On the brink of eradication: Why polio research matters
Poliovirus research offers insights into other viruses that impact global health
In the decades since Dr. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine, cases of polio have exponentially declined. Though once widespread epidemic, the highly infectious childhood disease is now close to global eradication. The question remains: why would researchers spend time and resources studying a virus already on the brink of total eradication?

Polio: Environmental Monitoring Will Be Key as World Reaches Global Eradication
Robust environmental monitoring should be used as the world approaches global eradication of polio, say researchers who recently studied the epidemiology of the 2013 silent polio outbreak in Rahat, ...

Creating Safer Polio Vaccine Strains for the Post-Eradication Era
While the goal of polio virus eradication is in sight, there are concerns about post-eradication manufacturing and stockpiling vaccine stores containing live virus that could escape and repopulate ...

A Patient Shedding Poliovirus for 28 Years: Possible Challenges for Polio Eradication
With all but two countries worldwide, Pakistan and Afghanistan, declared polio-free, the eradication of the devastating viral disease in the near future is a real possibility. A new study however ...

Polio Vaccination: Review of Final Steps to Polio Eradication
April 12 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the publication of Jonas Salk's landmark polio vaccine trial results, which confirmed that the first vaccine against polio was safe and effective.