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Kuwait Government

Latest population

Kuwait City

Independence Day
February 12 1961

Kuwait National Anthem

National Anthem

Kuwait, my country, may you be safe and glorious!
May you always enjoy good fortune!
You are the cradle of my ancestors,
Who put down its memory.

With everlasting symmetry, showing all eternity,
Those Arabs were heavenly,
Kuwait, my country,
May you be safe and glorious!
May you always enjoy good fortune.

Blessed be my Country a homeland for harmony,
Warded by true sentry giving their soils aptly,
Building high its history, Kuwait,
My country, we're for you my Country,

Led by faith and loyalty,
With its Amir equally,
Fencing us all fairly, with warm love and verity,
Kuwait, my country,

May you be safe and glorious.
May you always enjoy good fortune!

Kuwaiti Dinar

Emergency numbers

English widely spoken

Kuwait Police
Agency overview : Formed 1938; 80 years ago
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Kuwait City

Website : http://www.moi.gov.kw/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Kuwait Political parties
Progressive Kuwaiti Movement

National Democratic Alliance
Founded : 1992; 24 years ago
Website : tahalof.blajat.com

Kuwaiti Democratic Forum

Popular Action Movement (7ashd)

Popular Action Bloc
Founded : 1992

Youth groups
The Kuwait youth groups are secular (consisting of youth from diverse social groups):

Civil Democratic Movement

Formerly affiliated parties

Arab Democratic Nasserist Party
Founded : 1984

Democratic Front Party
Founded : May 2007
Website : www.democraticfront.org

Egyptian Communist Party
Founded : 1975
Website : cp-egypt.com

Free Egyptians Party
Founded : 3 April 2011
Website : www.almasreyeenalahrrar.com//

Freedom Egypt Party
Founded : 18 May 2011

Egyptian Green Party
Founded : 1990

Ghad El-Thawra Party
Founded : 2011

Liberal Constitutional Party

Liberals Party

Life of the Egyptians Party

New Wafd Party
Founded : February 4, 1978; 38 years ago
Website : www.alwafd.org

Socialist Popular Alliance Party
Founded : 2011; 5 years ago
Website : www.egyleftparty.org

Young Egypt Party
Founded : 12 October 1989

Egyptian Citizen Party
Founded : 31 July 2011 Freedom Party
Founded : 17 July 2011
Website : www.alhoriaparty.com

Youth Association of Kuwait
Founded : 2009
Website : http://www.yakuwait.org

Sunni Islamist
Hadas (Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood)
Founded : 31 March 1991
Website : www.icmkw.org

Islamic Salafi Alliance

Shia Islamist
National Islamic Alliance

Justice and Peace Alliance (moderate Shia)

Muslim (official) 74.6%
Christian 18.2%
Other and unspecified 7.2%
Note: data represent the total population; about 69% of the population consists of immigrants

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