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China Government

Ministry of Justice

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Independence Day
October 1 1949

China National Anthem
March of the Volunteers

Arise! All those who don't want to be slaves!
Let our flesh and blood forge our new Great Wall!
As the Chinese peoplehave arrived at their most perilous time.
Every person is forced to expel his very last cry.
Arise! Arise! Arise!
Our million hearts beating as one,
Brave the enemy's fire, March on!
Brave the enemy's fire, March on!
March on! March on! On!

Chinese Yuan

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 120
Fire: 119
Police: 110
122 (traffic accident)

Standard Chinese or Mandarin
Yue (Cantonese)
Wu (Shanghainese)
Minbei (Fuzhou)
Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese)
Hakka dialects
Minority languages

China : National Police Agency (Republic of China)
Agency overview
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Taipei City, China
Agency executives : Director-General
Parent agency : Ministry of the Interior

Website : http://www.npa.gov.tw/NPAGip/wSite/mp?mp=4

For detailed and more information, see the source

China Political parties
Communist Party of China
Zhōngguó Gòngchǎndǎng
Founded : 1 July 1921
Website : english.cpc.people.com.cn

The Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang
Founded : 1 January 1948
Website : www.minge.gov.cn

China Democratic League
Founded : 19 March 1941
Website : http://www.dem-league.org.cn/

China Democratic National Construction Association
Founded : 16 December 1945
Website : http://www.cndca.org.cn/

China Association for Promoting Democracy
Founded : 12 December 1945
Website : http://www.mj.org.cn/

Chinese Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party
Founded : November 1927
Website : http://www.ngd.org.cn/

China Zhi Gong Party
Founded : October 1925
Website : http://www.zg.org.cn/

Jiusan Society
Founded : 3 September 1945
Website : http://www.93.gov.cn/

Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League
Founded : November 1947
Website : http://www.taimeng.org.cn/

Democracy Party of China
Founded : June 28, 1998
Website: www.hqcdp.org/

Union of Chinese Nationalists
Founded : August 8 2004
Website : http://uocn.groupsite.com/

Buddhist 18.2%
Christian 5.1%
Muslim 1.8%
Folk religion 21.9%
Hindu < 0.1%
Jewish < 0.1%
Other 0.7% (includes Daoist (Taoist))
Unaffiliated 52.2%

World Heritage sites
Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor
Mogao Caves
Mount Taishan
Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian
The Great Wall
Mount Huangshan
Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area
Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area
Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area
Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains
Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace , Lhasa
Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples , Chengde
Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu
Lushan National Park
Mount Emei Scenic Area , including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area
Ancient City of Ping Yao
Classical Gardens of Suzhou
Old Town of Lijiang
Summer Palace , an Imperial Garden in Beijing
Temple of Heaven : an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing
Dazu Rock Carvings
Mount Wuyi
Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui – Xidi and Hongcun
Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Longmen Grottoes
Mount Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System
Yungang Grottoes
Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas
Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom
Historic Centre of Macao
Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries - Wolong , Mt Siguniang and Jiajin Mountains
Yin Xu
Kaiping Diaolou and Villages
South China Karst
Fujian Tulou
Mount Sanqingshan National Park
Mount Wutai
China Danxia
Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in “The Centre of Heaven and Earth”
West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou
Chengjiang Fossil Site
Site of Xanadu
Cultural Landscape of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces
Xinjiang Tianshan
Silk Roads : the Routes Network of Chang ' an-Tianshan Corridor
The Grand Canal
Tusi Sites
Hubei Shennongjia
Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape
Kulangsu , a Historic International Settlement
Qinghai Hoh Xil
Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City
Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai Gulf of China (Phase I)

Nobel Laureates
Charles Kuen Kao *
Chen Ning Yang
Daniel C . Tsui *
Gao Xingjian *
Liu Xiaobo
Mo Yan
Samuel Chao Chung Ting
Tsung - Dao(T.D.) Lee
Tu Youyou
Yang Chen - Ning
Yuan T . Lee

The 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)

Olympic Winners (2020)
Badminton Mixed doubles
Canoeing Women's C-2 500 metres
Cao Yuan
Chen Lijun
Chen Meng
Chen Yufei
Cycling Women's team sprint
Gong Lijiao
Guan Chenchen
Hou Zhihui
Li Fabin
Li Wenwen
Liu Shiying
Liu Yang
Lü Xiaojun
Lu Yunxiu
Ma Long
Men's synchronized 3 metre springboard
Mixed 10 metre air pistol team
Mixed 10 metre air rifle team
Quan Hongchan
Shi Tingmao
Shi Zhiyong
Sun Yiwen
Table tennis Men's team
Table tennis Women's team
Wang Shun
Wang Zhouyu
Women's 4 × 200 metre freestyle relay
Women's quadruple sculls
Women's synchronized 10 metre platform
Women's synchronized 3 metre springboard
Xie Siyi
Yang Qian
Zhang Changhong
Zhang Yufei
Zhu Xueying
Zou Jingyuan

Olympic Winners Chinese Taipei (2020)
Badminton Men's doubles
Kuo Hsing-chun


Ashoka Fellows

Giving Pledgers (Started by Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet)
DONG Fangjun
YOU Zhonghui

UN Goodwill Ambassadors

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Bhau started postponing death of founder (his son) on 28.08.2013 because founder has not finished his responsibility to serve Mother Earth.

Many others (non blood related) helped.

That's togetherness.

Millions of individuals & organisations are serving earth.

The master key is integration and sharing their work.





These are 7 wonders in the world.
Instead of these images, your banner can be here.




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