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Dominican Republic Government

Latest population

Santo Domingo

Independence Day
February 27 1844


Dominican Republic National Anthem

Valiant Quisqueyans

Brave Quisqueyans,
Let’s raise our song with vivid emotion,
From the world to the face of the earth
Show our unconquered glorious banner.

Hail, the nation who strong and intrepid,
Into war launched itself set to die
When war threatened with death
Its chains of slavery still it cut off.

No nation deserves to have freedom
If it’s a slave, apathetic, or servile;
If in its chest the flame stirred
By man’s heroism doesn’t grow.

But Quisqueya the brave and indomitable
Always proudly her forehead will raise:
For if she were a thousand times a slave
This many times to be free she will know.

And if fraud and cunning exposed her
To disdain of an intrusive man,
Las Carreras! Beler!...were fields
Which covered in glory were seen.

At the top of our heroic bastion,
Word of the free was materialized,
Where the genius of Sanchez and Duarte
Taught us to be free or to die.

And if could inconsiderate leader
Reduce the luster of these glories,
Of the war seen in Capotillo
The banner of fire waves on.

And the fire that leaves shocked
The arrogant lion from Castile,
Removes it from glorious beaches to
Where floats the banner that’s crossed.

Compatriots, let’s show erect our
Forehead, proud of today for;
Quisqueya will be destroyed
But slave again, never.

That she is a sanctuary of love
Lives in every chest of the country;
It is her invincible shield, the law;
It is her motto: Be free or die.

Liberty that still serenely lifts up
Victory in her triumphal carriage.
The trumpet of war still resounds
Proclaiming her immortal glory

Liberty! Let the echoes agitate
While full of noble anxiety
Our battlefields of glory repeat
Liberty! Liberty! Liberty!

Dominican Peso

Emergency numbers



Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic National Police
Agency overview : Formed March 2, 1936
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Agency executive : Major General
Parent agency : Ministry of Interior and Police

Website : http://www.policianacional.gob.do/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Dominican Republic Political parties
Major parties

Dominican Liberation Party PLD
Partido de la Liberación Dominicana
Founded : 15 December 1973
Website : http://www.pld.org.do/

Modern Revolutionary Party PRM
Partido Revolucionario Moderno
Founded : 9 September 2014
Website : http://www.prm.org.do/

Social Christian Reformist Party PRSC
Partido Reformista Social Cristiano
Founded : July 21, 1984; 34 years ago
Website : http://www.prsc.com.do/

Dominican Revolutionary Party PRD
Partido Revolucionario Dominicano
Founded : 21 January 1939
Website : http://prd.org.do/

Other parties

Movimiento Democrático Alternativo MODA

Civic Renovation Party PCR
Partido Cívico Renovador
Founded : 2009
Website : http://www.pcr.org.do/

Institutional Social Democratic Bloc BIS
Bloque Institucional Socialdemócrata, or BIS

Revolutionary Social Democratic Party PRSD
Partido Revolucionario Social Demócrata
Website : http://www.prsdweb.com/

Partido Unión Demócrata Cristiana UDC

Partido Dominicanos por el Cambio DxC

Dominican Humanist Party PHD
Partido Humanista Dominicano

National Progressive Force FNP
Fuerza Nacional Progresista
Founded : July 6, 1980
Website : http://fnp.org.do/

Social Democratic Institutional Bloc
Bloque Institucional Socialdemócrata, or BIS

Alliance for Democracy
Alianza por la Democracia or APD

Christian Democratic Union
Unión Demócrata Cristiana

Dominican Workers' Party
Partido de los Trabajadores Dominicanos

Liberal Party of the Dominican Republic
Partido Liberal de la República Dominicana PLRD

National Unity Party
Partido de Unidad Nacional

Quisqueyano Christian Democratic Party
Partido Quisqueyano Demócrata Cristiano

Green Party of Democratic Unity
Partido Socialista Verde
Founded : October 4, 2009
Website : http://pasoverd.org/

National Civic Veterans Party
Partido Nacional de Veteranos y Civiles or PNVC

Popular Democratic Party
Partido Demócrata Popular

Christian People's Party
Partido Popular Cristiano

Independent Revolutionary Party
Partido Revolucionario Independiente

National Renaissance Party
Partido Renacentista Nacional

Alianza País ALPAIS

Parties participating in the 2006 elections


Broad Front Dominican Republic
Frente Amplio
Founded : June 14, 1992
Website : http://soyfrenteamplio.com/

Extra-parliamentary parties

Dominican Popular Movement
Movimiento Popular Dominicano MPD

Force of the Revolution 
Fuerza de la Revolucion

Free People's Movement 
Movimiento de la Gente Libre MGL

Roman Catholic 47.8%
Protestant 21.3%
Other 2.2%
None 28%
Don't know/no response .7%

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