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We plan to ask at least 3650 questions issuewise like

What is the weight of brain or What is the weight of heart

7 wonders
Longest river on earth

Which is called red planet ?
First moons beyond earth ?

We dont just ask you questions and ask you to wait for answers.
We give answers below the questions.

CSRidentity.com and its founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat salutes

Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity
Social workers, NGO Founders
Doctors, Hospitals, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines
Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants
Rivers , Extinct animals
Citizens living with pride when they know they have just a few days to live on earth
People working in crematorium
Those who let Ego GO out of their thinking and in their behaviour

Climate war
If within the family there are wars, we are not surprised to see war between countries
But the biggest war that all people in all the countries, irrespective of their nationality, sex, caste, religion, nature, attitude, brilliance are fighting is war with climate & soil

Global example of
1) Retail donation
2) Blood donation
3) Birthday donation
4) NGO Management Tips for NGOs in all countries
5) Health Info World Capital
6) Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Tree

NGO Management Tips
NGO managements in all countries will be helped by giving ideas like fund raising, branding, PR, succession planning, sustainabillity & reputation

Health Info Capital
Thane doctors & hospitals can make Thane a global capital of health information where they share every body part and disease & how to tackle the disease in non medical language.

Corporates in the world
Thane can be responsible by sharing a Sustainability & Reputation Tree for corporates across the world where Tree branches & leaves include roots like Governance to the top of what world sees like vision, mission, purpose



