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Colombia Government

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Independence Day
July 20 1810

Colombia National Anthem
Oh, unfading glory!
Oh, inmortal joy!
In furrows of pain,
the good now germinates.

The fearful night has ceased.
Liberty sublime
shines forth the dawning
of its invincible light.
All of mankind,
moaning in chains,
understands the words
of the one who died on the cross.

"Independence!" cries
the American world;
The land of Columbus.
Is bathed in heroes' blood.
But this great principle;
"The king is not sovereign",
resounds, and those who suffer
bless their passion.

The Orinoco's bed
Is heaped with plunder,
The river runs
With blood and weeping.
In Bárbula
neither soul nor eyes,
know whether to feel shock
or to suffer fright.
On the shores of the Caribbean,
the famished people fight,
choosing the horrors
over fickle health.
O, aye! for Cartagena
heavy is the hardship,
but her virtue
disdains death's rubble.

From Boyacá in the fields,
the genius of glory,
for every ear a hero
undefeated crowned.
Soldiers without breastplate
won victory;
their virile breath
as shield served.

Bolívar crosses the Andes
that two oceans bathe,
swords as sparks
shine in Junín.
Untameable centaurs
descend to the plains,
and a prescience begins to be felt,
the epic' end has come.

The victorious trumpet
in Ayacucho loudly thunders,
that in every triumph grows
its formidable sound.
In its expansive thrust
Liberty is worn for the first time,
from the American sky
a pavilion forming up.

In agony, the Virgin
Tears out her hair,
and bereft of her love,
leaves it to hang on a cypress.
Regretting her hope
is covered by a cold headstone,
but glorious pride
hallows her fair skin.
Thus the motherland is formed,
Thermopylaes are breaking forth;
constellation of cyclops
its night brightened.
The trembling flower
finding the wind mortal,
underneath the laurels
its safety sought.

But it's not complete glory
to defeat in battle,
that the arm that fights
is encouraged by truth.
For independence alone
The great clamour doesn't silence;
if the sun illuminates everyone,
justice is liberty.

From men the rights
Nariño's preaching,
the soul of struggle
was prophetically taught.
When Ricaurte in San Mateo,
in atoms flying,
"Duty before life,"
with flames he wrote.

Colombian Peso

Emergency numbers


Colombia Police
Agency overview : Formed November 5, 1891
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Agency executive : General of Police
Parent agency : Colombian Ministry of Defense
Direcciones : 8

Website : http://www.policia.gov.co/portal/page/portal/HOME/home1008

For detailed and more information, see the source

Colombia Political parties
Major parties

Social Party of National Unity
Partido Social de Unidad Nacional

Founded 2005
Website :- www.partidodelau.com

Colombian Conservative Party
Partido Conservador Colombiano

Founded October 4, 1849
Website :- http://partidoconservador.com/

Colombian Liberal Party
Partido Liberal Colombiano

Founded 1848
Website :- http://www.partidoliberal.org.co/

Democratic Center (Colombia)
Centro Democrático

Founded 20 January 2013
Website :- http://www.centrodemocratico.com/

Other Parties

Radical Change
Cambio Radical

Founded 1998
Website :- http://www.partidocambioradical.org/

Citizen Option
Partido Opción Ciudadana

Founded November 2009
Website :- http://www.partidoopcionciudadana.com/portal/

Green Alliance
Alianza Verde

Founded 2005
Website :- http://www.partidoverde.org.co/

Alternative Democratic Pole
Polo Democrático Alternativo

Founded December 2005
Website :- http://www.polodemocratico.net/

Independent Movement of Absolute Renovation
Movimiento Independiente de Renovación Absoluta

Founded July 26, 2000
Website :- http://www.movimientomira.com/

(*) Citizen Option Party is the union of four previous small right-wing parties:

Democratic Colombia Party (Partido Colombia Democrática)
Living Colombia Movement (Movimiento Colombia Viva)
Citizen's Convergence Party (Partido Convergencia Ciudadana)
Liberal Opening Movement (Movimiento Apertura Liberal)

Minor parties

Indigenous Parties

Indigenous Social Alliance (Alianza Social Indígena) (Center)
Indigenous Authorities of Colombia (Autoridades Indígenas de Colombia) (Far-left)

Afro-Colombian communities Parties

United Popular Movement (Movimiento Popular Unido) (Center-right)
PROVIDES Association (Asociación PROVIDES) (Center-left)

Roman Catholic 79%
Protestant 14%
Other 2%
Unspecified 5%


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