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Slovenia Government

Minister of Justice

Latest population


Independence Day
June 25 1991

Slovenia National Anthem
English Translation

A Toast
God's blessing on all nations,
Who long and work for that bright day,
When o'er earth's habitation
No war, no strife shall hold its sway;
Who long to see
That all man free
No more shall foes, but neighbours be.
Who long to see
That all man free
No more shall foes, but . . .
No more shall foes, but neighbours be.


Emergency numbers

Slovenian (official) 91.1%
Serbo-Croatian 4.5%
Other Or Unspecified 4.4%
Italian (official, only in municipalities where Italian national communities reside)
Hungarian (official, only in municipalities where Hungarian national communities reside)

Slovenia Police
Agency overview : Formed 1991
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Generalna policijska uprava, Štefanova 2, 1501 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Minister responsible : Ministry of the Interior
Agency executive : Director general of the police

Website : https://www.policija.si/eng/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Slovenia Political parties
Modern Centre Party
Stranka modernega centra

Founded 2 June 2014
Website:- www.strankasmc.si/

Slovenian Democratic Party
(Slovenska demokratska stranka, SDS)

Founded 16 February 1989
Website:- http://www.sds.si/

Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia
(Demokraticna stranka upokojencev Slovenije, also known by the acronym DeSUS)

Founded 1991
Website:- http://www.desus.si/

Social Democrats
Socialni demokrati

Founded 29 May 1993 (ZLSD)
Website:- http://www.socialnidemokrati.si/

United Left (Slovenia)
Združena levica

Founded 1 March 2014
Website:- http://www.zdruzena-levica.si/

New Slovenia – Christian Democrats
Nova Slovenija – Kršcanski demokrati

Founded 4 August 2000
Website:- http://www.nsi.si/

Alliance of Social Liberal Democrats
Zavezništvo Socialno-Liberalnih Demokratov

Founded 31 May 2014
Website:- http://www.zaveznistvo.si/

Slovenian People's Party
Slovenska ljudska stranka
Founded 12 May 1988
Website:- http://www.sls.si/

Positive Slovenia
Pozitivna Slovenija

Founded 22 October 2011
Website:- http://pozitivnaslovenija.si/

Slovenian National Party
(Slovenska Nacionalna Stranka, SNS)
Founded 17 March 1991
Website:- http://www.sns.si/

Slovenian Pirate Party
Piratska stranka Slovenije

Founded 17 October 2012
Website:- http://piratskastranka.si/

(meaning "I believe" in Slovene)

Founded 2014
Website:- http://www.verjamem.si/

Civic List
Državljanska lista
Founded 21 October 2011
Website:- http://www.d-l.si/

Greens of Slovenia
(Zeleni Slovenije, ZS)

Founded 11 June 1989
Website:- http://www.zeleni.si/

Equal Land - Forward Slovenia

Economically Liberal Party

Party of Humane Slovenia

Hungarian and Italian minorities

Previous elections

Slovenian parliamentary election, 2011

Summary of the 4 December 2011 Slovenian National Assembly election results

Liberal Democracy of Slovenia
(Liberalna demokracija Slovenije, LDS)

Founded 1994
Website:- http://www.lds.si/

Party for Sustainable Development of Slovenia
(Stranka za trajnostni razvoj Slovenije, TRS)

Youth Party – European Greens
(Stranka mladih - Zeleni Evrope, SMS-Zeleni)
Founded 2000
Website:- http://www.sms.si/

Zares – Social Liberals
(Slovene: Zares – socialno-liberalni)
Founded 2007
Website:- http://www.zares.si/

Democratic Labour Party
(Demokraticna stranka dela, DSD)

Movement for Slovenia
(Gibanje za Slovenijo, GzS)

Party of Equal Opportunities of Slovenia
(Stranka enakih možnosti Slovenije, SEM–Si)

Forward Slovenia
(Naprej Slovenija, NPR)

Party of Slovenian People
(Stranka slovenskega naroda, SSN)
Founded 1994
Website:- http://www.ssn.si/

Party of Humane Slovenia
(Stranka humana Slovenija, SHS)


Hungarian and Italian national communities

Catholic 57.8%
Muslim 2.4%
Orthodox 2.3%
Other Christian 0.9%
Unaffiliated 3.5%
Other or unspecified 23%
None 10.1%

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