The River Severn

Afon Ydw
Afon Ysgethin
Afon Ysgir
Afon Ystrad
Afon Ystumiau
Aldford Brook
Ale Water
Aline catchment
Alladale River
Allan Water
Allander Water
Allt a' Ghealaidh
Allt a' Ghlinne Bhig
Allt a' Ghlomaich
Allt an Lon Biolaireich
Allt Arder
Allt Bhlaraidh
Allt Breineag
Allt Camghouran
Allt Chaldar
Allt Chomhraig
Allt Conait
Allt Dearg
Allt Dearg Mòr
Allt Doe
Allt Eigheach
Allt Fearnach
Allt Girnaig
Allt Goibhre
Allt Graad
Allt Kinglass
Allt Loch a Ghiubhsachan
Allt Mor
Allt na Caim
Allt na Lairige
Allt nan Caorach
Allt Srath a' Ghlinne
Almond catchment
Alyth Burn
Am Beanaidh
Amar River
Amhainn an t-Sratha Bhig
Annan catchment
Annick Water
Anticlockwise from Menai Bridge / Porthaethwy
Archan River
Ardilistry River
Ardoch Burn
Armadale Burn
Aros River
Arth catchment
Artro catchment
Avon catchment
Avon Water
Awe catchment
Ayr catchment
Badachro River
Ballinloan Burn
Balnagown River
Bannock Burn
Barbreck River
Bardaravine River
Bargoed Taf
Barr River
Barr Water
Bay River
Beach River
Beauly catchment
Bechan Brook
Belladrum Burn
Bellow Water
Benlister Burn
Berriedale Water
Berthin Brook
Bervie Water
Biel Water
Big Water of Fleet
Biggar Water
Birks Burn
Birns Water
Black Brook
Black Burn
Black Cart Water
Black Devon
Black Esk
Black Water
Blackadder Water
Blackdog Burn
Bladnoch catchment
Blairton Burn
Blane Water
Bonny Water
Boondreigh Water
Borthwick Water
Bothwell Water
Boverton Brook
Bowmont Water
Bowstreet Brook
Brandy Brook
Breackerie Water
Breich Water
Brerachan Water
Broadford River
Broadshaw Water
Brora catchment
Brothock Burn
Bruar Water
Bruiach Burn
Buddon Burn
Bullcroft Brook
Burn of Ample
Burn of Ayreland
Burn of Boyndie
Burn of Boyne
Burn of Buckie
Burn of Cairnie
Burn of Canny
Burn of Davidston
Burn of Deskford
Burn of Durn
Burn of Elsick
Burn of Fedderate
Burn of Findon
Burn of Fochabers
Burn of Fordyce
Burn of Forgue
Burn of Glenmoye
Burn of Lochy
Burn of Lyth
Burn of Monboys
Burn of Mosset
Burn of Muchalls
Burn of Pheppie
Burn of Rothes
Burn of Sandwater/Burn of Pettawater
Burn of Sheeoch
Burn of Tynet
Burn of Weisdale
Burnock Water
Burry Pill
Cadoxton catchment
Cadoxton River
Cairn Water
Cairn Water
Cairnie Burn
Callater Burn
Callop River
Cample Water
Camps water
Camrose Brook
Cander Water
Capel Water
Carew River
Carey Burn
Cargen Water
Carnoch River
Caroy River
Carradale Water
Carrick Lane
Carron catchment
Carron Water
Carron Water, Aberdeenshire
Carsphairn Lane
Cartlett Brook
Castlefairn Water
Cefni catchment
Cegin catchment
Ceres Burn
Cessnock Water
Claggain River
Claonaig Water
Clarach catchment
Cledan catchment
Cleddau catchment
Clettwr Fach
Clettwr Fawr
Cluden Water
Clunie Water
Clwyd catchment
Clydach Brook
Clyde catchment
Clyne catchment
Clyne River
Clywedog Brook
Coastal streams
Cochill Burn
Coladoir River
Cold Brook, Cadoxton
Col-huw catchment
College Burn
Colwyn Brook
Cona River
Conglass Water
Conie Water
Conon catchment
Conwy catchment
Corran River
Corrie Water
Cowie Water
Cowton Burn
Craig River
Craufurdland Water
Crawick Water
Cree catchment
Cresswell River
Crigyll catchment
Croe Water
Cross water of Luce
Crynoch Burn
Cullen Burn
Cuttie Burn
Cynnant Fach
Cynnant Fawr
Cynon Brook
Daer Water
Daill River
Dalwhat Water
Darnick Burn
Daron catchment
Dean Water
Dee catchment
Derry Burn
Deskry Burn
Deveron catchment
Dibidal River
Dibidil River
Dighty Water
Diliw Fechan
Don catchment
Doodilmore River
Doon catchment
Dorback Burn
Douglas Water
Douglas Water
Dryfe Water
Dubh Eas
Dubh Lighe
Duchray Water
Duich River
Duisk River
Dulas Brook
Dullan Water
Dunbeath Water
Dundonnell River
Duneaton Water
Dwyfor catchment
Dye Water
Dyfi catchment
Dysynni catchment
Earl's Burn
Earnscleugh Water
Eas Gobhain
East Brook
East Coast
Eastern Cleddau
Ebbw River
Ebrie Burn
Eddleston Water
Eden catchment
Eden Water
Edendon Water
Eglin Lane
Eglwyseg River
Eigie Burn
Elliot Water
Elrick Burn
Elvan Water
Emral Brook
Endrick Water
Ernan Water
Errochty Water
Escley Brook
Ettrick Water
Euchan Water
Evan Water
Ewe catchment
Ewes Water
Ey Burn
Eye Water
Eynort River
Falls of Dee, An Garbh Choire
Faseny Water
Fenwick Water
Feochan Bheag
Feochan Mhor or River Nell
Ffraw catchment
Ffrwd Cerriguniawn
Ffrwd Wyllt
Findhorn catchment
Fionn Abhainn
Fionn Lighe
Firth of Clyde
Firth of Forth
Fly fishing on the River Carron
Fordoun Burn
Forss Water
Forth catchment
Forth to Tay
Fruid Water
Fruin Water
Funtack Burn
Gadie Burn
Gala Lane
Gala Water
Garbh Ghaoir
Garbh Uisge
Garnock catchment
Garvan River
Garwald Water
Geldie Burn
Gilwern Brook
Girnock Burn
Gladestry Brook
Glanyrafon Brook
Glaslyn catchment
Glazert Water
Glen Burn
Glen Golly River
Glen Lochsie Burn
Glen Mazeran
Glenalladale River
Glenashdale Burn
Glenbatrick River
Glencloy Water
Glencripesdale Burn
Glenegedale River
Glenfenzie Burn
Glengavel Water
Glengonnar Water
Glenlussa Water
Glenmore River
Glenmuir Water
Glenrosa Water
Glensanda River
Gogo Water
Golspie Burn
Goodie Water
Gore Water
Gormack Burn
Gortanaoid River
Green Water
Greenock Water
Grudie Burn
Gruinard River
Grwyne Fawr
Grwyne Fechan
Gryfe Water
Guelt Water
Gwendraeth catchment
Gwendraeth Fach
Gwendraeth Fawr
Gwter Fudr
Gwyrfai catchment
Gwys Fach
Gwys Fawr
Halladale River
Hamara River
Harelaw Burn
Harthope Burn
Heriot Water
Hermitage Water
Hetton Burn
Hoddom Bridge
Holms Water
Hope catchment
Idoch Water
Inverianvie River
Inverie River
Inveruglas Water
Iorsa Water
Irvine catchment
Isle of Anglesey rivers
Isle of Skye
Jed Water
Kale Water
Kames River
Kearvaig River
Keilor Burn
Keisgaig River
Keltie Water
Keltney Burn
Kelty Water
Kendrum Burn
Kenfig catchment
Kenly Water
Kenson River
Keppochan River
Kershope Burn
Kilbride River
Kilennan River
Kilfinan Burn
Kilmaluag River
Kilmory River
Kindie Burn
Kinglas Water
Kingledoors Burn
Kinloch River
Kinlochewe River
Kinnel Water
Kintour River
Kintra River
Kirkaig catchment
Kirkgunzeon Lane
Kirtle Water
Knock Brook
Knockando Burn
Kylerhea River
Langton Burn
Langwell Water
Leacann Water
Leader Water
Lealt River
Leanoch Burn
Ledbeg River
Ledmore River
Leet Water
Leidle River
Leithen Water
Leonach Burn
Lettie River
Leuchar Burn
Levern Water
Liddel Water
Lilburn Burn
Linhouse Water
Listing by area of catchment
Listing by length
Little Gruinard River
Little River, Highland
Little Water
Little Water of Fleet
Llanmaes Brook
Lliedi catchment
Llifior Brook
Lochar Water
Loin Water
Lòn an Eireannaich
Looking upstream
Lorgill River
Lornty Burn
Lossie catchment
Loughor catchment
Lower Clydach River
Lugar Water
Luggie Water
Luggy Brook
Lugton Water
Lui Water
Luibeg Burn
Lunan Burn
Lunan Water
Luss Water
Lussa River
Lussan River
Luther Water
Lyne Water
Machany Water
Machrie River
Machrie Water
Machrihanish Water
Maerdy Brook
Main Water of Luce
Manor Water
Markie Burn
Martin Burn
Medwin Water
Meggat Water
Megget Water
Mein Water
Melgam Water
Melin Cwrt Brook
Menie Burn
Mennock Water
Merkland River
Merlin's Brook
Mill Dam Burn
Mill Dam wetlands
Millden Burn
Millin Brook
Minor catchment
Minor catchments
Mochdre Brook
Moffat Water
Moneypool Burn
Moniack Burn
Moniack catchment
Monikie Burn
Monynut Water
Moray Firth
Mossat Burn
Motray Water
Mouse Water
Muckle Burn
Mull of Galloway to Gretna; rivers flowing into the Irish Sea and Solway Firth
Nairn catchment
Nant Aberderfel
Nant Alan
Nant Arberth
Nant Bargod
Nant Bargod Rhymni
Nant Brân
Nant Bryn-maen
Nant Bwlchgwallter
Nant Byfre
Nant Byr
Nant Cae-glas
Nant Canna
Nant Ceiliog
Nant Cell
Nant Cilmeddu
Nant Cledlyn
Nant Clydach
Nant Clywedog
Nant Crafanglach
Nant Cregan
Nant Crymlyn
Nant Cwm Llwch
Nant Cwm Wenderi
Nant Cwm-du
Nant Cwm-llawenog
Nant Cwm-nel
Nant Cwmtarw
Nant Cwm-y-geifr
Nant Cwta
Nant Cydros
Nant Cynon
Nant Cyw
Nant Duad
Nant Egnant
Nant Elfed
Nant Feinion
Nant Ffos-casaf
Nant Ffrin-fawr
Nant Ffrwd
Nant Ffrwd-ddu
Nant Freuo
Nant Fyllon
Nant Garw
Nant Gau
Nant Gwern y Gof
Nant Gwernol
Nant Gwrtheyrn
Nant Gwys
Nant Hylles
Nant Iechyd
Nant Llancarfan
Nant Llech
Nant Llech Pellaf
Nant Lledwenau
Nant Lluest
Nant Llychese
Nant Llynfell
Nant Lwyd
Nant Meigan
Nant Melyn
Nant Milwyn
Nant Morlais
Nant Pant-yr-Haidd
Nant Peiran
Nant Penygwndwn
Nant Perfedd
Nant Perfedd
Nant Rhuddnant
Nant Rhydol
Nant Rhyd-ros lan
Nant Rhydrosser
Nant Rhydwilym
Nant Rhydyfelin
Nant Sarffle
Nant Stwc
Nant Troedyrhiw
Nant Watcyn
Nant y Beddyw
Nant y Berws
Nant y Bugail
Nant y Cae
Nant y Cae Isaf
Nant y Caseg
Nant y fendrod
Nant y Gadlys
Nant y Gorlan
Nant y Goron
Nant y Gwaith
Nant y Gwndwn-gwyn
Nant y Henfelin
Nant y Llyn
Nant y Stepsau
Nant yr Argae
Nant yr Brithyll
Nant yr Eglwys
Nant yr Eglwys-fach
Nant yr Gafod
Nant yr Onnen
Nant-y-coy Brook
near Cunninghamhead mill.
Neath catchment
Nedd Fechan
Ness catchment
New Abbey Pow
New Cut/Guilsfield Brook
Nith catchment
Noddsdale Water
Noran Water
North Calder Water
North Coast
North Garvan River
North Medwin
North Sannox Burn
North Ugie Water
North-west Highlands
Nyfer catchment etc
Ogmore catchment
Ogney Brook
Ogwen catchment
Olchon Brook
Old Water
Olway Brook
Ord River
Ordie Burn
Osdale River
Outer Hebrides
Oxnam Water
Oykel catchment
Palnure Burn
Pembroke River
Penkiln Burn
Pitairlie Burn
Polharrow Burn
Portrail Water
Potterton Burn
Pouk Burn
Pow Burn
Prosen Water
Quair Water
Quoich Water
Rankle Burn
Rannoch River
Rea Brook
Red Brook
Rheidol catchment
Rhiconich River
Rhilean Burn
Rhondda Fach
Rhondda Fawr
Rhyd-hir catchment etc
Rhydyclwydau Brook
Rhymney catchment
Rhymney River
Riereach Burn
River Add
River Adda
River Aer
River Afan
River Affric
River Ailort
River Aled
River Aline
River Almond
River Alun
River Alwen
River Alyn
River Amman
River Annan
River Annan
River Applecross
River Aray
River Ardle
River Arkaig
River Arnisdale
River Arrow
River Arth
River Attadale
River Auchalick
River Averon
River Avich
River Avon
River Awe
River Ayr
River Bà
River Balgy
River Barrisdale
River Beauly
River Bellart
River Bladnoch
River Bogie
River Borgie
River Braan
River Breamish
River Brittle
River Brogaig
River Broom
River Brora
River Calder
River Canaird
River Cannich
River Carnach
River Carron
River Carron
River Cassley
River Cegidog
River Cegin
River Ceiriog
River Chracaig
River Clwyd
River Clydach
River Clyde
River Clyde
River Clywedog
River Clywedog
River Coe
River Coiltie
River Conon
River Conwy
River Cothi
River Coupall
River Cree
River Creran
River Croe
River Cur
River Cynon
River Cywyn
River Dee
River Dee
River Dee, Aberdeenshire
River Dee, Wales
River Deveron
River Deveron
River Devon, Clackmannanshire
River Dionard
River Divie
River Dochart
River Doe
River Don
River Don near Alford
River Don, Aberdeenshire
River Doon
River Dore
River Drolsay
River Druie
River Drynoch
River Dulais
River Dulnain
River Duror
River Dyke
River E
River Eachaig
River Earn
River Ebbw Fach
River Eden, Fife
River Egel
River Eidart
River Einig
River Eitha
River Elchaig
River Elwy
River Ely
River Ennig
River Enrick
River Ericht
River Erradale
River Esk, Dumfries and Galloway
River Esk, Lothian
River Eskin
River Esragan
River Etive
River Euchar
River Evelix
River Ewe
River Ewenny
River Falloch
River Farg
River Farigaig
River Farnack
River Farrar
River Fechlin
River Feshie
River Fiag
River Fiddich
River Finart
River Findhorn
River Findhorn
River Finna
River Fleet
River Forsa
River Forth
River Forth
River Foyers
River Frome
River Fyne
River Gairn
River Garnock
River Garry
River Gaur
River Giedd
River Glass
River Glen
River Glennan
River Gloy
River Goil
River Gour
River Grudie
River Gryffe
River Gwaun
River Gwendraeth
River Gwenfro
River Haffes
River Haultin
River Helmsdale
River Hinnisdal
River Hope
River Horneval
River Inver
River Irvine
River Isla, Moray
River Isla, Perthshire
River Ithon
River Kelvin
River Kenfig
River Kenwater
River Kerry
River Kiachnish
River Kinglass
River Kirkaig
River Kishorn
River Lael
River Laggan
River Lair
River Laxford
River Leasgeary
River Lednock
River Leven
River Leven
River Leven, Fife
River Liever
River Ling
River Liver
River Livet
River Lliedi
River Llynfi
River Loanan
River Lochay
River Lochy
River Lochy
River Lossie
River Loth
River Loughor
River Loy
River Loyne
River Lugg
River Luineag
River Lundy
River Lyne
River Lyon
River Mallie
River Mashie
River Massan
River Meig
River Meoble
River Moidart
River Monnow
River Morar
River Moriston
River Muick
River Mynach
River Nairn
River Nant
River Naver
River Neath
River Ness
River Nethan
River Nethy
River Nevis
River Nith
River Nith
River Noe
River North Esk
River North Esk
River North Esk catchment
River Ogmore
River Oich
River Orchy
River Ore
River Orrin
River Ose
River Oude
River Oykel
River Pattack
River Peffery
River Polloch
River Polly
River Quaich
River Rha
River Rheidol
River Rhiw
River Rhondda
River Ritec
River Romesdal
River Roy
River Ruel
River Runie
River Sand
River Sark
River Scaddle
River Severn
River Sgitheach
River Shiel
River Shin
River Shira
River Skinsdale
River Sligachan
River Snizort
River Solva
River Sorn
River South Esk
River South Esk
River South Esk catchment
River Spean
River Spey
River Spey
River Spey at Aberlour
River Stinchar
River Strae
River Strathy
River Tâf
River Tain
River Talisker
River Talladale
River Taodail
River Tarbert
River Tarff
River Tawe
River Tay
River Tay
River Teifi
River Teirw
River Teith
River Terrig
River Teviot
River Thaw
River Thurso
River Till
River Tilt
River Tirry
River Tora
River Torridon
River Toscaig
River Towy
River Traligill
River Treig
River Tromie
River Trothy
River Truim
River Tummel
River Tweed
River Tweed
River Tyne
River Ugie
River Ure
River Ury
River Usk
River Vyrnwy
River Waycock
River Wheeler
River Wye
River Ystwyth
River Ythan
Rivers on Scottish islands
Roskhill River
Rotten Calder Water
Rottenraw Burn
Roughley Burn
Rudbaxton Water
Rule Water
Ruthven Water
Rye Water
Saddell Water
Saligo River
Sandend Burn
Sandside Burn
Sandwood River
Savary River
Scallastle River
Scarisdale River
Scaur Water
Scavaig River
Scouthal Burn
Seiont catchment
Severn catchment
Shaggie Burn
Shee Water
Shell Brook
Shian River
Shiel catchment
Shin catchment
Shinnel Water
Shochie Burn
Sirhowy River
Skipness River
Skye and the Inner Hebrides
Skyre Burn
Sleach Water
Sliddery Water
Slitrig Water
Snar Water
Soch catchment
Solway Firth
Sôr Brook
South Calder Water
South Garvan River
South Medwin
South Sannox Burn
South Ugie Water
Spango Water
Spey catchment
Spittal Brook
Stenscholl River
Strath Burn
Strontian River
Sully Brook
Sumardale River
Taf catchment
Taf Fechan
Taff catchment
Talla Water
Tarf Water
Tarff Water
Tarland Burn
Tarras Water
Tarty Burn
Tawe catchment
Tay catchment
Teifi catchment
Thaw catchment
The Annick Water
The Cour
The Dour
Thurso catchment
Tima Water
Tobermory River
Ton Burn
Tore Burn
Torrylinn Water
Towy catchment
Treaslane River
Tullich Burn
Tungadal River
Turret Burn
Tweed catchment
Tyne catchment
Tyne Water
Uisge Dubh
Ullapool River
Upper Clydach River
Urr catchment
Urr Water
Usk catchment
Varragill River
Viskigill Burn
Wamphray Water
Wanlock Water
Water of Ae
Water of Ailnack
Water of Buchat
Water of Carvie
Water of Coyle
Water of Cruden
Water of Deugh
Water of Feugh
Water of Fleet
Water of Fleet catchment
Water of Girvan
Water of Glencalvie
Water of Ken
Water of Lee
Water of Leith
Water of Leith catchment
Water of Luce
Water of Luce catchment
Water of Mark
Water of May
Water of Milk
Water of Minnoch
Water of Nochty
Water of Philorth
Water of Ruchill
Water of Tanar
Water of Tarf
Water of Tig
Water of Trool
Water of Tulla
Wauchope Water
Wepre Brook
West Water
Wester Fearn Burn
Western Cleddau
White Cart Water
White Esk
White Water
Whiteadder Water
Whitespout Lane
Whitrope Burn
Wick catchment
Wick River
Wigdwr Brook
Wooler Water
Worm Brook
Worthenbury Brook
Wrinstone Brook
Wych Brook
Wyre Fach
Yarrow Water



