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Honduras Government

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Independence Day
September 15 1821

Honduras National Anthem
National Anthem of Honduras"
Your flag is a splendor of sky
Crossed with a band of snow;
And there can be seen, in its sacred depths,
Five pale blue stars.
In your emblem, which a rough sea
With its wild waves shields,
Behind the bare summit of a volcano,
There is a star of clean light.

Indian maiden, virgin and beautiful you slept,
Of your seas to the resonant song,
When lying in your valleys of gold,
The bold navigator found you;
And on seeing your enrapturing beauty,
To the inflowing ideal of your enchantment,
The blue hem of your splendid mantle
With a kiss of love blessed.

From a country where the sun rises,
Beyond the blue Atlantic,
That man who had dreamt you
In search of you he launched to sea.
When you raised your pale forehead,
In the lively anxiousness of your hope,
Under the gentle dome of your sky
Already floated a strange banner.

It was useless that your beloved Indian
Rushed into the fight with ire,
Because, covered with his blood, Lempira,
In the deep night he sank;
And of the heroic deed, in memory,
The legend alone has kept
A sepulcher in a forgotten place,
And the severe profile of a mountain peak.

For three centuries your children heard
The imperious mandate of the master;
For three centuries your useless complaint
In the blue atmosphere was lost
But one glorious day your ear
Perceived, powerful and distant,
That there, far away, over the Atlantic,
Indignantly, a lion roared
It was France, the free, the heroic,
Which in its dreams of centuries slept,
Awoke irate to life
At the virile protest of Danton:
It was France, who sent to the death
The head of the consecrated King,
And which built up proudly at its side,
The altar of the goddess of Reason.
You also, oh my country!, arose
From your servile deep sleep;
You also showed the world
Destroying the infamous shackle.
And in your blessed soil, behind the tall
Hair of the wild jungle,
Like a bird of black feathers,
The fleeting colony was lost.
To guard this divine emblem
We shall march, oh fatherland, to the death;
Our luck will be generous
If we die thinking of your love.
Defending your holy flag,
And shrouded in its glorious folds,
There will be many, Honduras, your dead,
But all shall fall with honor.

Honduran Lempira

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 195, 37, 8654
Fire: 198
Police: 119

Amerindian dialects

Honduras Political parties
The parties

Parliamentary parties

National Party of Honduras
Partido Nacional de Honduras
Founded : 27 February 1902
Website : http://www.partidonacional.hn/

Liberty and Refoundation
Partido Libertad y Refundación
Founded : 26 June 2011
Website : http://www.libre.hn/

Liberal Party of Honduras

Partido Liberal de Honduras
Founded : February 5, 1891; 127 years ago
Website : http://www.partidoliberal.hn/

Innovation and Unity Party
Partido de Innovación y Unidad-Social Democracia
Founded : 1970
Website : http://www.pinusd.hn/

Honduran Patriotic Alliance
Partido Alianza Patriótica Hondureña
Founded : 25 March 2012
Website : http://alianzapatriotica.hn/

Christian Democratic Party of Honduras
Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Honduras
Founded : September 10, 1968
Website : http://www.pdch.hn/

Anti-Corruption Party
Partido Anticorrupción
Founded : 2012

Democratic Unification Party
Partido Unificación Democrática
Founded : September 29, 1992

Extraparliamentary parties

Communist Party of Honduras
Partido Comunista de Honduras
Founded : 1954

Roman Catholic 46%
Protestant 41%
Atheist 1%
Other 2%
None 9%

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