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Liechtenstein Government

Latest population


Independence Day
January 23 1719

Liechtenstein National Anthem

Up above the young Rhin

Up above the young Rhine
Lies Liechtenstein, resting
On Alpine heights.
This beloved homeland,
This dear fatherland
Was chosen for us by
God's wise hand.

Long live Liechtenstein,
Blossoming on the young Rhine,
Fortunate and faithful!
Long live the Prince of the Land,
Long live our fatherland,
Through bonds of brotherly love
united and free!
Until 1963 the anthem's text was:

Up by the German Rhine
Liechtenstein rests
Against alpine heights.
This kind homeland
In the German fatherland
God's wise hand has
chosen for us.
Where once St Lucy
Peace to Raetia
Had brought.
There by the border stone
And along the young Rhine
Fearless stands Liechtenstein
On guard for Germany.
Lovely in the summer
On the high Alps' meadows
Floats heavenly quietude.
Where the chamois leaps freely,
The eagle soars boldly,
The herdsman sings the Ave
For the home.
From green rocky heights
It is lovely to look at
With one gaze:
How the Rhine's silver band
Hems the beautiful land
A small fatherland
Of silent bliss.
Long live Liechtenstein
Blossoming by the German Rhine
Fortunate and faithful.
Long live the Prince of the Land
Long live our Fatherland
Through bonds of brotherly love
United and free!

Swiss Franc

Emergency numbers

German 91.5% (Alemannic is the main dialect)
Italian 1.5%
Turkish 1.3%
Portuguese 1.1%
Other 4.6%


Liechtenstein Police
Agency overview : Formed 1933
Preceding agency : Security Corps, Auxiliary Corps
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Vaduz,Liechtenstein
Elected officer responsible : Minister
Agency executive : Chief of Police

Website : http://www.landespolizei.li/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Liechtenstein Political parties
Current Parties

Progressive Citizens' Party
Fortschrittliche Bürgerpartei
Founded : 1918
Website : http://www.fbp.li/

Patriotic Union
Vaterländische Union
Founded : 1936
Website : http://www.vu-online.li/

The Independents
Die Unabhängigen
Founded : 2013
Website : http://www.du4.li/

Free List
Freie Liste
Founded : 1985
Website : http://www.freieliste.li/

Roman Catholic 73.4%
Protestant Reformed 6.3%
Muslim 5.9%
Christian Orthodox 1.3%
Lutheran 1.2%
Other Protestant .7%
Other Christian .3%,
Other .8%
None 7%
Unspecified 3.3%

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