Flag Description
blue field with the red cross of Saint George (patron saint of England) edged in white superimposed on the diagonal red cross of Saint Patrick (patron saint of Ireland), which is superimposed on the diagonal white cross of Saint Andrew (patron saint of Scotland); properly known as the Union Flag, but commonly called the Union Jack; the design and colors (especially the Blue Ensign) have been the basis for a number of other flags including other Commonwealth countries and their constituent states or provinces, and British overseas territories

National anthem : "God Save the Queen"
This country is different : You must know it
The Royal Family
Countless Castles
Endless Cups of Tea
History and Heritage
National Parks
Massive Coastlines
Perpetual Rain
Football Fanaticism
Being Polite
UK Independence day

Emergency numbers

National Animal
Lion (England)

National Bird
Red kite (Wales)
Unicorn (Scotland)
Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon of Wales)

National Flower
Tudor Rose (Rosa)
United Kingdom (Wales) : Leek (Babbingtons Leek), Daffodil (Narcissus Amaryllidaceae)
Scotland : Thistle (Cirsium Altissimum)

Botanical Gardens
Abbey Gardens, Tresco
Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens
Aberystwyth University Botanic Garden - Penglais
Bedgebury National Pinetum
Belfast Botanic Gardens
Benmore Botanic Garden in Argyll, formerly known as the Younger Botanic Garden
Benmore Botanic Garden, near Dunoon, first outstation of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Bicton Gardens
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Bodenham Arboretum
Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath
Bristol University Botanic Gardens
Calderstones/Harthill estate, Liverpool
Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Cambridge
Chelsea Physic Garden, Chelsea
Clyne Gardens
County Durham
Cowbridge Physic Garden
Crarae Gardens, Inveraray
Cruickshank Botanic Garden, Aberdeen
Dawyck Botanic Garden in the Scottish Borders
Dawyck Botanic Garden near Peebles, regional garden of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Derby Arboretum
Eden Project
Exbury Gardens, Exbury
Firs Botanical Grounds Fallowfield
Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden Didsbury
Glasgow Botanic Gardens
Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire
Grove / Gelli Aur Arboretum
Harcourt Arboretum, Nuneham Courtenay
Harris Garden, University of Reading, Reading
Inverness Botanic Gardens
Jodrell Bank Arboretum
Logan Botanic Garden in Galloway
Logan Botanic Garden, Port Logan, regional garden of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Lost Gardens of Heligan
Medicinal Plant Garden, Royal College of Physicians of London, Regents Park
Moorbank Botanic Gardens, Newcastle University
Museum Gardens, York
National Botanic Garden of Wales
National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas
Ness Botanic Gardens
Paignton Botanical Gardens
Physic Garden, Hitchin
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. The main site is in Edinburgh at Inverleith, with three "Regional Gardens":
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal Horticultural Society Gardens, Wisley
Sheffield Botanical Gardens, Sheffield
Singleton Botanical Gardens
Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Romsey
Southport Botanic Gardens
St Andrews Botanic Garden
The Arboretum, Nottingham
The Yorkshire Arboretum, Nr Malton
Thenford House Arboretum, Thenford
Thorp Perrow Arboretum, Bedale
Tortworth Court Arboretum
Treborth Botanic Garden - Bangor University
University of Dundee Botanic Garden
University of Durham Botanic Garden
University of Leicester Botanic Garden, Oadby
University of Oxford Botanic Garden, Oxford
Vale of Glamorgan
Ventnor Botanic Garden, Ventnor
Wakehurst Place (outstation of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
Wavertree Botanic Park and Gardens, Liverpool
Westonbirt Arboretum, Tetbury
Winkworth Arboretum
Winterbourne Botanic Garden, University of Birmingham

