Sustainability & Reputation Tree
We had started a research on Sustainability & Reputation Tree few years back. But then fatal accident changed our vision.
From just Corporates, NGOs, Social issues, we started thinking CSR is Conscience Sustainability & Reputation. So we added many stakeholders right from government, political parties to colleges.
And increased our canvas from India to all countries.

So research took a back seat. From Feb 12, 2021, we will invest at least an hour (mostly at 4 AM because that is silent time with no disturbance) of thinking.

If your Brand is missing
Sorry, this means we have not given you priority
It is our mistake
Each one is a Brand
We will share your name in related country or in case of corporates, we share it namewise also
Unique Identity
Each individual &
each organisation
in each country
has unique identity.
Let world know what you stand for
We can make a separate page for each at no cost to you
We are planning to write an online book for social issues status in 75 countries. This eBook will be free for all to see.

50000 countrywise

Law colleges
MBA colleges
Medical colleges
Social Work colleges



Fortune 500 companies

50000 by name

Business news

Global indices &

Corporate news

In each country


Stock exchanges


Ad Agencies

PR Agencies

Business Associations

Industry Associations

Corporates in India
In India, we plan to share about 10000 corporates.
So we share them alphabetwise and in each page we share only 100 corporates.

Media in India
In India, we plan to share media at national level as well as statewise

On Corporate index page, we plan to share benefits to corporates, NGOs, media .. and link to Sustainability & Reputation tree form

Worldover, people equate
CSR to Corporate Social Responsibility.

People think that
corporate's main objective is Social Responsibility.

We dont know how people think that corporates making millions of dollars of profit is equivalent to minting money from consumers. Its myopic thinking. If corporates dont make money & profit, their employees, investors will think they are not working or investing in right company.
Good profit used in many good ways is good.
Its not dirty.

If a corporate offers good product or gives good service and makes profit, it has to be given to employees, service chain, wholesalers, retailers, investors and communities.
Every corporate must be a professional organisation with social attitude, which is Social enterprise.

Corporates must invest in their HR policies, business processes, always learn how corporates from their industry or other industries are doing and learn positive things from them and therefore they must be members of business and industry associations. Their ad & PR agencies work with various corporates and can tell you what works and what doestnt work.

Like people live together and depend on each other, corporates depend on each other like they make products but need transportation to take the product to shopping malls or grocers. They need logistics team. They need material handling team. They need sales team. They need HR team to coordinate all. They need advertising & PR or corporate communications team which does internal as well as external communication.

We plan to share 50000 corporates. Each corporate is shared countrywise.
We dont share what we think of the corporate because it may be seen subjective, so we just give link to its website and you can judge the corporate based on the quality of the product or based on the character of the company (e.g. only money making machines may be attractive to shareholders in the short run, but socially conscious corporates are far better in the long run and they have sustainability and we all must give them good reputation ranking (Of course the corporate must make profit, good profit)

Think larger & deeper.
CSR is C = Conscience , S = Sustainability , R = Reputation has Identity , dot com We value Brand .