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Independence Day
April 27 1960

Togo National Anthem
Hail to Thee, Land of our Forefathers

Hail to thee, land of our forefathers'
Thou who made them strong,
Peaceful and happy,
Men who for posterity,
Cultivated virtue and bravery.
Even if tyrants shall come,
Thy heart yearns towards freedom.
Togo arise! Let us struggle without faltering.
Victory or death, but dignity.
God almighty, Thou alone,
Hast made Togo prosper.
People of Togo arise! Let us build the nation.

To serve thee in unity
Is the most burning desire of our hearts.
Let us shout aloud our motto
That nothing can tarnish.
We the only builders of thy happiness and of thy future,
Everywhere let us break chains and treachery,
And we swear to thee for ever faith,
Love, service, untiring zeal,
To make thee yet, beloved Togo,
A golden example for humanity.

Hail, hail to the entire Universe
Let us unite our efforts on this immense building site
Whence will be reborn anew
Great Humanity.
Everywhere, instead of misery, let us bring happiness.
Let us chase from the world unruly hatred.
It's over with slavery and Captivity.
At the star of liberty,
Let us renew the solidarity
Of the Nations in fraternity.

West African CFA Franc

Emergency numbers
Police: 101

French (official, the language of commerce)
Ewe and Mina (the two major African languages in the south)
Kabye (sometimes spelled Kabiye)
Dagomba (the two major African languages in the north)

Togo Political parties
The parties

Democratic Opposition

Union of Forces for Change
(Union des Forces du Changement)
Founded February 1, 1992
Website:- http://www.ufctogo.com/

Alliance of Democrats for Integral Development
(Alliance des Démocrates pour le Développement Intégral, ADDI)
Founded 3 October 1991
Website:- http://additogo.com/

Action Committee for Renewal
(Comité d'Action pour la Renouveau, CAR)

Democratic Convention of African Peoples
(Convention démocratique des peuples africains, CDPA)

Website:- http://www.cdpatogo.org/

Socialist Pact for Renewal
(Pacte Socialiste pour le Renouveau)

National Alliance for Change
Alliance Nationale pour le Changement (French)
Founded October 2010
Website:- http://www.anctogo.com/

Rally for the Support of Democracy and Development
(Rassemblement pour le soutien de la démocratie et du développement)

Union for Democracy and Social Progress
(Union pour la démocratie et le progrès social)

Mouvement de Jeunesse Togolaise
(Togolese Youth Movement)

Believers' Movement for Equality and Peace
(Mouvement des croyants pour l'égalité et la paix, MOCEP)

Pan-African Patriotic Convergence
Convergence patriotique panafricaine (French)
Founded 1999
Website:- Not Available

Party for Renewal and Redemption



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