Africa Alive - East Anglia
Amazon World Zoo - Isle of Wight
Amazona - East Anglia
Amazonia World of Reptiles - East Anglia
Banham Zoo - East Anglia
Beale Park - Berkshire, England
Belfast Zoo - Belfast, Northern Ireland
Birdland Park and Gardens - Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire
Birdworld - Surrey, England
Birmingham Nature Centre - Birmingham
Black Isle Wildlife Park - Black Isle, Scotland
Blackbrook Zoological Park - Staffordshire
Blackpool Zoo - Lancashire
Blair Drummond Safari Park - Stirlingshire, Scotland
Borth Animalarium - Mid Wales
Bristol Zoo Gardens - Bristol
Camperdown Wildlife Centre (part of Camperdown Country Park) - Dundee
Chessington Zoo - London
Chester Zoo - Cheshire
Colchester Zoo - East Anglia
Cotswold Wildlife Park - Oxfordshire
Curraghs Wildlife Park - Isle of Man
Dartmoor Zoological Park - Devon
Drayton Manor Zoo - part of Drayton Manor Theme Park, Staffordshire
Drusillas Zoo Park - East Sussex
Dudley Zoo - West Midlands
Durrell Wildlife Park - Jersey, Channel Islands
Edinburgh Zoo - Edinburgh, Scotland
Exmoor Zoo - Devon
Five Sisters Zoo - West Calder, Scotland
Flamingo Land Resort - North Yorkshire
Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo
Hamerton Zoo - East Anglia
Harewood Bird Gardens - at Harewood House, West Yorkshire
Highland Wildlife Park - Highland, Scotland
Howletts Wild Animal Park - Kent
International Centre for Birds of Prey - Gloucestershire
Isle of Wight Zoo - Isle of Wight
Knowsley Safari Park - Merseyside
Lakeland Wildlife Oasis - Cumbria
Linton Zoological Gardens - East Anglia
London Zoo - London
Longleat Safari Park - Wiltshire
Lotherton Hall Bird Garden - Aberford, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Marwell Zoo - Hampshire
Monkey World - Dorset
New Forest Wildlife Park - Hampshire
Newquay Zoo - Cornwall
Noah's Ark Zoo Farm - Bristol
Northumberland Country Zoo - Morpeth
Paignton Zoo - Devon
Paradise Park, Cornwall - Cornwall
Paradise Wildlife Park - Hertfordshire
Pettitts Animal Adventure Park - East Anglia
Plantasia - Swansea, Wales
Port Lympne Wild Animal Park - Kent
SeaLife Great Yarmouth - East Anglia
Seaview Wildlife Encounter - Isle of Wight
Shaldon Wildlife Trust - Devon
South Lakes Safari Zoo - Cumbria
Surrey Zoological Gardens - Kennington
The Hawk Conservancy - Hampshire
The Living Rainforest - Berkshire
Thrigby Hall - East Anglia
Tropical World at Roundhay Park - Leeds
Tropiquaria - West Somerset
Twycross Zoo - Leicestershire
Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary (formerly Cefn-yr-Erw Primate Sanctuary) - Wales
Welsh Mountain Zoo - North Wales
West Midland Safari Park - Worcestershire
Wetheriggs Zoo and Animal Sanctuary - County Durham (previously in Penrith)
Whipsnade Zoo - East Anglia
Wildwood Discovery Park - Kent
Wingham Wildlife Park - Kent
Woburn Safari Park - Bedfordshire
Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Doncaster

Nobel Laureates
Aaron Klug
Alan Lloyd Hodgkin
Amnesty International
Andrew Fielding Huxley
Angus Deaton
Anthony J . Leggett *
Antony Hewish
Archer John Porter Martin
Archibald Vivian Hill
Arthur Harden
Arthur Henderson
Betty Williams
Brian David Josephson
Cecil Frank Powell
Cecil Of Chelwood, Viscount (Lord Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne Cecil)
César Milstein
Charles Glover Barkla
Charles Kuen Kao
Charles Thomson Rees Wilson
Christian De Duve *
Christopher A . Pissarides
Clive W . J . Granger
David J . Thouless
David Trimble
Dennis Gabor
Derek H . R . Barton
Doris Lessing
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Earl(Bertrand Arthur William) Russell
Edgar Douglas Adrian
Elias Canetti
Ernest Rutherford
Ernst Boris Chain
F . Duncan M . Haldane
Francis Harry Compton Crick
Francis William Aston
Frederick Sanger
Frederick Sanger
Frederick Soddy
Friedrich August Von Hayek
Friends Service Council (The Quakers)
Geoffrey Wilkinson
George Bernard Shaw
George Paget Thomson
George Porter
Godfrey N . Hounsfield
Hans Adolf Krebs
Harold Pinter
J . Michael Kosterlitz
James A . Mirrlees
James Chadwick
James E . Meade
John A . Pople
John Cowdery Kendrew
John E . Sulston
John E . Walker
John Galsworthy
John James Rickard Macleod *
John O ’ Keefe
John R . Hicks
John R . Vane
John Warcup Cornforth
Joseph John Thomson
Joseph Rotblat
Kazuo Ishiguro
Konstantin Novoselov
Lord (Alexander R.) Todd
Lord(John) Boyd Orr of Brechin
Lord Rayleigh (John William Strutt)
M . Stanley Whittingham
Mairead Corrigan
Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins
Max Born
Max Ferdinand Perutz
Michael Houghton
Michael Levitt
Michael Smith *
Nikolaas Tinbergen
Oliver Hart
Oliver Smithies *
Owen Willans Richardson
Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett
Patrick White *
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac
Peter Brian Medawar
Peter D . Mitchell
Peter W . Higgs
Philip J . Noel - Baker
Richard Henderson
Richard J . Roberts
Richard Stone
Richard Laurence Millington Synge
Robert G . Edwards
Rodney R . Porter
Roger Penrose
Ronald George Wreyford Norrish
Ronald H . Coase
Ronald Ross
Rudyard Kipling
Sir Alexander Fleming
Sir Arthur Lewis
Sir Austen Chamberlain
Sir Bernard Katz
Sir Charles Scott Sherrington
Sir Cyril Norman Hinshelwood
Sir Edward Victor Appleton
Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
Sir Gregory P . Winter
Sir Harold W. Kroto
Sir Henry Hallett Dale
Sir J . Fraser Stoddart
Sir James W . Black
Sir John B . Gurdon
Sir John Douglas Cockcroft
Sir Martin J . Evans
Sir Martin Ryle
Sir Nevill Francis Mott
Sir Norman Angell (Ralph Lane)
Sir Paul M . Nurse
Sir Peter J . Ratcliffe
Sir Peter Mansfield
Sir Robert Robinson
Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul
Sir William Henry Bragg
Sir William Ramsay
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Sydney Brenner
Thomas Stearns Eliot
Tim Hunt
Tomas Lindahl
Walter Norman Haworth
William Golding
William Lawrence Bragg
William Randal Cremer
Olympic 2020 Gold Medallists
Adam Peaty
Ben Maher
Bethany Shriever
Charlotte Worthington
Cycling Women's Madison
Diving Men's synchronized 10 metre platform
Equestrian Team eventing
Galal Yafai
Giles Scott
Jason Kenny
Joe Choong
Kate French
Lauren Price
Matthew Walls
Max Whitlock
Sailing 49er
Sailing Women's 470
Swimming Men's 4 × 200 m freestyle relay
Swimming Mixed 4 × 100 m medley relay
Tom Dean
Tom Pidcock
Triathlon Mixed relay

Political Parties

Conservative Party (UK)
Founded 1834 (183 years ago)
Website :- conservatives.com

Labour Party (UK)
Founded 27 February 1900; 116 years ago
Website :- http://www.labour.org.uk/

Scottish National Party
Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta na h-Alba
Scots Naitional Pairtie

Founded 1934
Website :- http://www.snp.org/

Liberal Democrats
Founded 9 June 1859 (Liberal)
Founded 26 March 1981 (SDP)
Founded 3 March 1988[1]
Website :- http://www.libdems.org.uk/

Democratic Unionist Party
Founded September 30, 1971; 45 years ago
Website :- http://www.mydup.com/

Sinn Féin
Founded 28 November 1905 (original form)
17 January 1970
Founded (current form)
Website :- http://www.sinnfein.ie/

