NGOs in Lebanon

Access to Information
Aie Serve
Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve
American University of Beirut
Antoine Nehme Foundation
Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO)
Arab Architects Organization
Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity- ACRLI
Arab Golf Federation
Arab Resource Collective
Arab Society for Plant Protection (ASPP)
Arab Taekwondo Confederation (ATC)
Arab Women's Court
Arc en Ciel
Association d'Entraide Professionnelle
Association Filhos de Bimba - Lebanon
Association Filhos de Bimba - Lebanon
Association for Forest Development and Conservation
Association for the Protection of Industrial Property in the Arab World
Association for Volunteer Services
Association for Volunteer Services, Lebanon
Balsam - Lebanese Center for Palliative Care
Blue and Green Association
Common Effort
Conseil des Patriarches catholiques de l'Orient (CPCO)
Consoritum International de la navigation rhenane (CINR)
Council of Thought
Development Action Without Borders
Developmental Action Without Borders -NABA'A
Ehden Spirit
Engineers Without Borders Lebanon (EWB-Lebanon)
Fares Foundation
Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA)
Fondation Al-Kafaat
Fondation Arabe pour l'Image
Fondation René Moawad
Friends of Disabled Association
Friends of Disabled Association
Friends of the Disabled Association
Global Youth Action Network, Arab Region
Green Line Association
Greenocratic Organization
iEarn, Lebanon
Imam Al-Sadr Foundation
Independent Resource and Information Services
Institut franciase d'archeologie du Proche-Orient (IFAPO)
Institute for Human Rights Lebanon
Institute for Women''s Studies in the Arab World, Lebanon (IWSAW - Lebanon)
International Center for Organizational Development
Involvement Volunteers Association Inc
Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs- American University of Beirut
Johann Ludwig Schneller Institute
Koudourat Association
L'Association d'Aide au Développement Rural
L'Association Libanaise pour la Maîtrise de l'Energie et de l'Environnement
League of Lebanese Women Rights
Lebanese Association for Development
Lebanese Association for NGOs Development (LAND)
Lebanese Association for the Development of Private Funding for Culture
Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages
Lebanese Center for Policy Studies
Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace
Lebanese German Business Council of Lebanon (LGBC)
Lebanese Institution for the Blind
Lebanese NGO Forum
Lebanese Transparency Association
Lebanese Welfare Association for the Blind
Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped (LWAH)
Lebanon Support
Lebanus - Association Humanitaire et Culturelle
Makassed Philanthropic Association
Makhzouni Foundation
Mentor Arabia
Mentor Arabia
Middle East Clinical Research Associates (MECRA)
Moghaizel Foundation
Mohamad Cheaib Foundation
Movement for People's Rights
Multi-Initiative on Rights: Search, Assist and Defend (MIRSAD)
Norwegian People's Aid
Palestinian Human Rights Organization
Popular Aid For Relief and Development
Service Social pour le Bien-être de l'Enfant, Liban
Society of Lebanese Artisanal Cooperative
Society of Lebanon the Giver
The Cancer and Health Foundation for Lebanon
The Lebanese Center for Active Citizenship
The Social Welfare Institutions - Islamic Orphanage
Toufic Tabbara Center - Lebanese Association for Rehabilitation and Development
Young Men's Christian Association, Lebanon






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