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Libya Government

The Ministry of Justice

Latest population


Independence Day
December 24 1951

Libya National Anthem
He is above the plots of the aggressors,
And He is the best helper of the oppressed.
With faith and with weapons I shall defend my country,
And the light of truth will shine in my hand.
Sing with me!

God is greatest!

God, God, God is greatest!
God is above the aggressors.
O World, look up and listen!
The enemy's army is coming,

Wishing to destroy me.
With truth and with my gun I shall repulse him.
And should I be killed,
I would kill him with me.

Sing with me--
Woe to the Imperialists!
And God is above the treacherous tyrant.
God is greatest!
Therefore glorify Him, O my country,
And seize the forehead of the tyrant
And destroy him!

Libyan Dinar

Emergency numbers

English (all widely understood in the major cities)
Berber (Nafusi, Ghadamis, Suknah, Awjilah, Tamasheq)

Libya Political parties

Taghyeer Political Party

Parties with seats in the General National Congress

National Forces Alliance
تحالف القوى الوطنية
Taḥalluf al-quwwa al-waṭaniyya
Founded : February 2012
Website : http://nfalibya.org/

Justice and Construction Party
حزب العدالة والبناء
Hizb Al-Adala Wal-Bina
Founded : 3 March 2012
Website : http://www.ab.ly/

National Front Party
حزب الجبهة الوطنية
Hizb Al-Jabha Al-Wataniyya
Founded : 9 May 2012
Website : http://www.jabha.ly/

Wadi al-Hiya Alliance

Union for Homeland
الإتحاد من أجل الوطن
Founded : 2012
Website : http://www.ufh.ly/

National Centrist Party
ا التيار الوطني الوسطي
Founded : 23 November 2011

Libyan National Democratic Party

The Message

The Foundation

National Party for Development and Welfare
Founded : 2012

Nation & Prosperity

Authenticity & Renewal

Authenticity & Progress

Moderate Umma Assembly

Libik Watani

National Gathering of Wadi al-Shati

Moderate Youth Party

Libyan List for Freedom & Development

National Coalition of Parties

Libya the Hope

Wisdom Party

Parties without seats in the General National Congress

Libu Party
ⴰⴽⴰⴱⴰⵔ ⵏ ⵍⵉⴱⵓ
حزب ليبو
Founded : 2017
Website : http://www.libu.ly/

Democratic Party
Founded : 14 July 2011
Website : http://thedemocraticpartylibya.org/

Homeland Party

حزب الوطن
Ħizb al-Waṭan
Founded : November 2011
Website : http://wattan.ly/

Party of Reform and Development
حزب الاصلاح والتنمية
Founded : 10 January 2012

Libyan National Movement
الحركة الوطنية الليبية
Founded : December 1980
Website : http://www.sawt-altalea.com/

Libyan Constitutional Union

Libyan Amazigh Congress

Alhaq and Democracy Party of Benghazi

Libyan National Congress Party

New Libya Party

National Unity of Libya Party

Freedom and Development Party of Libya

The Patriotic Reform Party

National Solidarity Party

The Libyan National Party

Umma Party

Justice and Democracy Party of Libya

Libya Future Party

Libyan Center Party

National Democratic Assembly for Justice and Progress

Libya Development Party

Libyan Universal Party

National Democratic Alliance

New National Congress Party

Tawasul Party

Libyan National Democratic Party for Justice and Development

Libya Our Home and Tribe Party

Libyan Liberation Party

Libya for All Party

Unity Movement

Democratic Youth Party

National Democratic Assembly

Wefaq Party

Libyan National Democratic Assemblage

Ansar Al Horria

Libyan Unionist Party

Muslim (virtually all Sunni) 96.6%
Christian 2.7%
Buddhist 0.3%
Hindu <0.1
Jewish <0.1
Folk religion <0.1
Unaffiliated 0.2%
Other <0.1

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Bhau started postponing death of founder (his son) on 28.08.2013 because founder has not finished his responsibility to serve Mother Earth.

Many others (non blood related) helped.

That's togetherness.

Millions of individuals & organisations are serving earth.

The master key is integration and sharing their work.