Plaid Cymru
Founded 5 August 1925; 91 years ago
Website :- https://www.plaid.cymru/

Social Democratic and Labour Party
Páirtí Sóisialta Daonlathach an Lucht Oibre

Founded 20 August 1970
Website :- http://www.sdlp.ie/

Ulster Unionist Party
Founded 3 March 1905
Website :- http://www.uup.org/

UK Independence Party
Founded 3 September 1993; 23 years ago
Website :- http://www.ukip.org/

Green Party of England and Wales
Founded 1990
Website :- http://www.greenparty.org.uk/

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Founded 21st April 1970
Website :- http://www.allianceparty.org/

Scottish Green Party
Pàrtaidh Uaine na h-Alba
Scots Green Pairty

Founded 1990
Website :- https://greens.scot/

Green Party in Northern Ireland
Founded 1983
Website :- http://www.greenpartyni.org/

Traditional Unionist Voice
Founded 7 December 2007
Website :- http://www.tuv.org.uk/

People Before Profit Alliance
Founded October 2005
Website :- http://www.peoplebeforeprofit.ie/

Minor parties

Political parties with elected representation at local government level only

Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell
Founded 1937
Website :- http://www.epsom-ewell.co.uk/

Independents for Frome
Founded 2011
Website :- http://iffrome.org.uk/

Liberal Party (UK, 1989)
Founded 1989
Website :- http://www.liberal.org.uk/

Llais Gwynedd
Founded NA
Website :- http://gwynedd.biz/mysharedaccounts/llais/1/

Residents for Uttlesford
Founded 2014
Website :- http://www.residents4u.org/

East Devon Alliance
Founded 2015
Website :- NA

Derwentside Independents
Founded 2001
Website :- NA

Independent Community and Health Concern
Founded 2000
Website :- http://www.healthconcern.org.uk/

Democratic Independent Group

Yorkshire Party
Founded April 2014
Website :- http://www.yorkshireparty.org.uk/

Barnsley Independent Group
Founded January 2006
Website :- http://www.barnsleyindependentgroup.co.uk/

Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall
Founded 6 January 1951
Website :- http://www.mebyonkernow.org/

Guildford Greenbelt Group
Founded 2013
Website :- http://guildfordgreenbeltgroup.co.uk/

Middlewich First
Founded 2003
Website :- NA

Independence from Europe
Founded 2012
Website :- http://www.aipmep.org/

Putting Hartlepool First
Founded 2001
Website :- http://www.puttinghartlepoolfirst.co.uk/

Borders Party
Founded 2006
Website :- http://bordersparty.org.uk/

Morecambe Bay Independents
Founded 1980s
Website :- https://web.archive.org/web/20051126083732/

Henley Residents Group
Founded 1989
Website :- http://www.hrg.org.uk/

British National Party
Founded April 7, 1982; 34 years ago
Website :- http://bnp.org.uk/

Scottish Socialist Party
Pàrtaidh Sòisealach na h-Alba
Scots Socialist Pairtie

Founded 1998
Website :- http://www.scottishsocialistparty.org/

Solidarity (Scotland)
Founded 2006
Website :- https://solidarity.scot/

Political parties with elected representation at civic parish/community council level only

Devizes Guardians

Founded 2001
Website :- http://devizesguardians.co.uk/

North East Party
Founded 2014
Website :- http://www.thenortheastparty.org.uk/

Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Founded 1983
Website :- http://loonyparty.com/

Pirate Party UK
Founded 30 July 2009
Website :- https://www.pirateparty.org.uk/

Political parties with no elected representation

This is a list of notable minor parties. Many parties are registered with the Electoral Commission but do not qualify for this list as they have not received significant independent coverage.

Miscellaneous minor UK parties

UK European People's Party
Founded NA
Website :- http://www.4freedomsparty.eu/

Above and Beyond Party
Founded 2015
Website :- http://www.voteaboveandbeyond.org/

Animal Welfare Party
Founded December 2, 2006
Website :- http://www.animalwelfareparty.org/

Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol
Founded 2015
Website :- http://cista.org/

Jury Team
Founded 2009
Website :- http://www.juryteam.org/

Libertarian Party (UK)
Founded 2008
Website :- http://www.libertarianpartyuk.com/

No Candidate Deserves My Vote!
Founded 23 November 2000
Website :- http://www.nocandidate.org.uk/

One Love Party
Founded 2015
Website :- http://www.oneloveparty.eu/

Peace Party (UK)
Founded 1996
Website :- http://www.peaceparty.org.uk/

Populist Party (UK)
Founded March 2006, as the "Popular Alliance"
Website :- http://www.popularalliance.org/

Something New (political party)
Founded October 2014
Website :- http://www.somethingnew.org.uk/

Social Democratic Party (UK, 1990–present)
Founded 1990
Website :- http://www.socialdemocraticparty.co.uk/

United in Europe
Founded April 3, 2014
Website :- http://unitedineurope.org/

Women's Equality Party
Founded 8 March 2015
Website :- http://womensequality.org.uk/

Whig Party (British political party)
Founded October 2014
Website :- http://whigs.uk/

Young People's Party UK
Founded 2012
Website :- http://www.yppuk.org/

National Liberal Party (UK, 1999)
Founded March 1999
Website :- http://nationalliberal.org/

Minor UK left-wing and far-left parties

Socialist Party of Great Britain
Founded 1904
Website :- http://www.worldsocialism.org/spgb

Communist Party of Britain (Marxist–Leninist)
Founded 1968
Website :- http://www.cpbml.org.uk/

Workers Revolutionary Party (UK)
Founded The Club (1947)
Founded Socialist Labour League (1959)
Founded Workers' Revolutionary Party (1973)
Website :- http://wrp.org.uk/

Revolutionary Communist Group (UK)
Founded 1974
Website :- http://www.revolutionarycommunist.org/

New Communist Party of Britain
Founded 1977
Website :- http://www.newworker.org/

Socialist Workers Party (UK)
Founded Socialist Review Group (1950)
Founded International Socialists (1962)
Founded Socialist Workers Party (1977)
Website :- http://www.swp.org.uk/

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist–Leninist)
Founded 1979
Website :- http://www.rcpbml.org.uk/

Socialist Equality Party (UK)
Founded 1986, as Workers Revolutionary Party (Internationalist))
Website :- http://www.socialequality.org.uk/

International Socialist League (UK)
Founded 1987–1988
Website :- http://www.litci.org/en/

Communist League (UK, 1988)
Founded 1988
Website :- NA

Communist Party of Britain
Founded 1920 (as the CPGB)
Founded 1988 (as the CPB)
Website :- http://www.communist-party.org.uk/

Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee)
Founded 1977
Website :- http://www.cpgb.org.uk/

Alliance for Workers' Liberty
Founded 1966
Website :- http://www.workersliberty.org/

Independent Working Class Association
Founded 1995
Website :- http://www.iwca.info/

Socialist Labour Party (UK)
Founded 1996
Website :- http://www.socialist-labour-party.org.uk/

Socialist Party (England and Wales)
Founded Militant 1964 – 1991
Founded Militant Labour 1991 – 1997
Founded Socialist Party 1997 – Present
Website :- http://whigs.uk/

Socialist Resistance
Founded 2002
Website :- http://socialistresistance.org/

Alliance for Green Socialism
Founded 2003
Website :- http://www.greensocialist.org.uk/

Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist)
Founded 2004
Website :- http://www.cpgbml.org/

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Founded 2010
Website :- http://www.tusc.org.uk/

Left Unity (UK)
Founded 30 November 2013
Website :- http://leftunity.org/

Minor UK far-right parties

National Front (UK)
Founded February 7, 1967; 49 years ago
Website :- http://nationalfront.info/

Britain First
Founded 2011
Website :- http://www.britainfirst.org/

Britannica Party
Founded August 2011
Website :- NA

British Democratic Party (2013)
Founded 9 February 2013
Website :- http://www.britishdemocrats.org.uk/

Liberty GB
Founded March 2013
Website :- http://libertygb.org.uk/

British Unity Party
Founded 2015
Website :- NA

Minor UK religious parties

Christian Peoples Alliance
Founded 1999
Website :- http://www.cpaparty.net/

Christian Democratic Party (UK)
Founded 1999
Website :- http://www.christiandemocraticparty.co.uk/

The Common Good (political party)
Founded April 1, 2004
Website :- http://www.thecommongood.info/

Christian Party (UK)
Founded 2005
Website :- http://www.ukchristianparty.org/

Minor English parties

The Community Group (London Borough of Hounslow)

Founded 1994
Website :- http://www.communitygroup.org.uk/

Community Action Party
Founded March 2002
Website :- http://www.community-action.com/

