Japan country is a Brand
Any corporate, corporate foundation, funding agency, Ad / PR agency, Philanthropist, Celebrity can sponsor entire country pages
or only corporate related pages or NGO related pages or Government related pages ...

If your brand sponsors all pages in a country, we will share the sponsor banner on top.

Products are made in factories and maketing decisions are made in cabins.
What is important for managements is to get "Mind Share" of consumers, customers, clients, communities, citizens.

Not just your company or your competiton or your industry or all industries but the entire nation and world.

Biologically mind does not exist. Even if it exists, dont ever think of "Grabbibg Mind Share"

Be caring. Earn Mind Share. Take care of employees, consumers, customers, supply chain, climate. They are your family.
Win Mind Share then Market Share is on auto mode.

Creative teams will build your image.
CSRidentity.com will promote your to key stakeholders at global level.

Sales may go down because of calamities. But if your consumer's mind is with you, then sales will pick up soon.
In March 2023, we may decide to offer you a service where your brand can sponsor only a particular category like corporates or media in a given country.

If we dont find anyone sponsoring any country, we wont stop sharing information about that country.
It is our responsibility.
Making money is not our focus. Earning money is important because it helps image building of all countries