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Mahindra Group has stake in us

Founder has seen how Wally Olins thought much deeper on the concept of Identity.

Wally was Guru of Corporate Identity. So when the founder thought of a specialised portal on corporates in 2010, he named as as CSRidentity.com and that time founder thought CSR = Corporate Sustainability & Reputation.

Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat's views on life changed after an almost fatal accident on 28.8.2013.
Now CSR is Conscience Sustainability Reputation

Founder worked with Wally's India partner organisation, Sista's Worldcom. In 1999, Bobby Sista and Mahindra Group Company took stake in IndianNGOs.com, founder's first Social Enterprise

Now IndianNGOs.com is a parent company and has CSR Consulting which manages CSRidentity.com under it.

Dot com because founder is a Social Entrepreneur and believed that everything must be sustainable and must earn profit.
Profit can be in money terms as well as helping terms.

He is still very few of the 3500 plus Ashoka Fellows in 92 countries who runs for profit organisations.

He is founder trustee of NGO which has a unique name Developed Nation Network Trust because he thinks that each nation must be a Developed Nation and not just an economically prosperous nation.

Are we interested in further stake ?

Of course yes.
Founder was keen that his son Aum should take interest in helping the world with knowledge of all stakeholders in all countries that CSRidentity.com provides. And with clarity that Aum should help the world but ensure sustainability of self and portal.

When Aum was in 8th standard, he took him to Vienna to see great Prof Mohamad Yunus and learn the work he does, then he took him to Seoul when he was in 9th. He couldnt take him to Japan because he was in 10th standard which is important in India.

But Aum saw people from different angle. He knows everyone (poor, rich, super rich) has physical body. And everyone suffers from some disease in their life time. So he became a Doctor. He can volunteer but it is important that someone who has interest should invest time & money and make the portal BIG to help the world.

In short manage the portal and the company.

So we are keen to give stake to organisations which are keen to help world and not do this just as business.
Of course doing business, earning profits is good because it makes the company sustainable.
More the profit, more the opportunity to spread goodness in all countries.

We do not spread badness like crime, terrorism, naxalism, porno and even what is experienced in all countries,
we mean "politics".

We know failure is just a step and more failures are more steps to succeed. So besides data, we plan to share success stories from all stakeholders, in all social, health & climate issues.

If interested in taking stake in the company, contact Datacentre at CSR identity dot com

Its not black colour
Its not black money
Its not night time
Its black attitude

World must stop this disease
Dont kill related people
Kill the disease

Even Google cant find them right now
And its good because human privacy matters

Who doesnt purposely see father, grandfather, father in law and indirectly or directly tell many others to purposely not see a person who is about to leave earth ?
Born humans are just born as humans
They were borne with humanity
They purposely lost humanity.

No law says it is compulsory
but if these humans kill someone
or ask neighbours to kill
or kill through accident
or harass a person related to this case
then they will know what mistake they did

Human law takes time for legal decisions
but reputation spreads like fire
and bad reputation spreads faster.

If they do something criminal,
then this badness will spread across the world
be it companies you work with
or embassies you work with
or good PR you do to people around you
and politicians will not come in way
because local politicans know the truth
and they will never do something
as bad as this because
politicians are also human beings.

Will a political leader like
her or his son, grandson or daughter in law
to purposely not see their body
which is about to leave earth ?
Afterall, just body with no respiration
means you are dead
So you dont know anything
But no one likes this attitute.
So no way.


Every Country, NGO, Social issue, founder is a Brand. Corporates & products invest time & money in Brand.
Each celebrity is a Brand. Every Goddess & God has a name and people Brand it. Remove R in Brand, it is a Band. R stands for Reality which leads to reputation.
Brand without R is a Band which fits an object with something for reinforcement or decoration.

Sun rise & Sun Set

New Zealand or Kiribati Island were first to see Sun Rise..

On December 30, 2011, Samoa skipped a day to move to the other side of the dateline.

Now Sun Rise is first seen by following 2 countries

New Zealand during Summer & Spring Months
(Gisborne is first city. In reality, it is Pitt Island, an inhabited area where one can see first sun rise)
Samoa in New Zealand's Autumn & Winter months (Apia city in Samoa)

CSRidentity.com is aware that Sun stays in its position at the center of our solar system.
But it appears to rise and set because of the Earth's rotation on its axis.

During school days, the founder was told that the Sun Rise is seen first in Japan. That's the power of information & branding. Even teachers thought it was Japan and any other country was wrong answer.

While many do not care for their parents, some on earth purposely do not see their father, grand father, father in law who has left life but is about to leave this earth.

As of now people think that there are humans only on planet earth and if science one day finds humans or robots on another planet, we dont want them to carry such ego driven human attitude.

Even Google cant find
Names of born humans who purposely do not see their father, grand father, father in law who has left life but is about to leave this earth can not be even searched by Google unless these born humans, their neighbours or relatives do something which makes them world share the names clearly. Then the company's which employ them or ask them to supply material will be conscious and ask them or remove them or take action on them.

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