Community Group
Founded 2001
Website :- NA

English Democrats
Founded 2002
Website :- http://www.englishdemocrats.org.uk/

Idle Toad
Founded 1997
Website :- http://lob.org.uk/Idletoad/CurrentEdition/index.htm

Lewisham People Before Profit
Founded 2008–2009
Website :- http://whigs.uk/

National Health Action Party
Founded 14 May 2012
Website :- http://www.nhap.org/

People's Democratic Party (United Kingdom)
Founded July 2012
Website :- http://www.pdpgb.org.uk/home.html

Roman Party
Founded 26 May 2006
Website :- NA

Wessex Regionalist Party
Founded 1974
Website :- http://wessexregionalists.info/

Minor Scottish parties

Communist Party of Scotland
Founded 1991
Website :- http://scottishcommunists.org.uk/

Independent Green Voice
Founded 2003
Website :- NA

RISE – Scotland's Left Alliance
Founded August 29, 2015
Website :- http://www.rise.scot/

Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers
Founded NA
Website :- NA

Christian Party (UK)
Founded 2005
Website :- http://www.ukchristianparty.org/

Scottish Democratic Alliance
Founded 2009
Website :- http://scottishdemocraticalliance.scot/

Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party
Founded 3 February 2003
Website :- http://www.sscup.org/

Scottish Unionist Party (1986)
Founded 1986
Website :- http://www.scottishunionistparty.co.uk/

Socialist Party Scotland
Founded 2002 (renamed 2010)
Website :- http://www.socialistpartyscotland.org.uk/

Minor Welsh parties

Communist Party of Wales

Socialist Party (England and Wales)
Founded 1964 – 1991 Militant Labour
Founded 1991 – 1997 Socialist Party
Founded 1997 – Present
Website :- http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/

Christian Party (UK)
Founded 2005
Website:- http://www.ukchristianparty.org/

Minor Northern Irish parties

Fianna Fáil
Founded 23 March 1926
Website:- http://www.ukchristianparty.org/

Founded 6 June 2013
Website:- http://ni21.com/

Labour Party of Northern Ireland
Founded 1985
Website:- NA

Republican Sinn Féin
Founded 1986
Website:- http://www.rsf.ie/
Website:- http://www.rsf-international.org/

Socialist Party
Páirtí Sóisialach

Founded 2005
Website:- http://socialistparty.ie/
Website:- http://www.socialistpartyni.net/

The Workers' Party
Páirtí na nOibrithe

Founded 1905 (split in 1970, current name in 1982)
Website:- http://www.workersparty.ie/

Joke/satirical parties

Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog

Founded NA
Website:- http://alzebab.org/

Church of the Militant Elvis Party
Founded 2010
Website:- https://web.archive.org/web/20080710/

Fancy Dress Party
Founded 1979
Website:- NA

Defunct and historical parties in the United Kingdom

Natural Law Party
Founded 1992; 25 years ago
Website:- http://www.natural-law-party.org.uk/
Website:- http://www.natural-law.org/

Democratic Party (UK, 1998)
Founded 18 November 1998
Website:- http://www.democratic-party.org.uk/index.htm

Cannabis Law Reform
Founded NA
Website:- http://www.clear-uk.org/

Science Party
Founded April 20, 2010
Website:- http://michaelbrooks.org/

Defunct Scottish parties

East Kilbride Alliance

Founded January 2007
Website:- http://www.ekalliance.org/

Free Scotland Party
Founded 1 January 2004
Website:- http://www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa/target/110051/source/subject

Scottish Democratic Alliance
Founded 2009
Website:- http://scottishdemocraticalliance.scot/

Scottish National Party
Founded 1934
Website:- http://www.snp.org/

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement
Founded 1982
Website:- http://www.scottishrepublicansocialistmovement.org/

History of the Scottish Socialist Party
Founded 1998
Website:- NA

Defunct Welsh parties

Balchder Cymru

Founded 2000
Website:- NA

Cymru Annibynnol
Founded January 2000
Website:- http://www.independentwalesparty.org/

Cymru Rydd
Founded September 28, 2000.
Website:- http://cymruryddwelshrepublicans.webs.com/

Defunct left-wing parties

Economic and Philosophic Science Review

Founded 1979
Website:- http://www.epsr.org.uk/

Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International
Founded 1990
Website:- http://workersinternational.info/

Red Star (UK)
Founded 2004
Website:- http://redstarcommando.blogspot.com/

Peace and Progress Party
Founded 2004
Website:- http://www.peaceandprogress.org/

Left Alternative
Founded 2008
Website:- NA

Founded 19 March 2009
Website:- http://www.no2eu.com/

Class War
Founded February 2014
Website:- http://www.classwarparty.org.uk/

Defunct joke/satirical parties

Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality
Founded 2010
Website:- https://web.archive.org/web/20110304/http://www.votecure.com/vote/

Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party
Founded 2005
Website:- NA


