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Uganda Government
Ministry of Justice & Constitutional affairs

Latest population


Independence Day
October 9 1962

Uganda National Anthem

Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty

Oh Uganda! may God uphold thee,
We lay our future in thy hand.
United, free,
For liberty
Together we'll always stand.

Oh Uganda! the land of freedom.
Our love and labour we give,
And with neighbours all
At our country's call
In peace and friendship we'll live.

Oh Uganda! the land that feeds us
By sun and fertile soil grown.
For our own dear land,
We'll always stand,
The Pearl of Africa's Crown.

Ugandan Shilling

Emergency numbers
112 (cell phone)
999 (fixed)

English (official language, taught in schools, used in courts of law and by most newspapers and some radio broadcasts)
Ganda or Luganda (most widely used of the Niger-Congo languages and the language used most often in the capital)
Other Niger-Congo languages
Nilo-Saharan languages
Swahili (official)


Police, Political parties

Uganda Police
Agency overview: Formed 1900s
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : UNP Headquarters, Katalima Road, Naguru, Kampala
Agency executive : Inspector General
Parent agency : Uganda Ministry of Internal Affairs

Website : http://www.upf.go.ug/

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Uganda Political parties
Active political parties

The Uganda Electoral Commission lists 29 registered political parties on its website. Some of the listed parties include the following:

Labour Party

Conservative Party

Democratic Party
Chama cha kidemokrasia
Founded : 1954

Forum for Democratic Change
jukwaa la mabadiliko ya kidemokrasia
Founded : 2004
Website : http://fdc.ug/

Justice Forum
Founded : 1996

Federal Democratic Party

National Democrats Forum

National Resistance Movement
Harakati za Upinzani za Kitaifa
Founded : 1986
Website : http://www.nrm.ug/

Uganda People's Congress
Congress ya Watu wa Uganda
Founded : 1960
Website : http://www.upcparty.net/

People's Progressive Party (PPP)
Founded : 2004

Uganda Federal Alliance

People's Development Party

Uganda Socialist Green Party

Interesting facts
Uganda has acquired its name from the kingdom of Buganda which at one point of time covered the south of current day Uganda and the translation of its name means “bundles”.

The country is entirely surrounded by land but is home to numerous rivers and lakes. The longest river in the world, the Nile River is said considered to originate from Lake Victoria in Uganda.

The country has the world’s best pineapples, bananas, avocados and mangoes. Matooke is a cooked banana dish that is a staple of the Ugandan people.

The almost extinct, mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi National Park that stretches through to Rwanda’s Parc de Volcanoes National Park.

Bird-watchers from around the world flock to Uganda. It is home to 1061 bird species.

Uganda has the largest primate-density in the world. It also has the largest number of water bodies than any other country on the African continent.

Meat dishes in Uganda are generally in the form of stews. This stew or broth will contain every part if the animal, including the meat, intestines, liver, tongue and almost everything else.

The idea is that none of the meat should be wasted.

The famous Ugandan taxis were called boda-boda. They were the major mode of transport between Kenya and Uganda (no man’s land). They were named so because they provided border-to-border transport.

The Ugandan society is largely a conservative one. Women are not permitted to wear skimpy clothing- here, anything that doesn’t reach the ankles is considered skimpy.
Today the main mode of transport in Uganda is the humble bicycle.

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