in their wills.
See last words "In their wills"

LivingMyPromise started by Venkat Krishnan is a community of like-minded Indians who believe in giving back to society. It invites advantaged people to commit to giving 50% or more of their wealth to philanthropic causes either during their lifetime or in their will.
See last words "In their will"

WILL & India
Does Indian Judicial System takes clear decisions on gunuine will ? Is Probate of WILL compulsory if the WILL is registered ?
If anyone wants to take objections or put court cases, then in a country like India (where Democracy is important), one can take objections on any WILL giving various reasons, filing police cases, going to court or murdering someone who is party to WILL .... just anything which waste's world's valuable time. But that is democracy.
If former Prime Minister Shizo Abe can be assasinated on July 8, 2022, in public in a developed democratic country like Japan, anything is possible in a democratic country.

The person who does assasination or murder will anyway die one day and the death can be through public anger or judicial system or heart attack or cancer or whatever.

Founder believes in Indian Judicial System and thinks it will take right decision. He knows the judicial system is burdened with thousands of cases in different courts, so the WILL issue may not be a priority for them. But it can be a priority for people who get angry because of misdeeds

There are millions of Indian citiznes above 18 years of age in 2022 and they can be from any religion or any caste or women, men, transgenders.
And all have a will
And it is not about their money or property but also is about their talent. For discoveries or innovations, they do patent to ensure whatever is has official patent belongs to them.

So Indian Judicial System must consider legal cases related to WILL are important because millions of people in India (irrespective of their religion, caste, talent, economical value ..) depend on court's final decision.

They must know what is legally right and once the law is clear, suddenly cases will go down.

Yes, people who do murders or do an accident in such a way that they will not be caught for 5 or 10 or 50 years.
So they may do Raktapaat (Blood bath) anytime.

If Mahatma Gandhi (popularly called Father of India) , PM's in India like Indira Gandhi or Rajeev Gandhi and PM of Japan Shinzo Abe get assasinated, anybody can leave the world anytime (However big that person is).

Will to donate Rs 3650/- is possible to millions when they are alive because the amount is such that they will not think for hours to take a decision. Afterall, a birthday cake with party to family, friends is equal to or more than Rs 3650/-

So he starts a movement to invite people to donate the amount to charities (NGOs) in India from 28.8.2022. knows that people can give small amounts easily if they know NGOs which can make impact of donations. So while we plan to share 100000 NGO Brands from 150 countries by 28.8.2023, we need to see if we can change the MOU of Developed Nation Network Trust to whom one can donate funds directing it to give 100% donation to charity one wants.

Developed Nation Network Trust has only India coverage.
So DNNT can give to NGOs in India as of now (and yes, donations can be from any country on earth, we have FCRA). And within India, Thane is our global example location of development and the issues we have selected in Thane are
Blood donation, Disability, Education, Health,
Income opportunities for tribals, Orphanages,
Tree plantation, Water and we may add 2 to 3 more issues.

So if you want to make Thane as an example, then we are happy to suggest NGOs either located in Thane or have programmes in Thane.

How we will cover NGO Brands ?
We plan to share 100000 NGO Brands supported by corporates, foundations, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities as well as those whose trustees are experienced in corporates or funding agencies or those started by founders who got fellowship like Ashoka or organisations which give fellowships in minimum 25 countries.

We will have them from 150 countries by 31.3.2024 and if the response is good , then we may increase it to 200000 NGO Brands.

We are happy if development happens without us.

If there is no donation to us, how will we promote ?
Any organisation can take a banner on top of any of the 26 pages because we put the names in Alphabetical order.
This advertising money will be used for our sustainability and more importantly your global promotion

Founder's death was postponed on 28.8.2013 because he has not served Mother Earth enough, so he knows instead of actually working, promoting those who address social, climate & health challenges in different countries is better because it is not only faster but has a reach out across the world and also it serves the larger purpose of being climate positive person..

Founder will start approaching corporate HR teams to give 2 hours official leave to employees on their birthdays so that they can use that time to donate blood or talent or time.