England Famous Natives

Douglas Adams author
Jenny Agutter actress
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje actor
Alfred the Great anglo-saxon king
George Alsop author
Gerry Anderson publisher, producer, screenwriter
Julie Andrews actress, singer
Naveen Andrews actor
Ken Annakin film director
Queen Anne queen great britain & scotland
David Arnold film composer
Rowan Atkinson actor
Richard Attenborough actor, director, producer
W. H. Auden poet
Jane Austen author
Alfred Austin poet
Charles Babbage mathematician, inventor
Robert Baden-Powell founder boy scouts
Samuel Bailey author, philosopher
Beryl Bainbridge author
Kenny Baker actor
John Barbirolli conductor, cellist
Charles Barry architect english house of parliament
John Barry composer
Shaun Mark Bean actor
Beatles George, John, Paul and Ringo, most successful rock band of all time
David Beckham soccer player
Kate Beckinsale actress
Bee Gees band
Alan Bennett actor, playwright
John G. Bennett scientist, mathematician, author
Steven Berkoff actor
Tim Berners-Lee primary inventor world wide web
Harrison Birtwistle composer
Black Sabbath band
Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) author
Brian Blessed actor
Orlando Bloom actor
Anne Boleyn second wife King Henry VIII
Sir Hermann Bondi mathemetician, cosmologist
John Boorman filmmaker
Adrian Boult conductor
Melanie Brown singer, songwriter
David Bowie singer, songwriter
Barbara Taylor Bradford author
Sir Richard Branson entrepreneur
John Bratby artist
Harry Brearley inventor stainless steel
Jeremy Brett actor
John Briane author
Asa Briggs historian
Benjamin Britten composer, conductor, pianist
Anne Brontë author
Branwell Brontë artist, poet
Charlotte Brontë author
Emily Brontë author
Melanie Brown singer
Elizabeth Barrett Browning poet
Robert Browning poet
John Bunyan author
Kathy Burke actress
Beryl Burton cyclist
Kate Bush singer, songwriter
A. S. Byatt author
Lord Byron poet
Michael Caine actor
Naomi Campbell model
Lewis Carroll author
Howard Carter archaeologist, egyptologist
Francis Legatt Chantrey sculptor
Charlie Chaplin actor, director
Graham Chapman comedian
Charles II king of England, Scots, and Ireland
Bruce Chatwin author
Geoffrey Chaucer author
Thomas Chippendale furniture designer
Agatha Christie author
Tony Christie singer
Sir Winston Churchill prime minister, stateman, inspirational leader during World War II
Eric Clapton singer, composer, guitarist
Howard Clark golfer
Petula Clark singer
Steve Clark musician
Arthur C. Clarke author
Jeremy Clarkson television host, author
John Cleese comedian, actor
Joe Cocker singer
Sir Christopher Sydney Cockerell inventor hovercraft
Sacha Baron Cohen comedian, actor
Coldplay rock band
Samuel Taylor Coleridge poet
Joan Collins actress
John Constable artist
James Cook explorer, cartographer
Alistair Cooke journalist, broadcaster
Harry Corbett puppeteer
Simon Cowell music producer
Daniel Craig actor
Michael Crawford actor, singer
Thomas Creswick artist
Francis Crick scientist, nobel prize winner
Oliver Cromwell political leader
Barry Cryer comedian, comedy writer
Tim Curry actor
Glyn Daniel archaeologist, author
Charles Darwin founder theory of evolution
Richard Dawson actor, television host
Daniel Day-Lewis actor
Kiki Dee singer
Deep Purple band
Daniel Defoe author
Frederick Delius author
Judi Dench actress
Michael Denison actor
Depeche Mode band
Charles Dickens author
Bruce Dickinson singer, songwriter
Benjamin Disraeli prime minister
Robert Donat actor
Sarah Douglas actress
Margaret Drabble author
Sir Francis Drake privateer, navigator
Anne-Marie Duff actress
George Duffield jockey
Duran Duran pop group
Adrian Edmondson actor
Edward Elgar composer
George Eliot author
Ebenezer Elliott poet
Joe Elliott singer
Peter Elliott Olympic medalist
Brian Eno musician
Rupert Everett actor
Craig Fairbrass actor
Guy Fawkes heroic military leader
Tom Felton actor
Ralph Fiennes actor
Mike Figgis film director, writer
Charles Harding Firth historian
Colin Firth actor
Peter Firth actor
Ian Fleming author
Martin Fry singer
Stephen Fry author, comedian, filmmaker
Thomas Gainsborough artist
Lesley Garrett opera singer
Elizabeth Gaskill author
Steven Gerrard footballer player
Ricky Gervais comedy writer
John Gielgud actor
Lewis Gilbert film director, producer
Jane Goodall ethologist, conservationist
Ron Goodwin conductor, composer
Stewart Granger actor
Cary Grant actor
Hugh Grant actor
Robert Graves poet, author
Graham Greene author
Rupert Grint actor
Alec Guinness actor
Edmond Halley discovered halley's comet
Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton race car driver
Thomas Hardy poet
James Hargreaves inventor spinning jenny
John Harris, Sr. entrepreneur
John Harrison clockmaker, inventor marine chronometer
Rex Harrison actor
Stephen Hawking theoretical physicist
Jack Hawkins actor
Nicholas Hawksmoor architect
Henry VIII king of england
Benny Hill comedian
Damon Hill race car driver
Graham Hill race car driver
Wendy Hiller actress
Damien Hirst artist
Alfred Hitchcock director, producer
David Hockney artist
Stanley Holloway actor
Rupert Holmes composer
Robin Hood legendary outlaw, folk hero
Bob Hope entertainer
Nick Hornby author
Bob Hoskins actor
Sir Godfrey Hounsfield engineer, nobel prize winner
Leslie Howard actor
Fred Hoyle astronomer, author
Henry Hudson explorer
Saul "Slash" Hudson musician
Emlyn Hughes footballer
Ted Hughes poet
Engelbert Humperdinck singer (born in india)
Elizabeth Hurley actress
John Hurt actor
Aldous Huxley author
Dorothy Hyman olympic medalist
Eric Idle actor, comedian
Jeremy Irons actor
P. D. James author
Sir Elton John singer, composer, pianist
Amy Johnson aviatrix
Davy Jones singer
Judas Priest rock group
John Keats poet
Nigel Kennedy violinist, violist
King Arthur legendary figure
Ben Kingsley actor
Kinks band
Keira Knightly actress
Edwin Henry Landseer artist
Angela Lansbury actress
Charles Laughton actor
Stan Laurel actor, writer, director
Hugh Laurie actor
Jude Law actor
Peter Lawford actor
D. H. Lawrence author
Sir David Lean director, producer
Edward Lear poet
John Le Carré author
Led Zeppelin one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, highly influential on the sound of modern music
Christopher Lee actor
Matthew Lewis actor
Hugh Lurie comedian, writer, actor
Jeff Lynne musician
Phil Lynott musician, songwriter
Nigel Mansell race car driver
James Mason actor
Phil May cartoonist, caricaturist
Stella McCartney fashion designer
Roddy McDowall actor
Ian McKellen actor
John McLaughlin musician
George Michael musician
Wentworth Miller actor
Hayley Mills actress
John Mills actor
A. A. Milne author
John Milton poet
Anthony Minghella director, playwright, screenwriter
Helen Mirren actress
Dudley Moore actor
Henry Moore sculptor
Roger Moore actor
Adrian Moorhouse olympic medalist
Thomas Morley composer
Samantha Morton actress
Kate Moss model
Muse band
John Nash architect
Horatio Nelson naval hero
Mike Newell director
Anthony Newley actor, singer, songwriter
Sir Isaac Newton astronomer, inventor, physicist
Olivia Newton-John singer, songwriter
David Niven actor
Sophie Okonedo actress
Mike Oldfield musician, composer
Gary Oldman actor
Laurence Olivier actor
One Direction music group
Ozzy Osbourne singer
Clive Owen actor
Sir Edward Owen royal navy admiral
Wilfred Owen poet
Frank Oz puppeteer, filmmaker
Thomas Paine author, revolutionary
Michael Palin actor
Robert Palmer singer
Judy Parfitt actress
Nick Park director, animator
Camilla Parker-Bowles duchess of cornwall
Robert Pattinson actor
Fred Perry tennis player
Mary Elizabeth Peters olympic medalist, athlete
William Phelps colonist, landowner
Caryl Phillips author
Pink Floyd band
Robert Plant singer
Police band
Pope Adrian IV only english pope
Beatrix Potter author
Michael Powell film director
Jacqueline du Pré cellist
J. B. Priestly author
Joseph Priestly chemist, philosopher
David Prowse actor
Philip Pullman author
Dominic Purcell actor
Henry Purcell composer
Queen band
Daniel Radcliffe actor
Radiohead band
Sir Walter Raleigh poet
Arthur Ransome author
Chris Rea singer, songwriter
Steve Redgrave olympic medalist
Oliver Reed actor
Colin Renfrew archaeologist, author
Joshua Reynolds artist
Sir Gordon Richards jockey
Alan Rickman actor
Diana Rigg actress
Peter Mark Roget creator thesaurus
Rolling Stones band
Wayne Rooney footballer
Tim Roth actor, director
J. K. Rowling author harry potter books
John Ruskin artist
Margaret Rutherford actress
Peter Sallis actor, entertainer
Rick Savage musician
Ridley Scott filmmaker
Peter Sellers actor
Sex Pistols band
Jane Seymour actress
Ridley Scott director, producer
Tony Scott director, producer
The Shadows music group
William Shakespeare poet and playwright, widely regarded the greatest writer of the english language and the world's preeminent dramatist.
Helen Sharman astronaut
Henry Shaw botanist, philanthropist
John Sherwood olympic medalist
Maggie Smith actress
Lady Diana Frances Spencer princess of wales
Spice Girls band
Jerry Springer television host
Dusty Springfield singer
Terence Stamp actor
Imelda Staunton actress
Patrick Stewart actor
Rod Stewart singer, songwriter
Sting singer
Kiefer Sutherland actor
Connie Talbot singer
Elizabeth Taylor actress
Alfred, Lord Tennyson poet laureate
Margaret Thatcher only female prime minister
David Thewlis actor
Emma Thompson actress
Jayne Torvill olympic medalist
J.M.W. Turner artist
Tracey Ullman actress
Peter Ustinov actor
Frederick Varley artist
Queen Victoria the longest reigning monarch in british history, from 1837, until her death in 1901
(The) Wanted music group
William Thomas "Bill" Ward musician
Emily Watson actress
Naomi Watts actress
Andrew Lloyd Webber composer
Josiah Wedgewood potter
Rachel Weisz actress
H.G. Wells author
Billie Whitelaw actress
Sir Frank Whittle royal air force officer, inventor jet propulsion engines
Who band
James Alfred Wight veterinary surgeon, author
William Wilberforce philanthropist, abolitionist
Michael Wilding actor
Jonny Wilkinson rugby player
Ralph Vaughn Williams composer
Robbie Williams singer, songwriter
Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor prince of wales
Elizabeth A Mary Windsor Queen Elizabeth II
Kate Winslet actress
Ray Winstone actor
Virginia Woolf author
William Wordsworth poet
Sir Christopher Wren architect
John Wycliffe theologian, translator
Alan Young actor
Henny Youngman comedian

Northern Ireland Famous Natives

Gerry Adams politician, peacekeeper
Gerry Anderson radio broadcaster
Thomas Andrews shipbuilder (Titanic)
Iain Archer singer, songwriter
Colin Bateman author
David Bates physicist
Derek Bell harpist, composer
John Stewart Bell quantum physicist
George Best football player
Basil Blackshaw artist
Christine Louise Bleakley television presenter
Stephen Boyd actor
Paul Brady musician, songwriter
Kenneth Branagh actor, film director
Patrick Brontë author
William Burke serial killer, grave robber
Jocelyn Bell Burnell astrophysicist, discovered pulsars
Amanda Burton actress
Vivian Campbell guitarist
Amy Carmichael missionary
William Reid Clanny inventor safety lamp for miners
Darren Clarke golfer
Phil Coulter songwriter, music producer
Nadine Coyle singer
Patricia Craig author
Fred Daly golfer
Willie Doherty photographer
Barry Douglas pianist, conductor
Roma Downey actress
Adrian Dunbar actor
John Dunlap printer first u.s. declaration of independence
Joey Dunlop motorcycle racer
Timothy Eaton founder Eaton's department store in Canada
Garth Ennis comic writer
Angela Feeney opera singer
Harry Ferguson inventor (modern agricultural tractor)
Samuel Ferguson poet
Brian Friel playwright
Bronagh Gallagher actress
Sir James Galway flutist
Harry Gregg football player
Hamilton Harty conductor, composer
David Healy footballer
Seamus Heaney poet
Paul Henry artist
John Hewitt poet
Alex "Hurricane" Higgins snooker player
Jack Higgins author
Eddie Irvine race car driver
Pat Jennings football player
Francis Johnston architect
Marie Jones playwright
Brian Kennedy singer, songwriter
James (Jimmy) Kennedy songwriter
Sir Joseph Larmor physicist, mathematician
Sir John Lavery artist
Maurice Leitch author
C S Lewis author
Josef Locke tenor
Michael Longley poet
Martin Lynch playwright
Susan Lynch actress
Bernard MacLaverty author
Louis MacNeice poet
Patrick Magee actor
Deepa Mann-Kler artist
Sir James Martin inventor airplane ejector seat
Robert Blair "Paddy" Mayne soldier, explorer
Willie John McBride rugby player
Eamonn McCann journalist, author, activist
Mickey McConnell songwriter
Anthony Peter "A.P." McCoy jockey
Rory McIlroy golfer
Gerard McKeown poet
Ciarán McMenamin actor
F. E. McWilliam sculptor
Brian Moore author
Gary Moore musician
Van Morrison musician
Paul Muldoon poet
Ruby Murray singer
Liam Neeson actor
Sam Neill actor
James Nesbitt actor
Andrew Nicoll artist
Martin O'Neill football player
Ian Paisley politician, evangelist
Frank Pantridge inventor portable defibrillator
Glenn Patterson author
Mary Peters athlete, Olympic medalist (born in England)
Sir Henry Pottinger soldier, governor of hong kong
Eoghan Quigg singer, actor
Stephen Rea actor
Forrest Reid author, critic
Markey Robinson artist
Bobby Sands writer
Paul Seawright photographer
Feargal Sharkey singer
Victor Sloan photographer, artist
Sir Hans Sloane physician, art collector
Snow Patrol music group (founded in Scotland)
Michael Stone loyalist paramilitary (born in England)
Dennis Taylor snooker player, commentator
William Thomson (1st Baron Kelvin) physicist, engineer
Alexander Walker film critic, author
Robert "Roy" Walker television host, comedian
Leila Webster singer, actress
Norman Whiteside football player
Oscar Wilde playwright, poet, author
Ian Wilson composer
John Butler Yeats artist
James Young comedian

Scotland Famous Natives

Robert Adam architect
Sir Robert Rowand Anderson architect
Marion Angus poet
Sir William Arrol engineer
John Logie Baird inventor television
Iain Menzies Banks author
John Barbour poet
Sir James Barrie author, playwright
Stanley Baxter actor
Bay City Rollers music group
Alexander Graham Bell inventor telephone
Sean Biggerstaff actor
Tony Blair British prime minister
Esther Faa Blythe last queen of the gypsies
James Boswell author, biographer
Billy Boyd actor
Susan Boyle singer
David Brewster physicist, inventor kaleidoscope
Gordon Brown former prime minister
Robert the Bruce king, independence hero
Ken Buchanan boxing champion
Robert Burns poet
Gerard Butler actor
Jean Dunlop Cadell actress
Robert Carlyle actor
Thomas Carlyle philosopher, historian
Andrew Carnegie entrepreneur, philanthropist
Willie Carson jockey
Maxwell Caulfield actor
Charles I last king born in Scotland
Jim Clark automobile racer
Andrew Clyde actor
Robbie Coltrane actor
Sean Connery actor
Billy Connolly actor, comedian
David "Davie" Cooper football player
David Coulthard race car driver
Brian Cox actor, director
Donald Crisp actor
Annette Crosbie actress
Michael Cruickshank actor
Kenny Dalglish footballer
Donald Dewar politician
Dolly the Sheep first cloned mammal
James Donald actor
Donovan singer, songwriter
David Douglas botanist, explorer
Sir James Douglas "Black Douglas" soldier, knight
Thomas "Tommy" Clement Douglas minister, premier of Saskatchewan
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle author
John Boyd Dunlop inventor, founder Dunlop Rubber
Sheena Easton singer
Sir Alexander "Alex" Ferguson football coach
Craig Ferguson actor
Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin
Dario Franchitti automobile racer
John Hannah actor
Cliff Hanley journalist, author, playwright, broadcaster
Alex Harvey singer
David Octavius Hill photographer
James Hogg poet
David Hume author
Gordon Jackson actor
King James VI first king of Scotland and England
John Paul Jones naval hero
Deborah Kerr actress
Captain William Kidd pirate
Mark Knopfler musician
Simone Lahbib actress
Sir Harry Lauder entertainer, song writer
Denis Law football player
Annie Lennox singer
Katie Leung actress
Sir Thomas Lipton founder Lipton Tea
Joseph Lister surgeon, "father of antiseptic surgery"
David Livingston explorer
Loch Ness Monster mysterious creature
Lulu singer, songwriter
Charles Lyell geologist
Lord MacBeth last gaelic king of scotland
Norman MacCaig poet
Ewan MacColl singer, composer
Flora MacDonald heroine, saved life of Bonnie Prince Charlie
James Ramsay MacDonald former prime minister
Sir John A. Macdonald first prime minister of Canada
Kelly Macdonald actress
Robert Roy MacGregor folk hero
Charles Macintosh inventor waterproof clothing
Charles Rennie Mackintosh architect, designer, artist
Alistair Maclean author
Kenneth Macmillan ballet dancer, choreographer
Mary, Queen of Scots royalty
James Clerk Maxwell mathematician, physicist
James McAvoy actor
David McCallum actor
John Charles McDermott tenor
William McGonagall poet
Ewan McGregor actor
Ian McHarg landscape architect, author
Duncan McIntyre aviation pioneer
Kenneth McKellar tenor
William "Billy" McNeill footballer, manager
Colin McRae automobile racer
John Muir author, conservationist
William Murdoch engineer, inventor
Lynda Myles film, television producer
Paolo Nutini singer, songwriter
Caroline Oliphant poet
Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi artist, sculptor
Allan Pinkerton founder Pinkerton Detective Agency
Sir Henry Raeburn artist
Gordon Ramsay chef
Ian Rankin author
Anne Redpath artist
Ian Richardson actor
Annie Ross actress
Francis Scott composer
Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott musician
Sir Walter Scott author
Robert W. Service poet, writer
Adam Smith economist, philosopher
Ian McKenzie Smith artist
Muriel Spark author
Dawn Steele actress
Jock Stein football manager
Robert Louis Stevenson author
Jackie Stewart race car driver
David Tennant actor
Alexander Todd chemist, Nobel Prize winner
William Turnbull artist
William Wallace fight for independence hero
Robert Watson-Watt inventor of radar
James Watt inventor, engineer
Jim Watt world boxing champion
Princess Margaret Rose Windsor royalty
Angus Young musician
Malcolm Young musician

Wales Famous Natives

Mac Adams sculptor
Laura Ashley designer
Sir Stanley Baker actor
Christian Charles Philip Bale actor
Shirley Bassey singer
Craig Bellamy footballer
Elinor Bennett musician
Aneurin Bevan creator National Health Service
Jeremy Bowen news journalist
D. George Boyce author, educator
Maxwell "Max Boyce comedian, singer
Rob Brydon actor, comedian
Stuart Burrows opera singer
Richard Burton actor
Joseph "Joe" Calzaghe boxer
John Charles football player
Charlotte Church singer
Gruffydd ap Cynan Welsh King
Roald Dahl author, screenwriter
Timothy Dalton actor
Josie D'Arby actress
Saint David (Dewi Saint) patron saint of Wales
David Davies swimmer
Geraint Wyn Davies actor
Lynn Davies olympic medalist
Richard Davies actor
Sir Robert Rees Davies historian
Russell Davies television producer, writer
Ryan Davies singer, pianist, songwriter
David "Dai" William Dower boxer
Edward II King of England
Gareth Edwards rugby player
Ivor Emmanuel opera singer
Brian Entwistle artist
Peg Entwistle actress
Clifford Evans actor
Geraint Evans opera singer
Gwynfor Evans pacifist, politician
John Evans explorer
David Lloyd George politician, statesman
John Gibson sculptor
Roger Glover musician
Owain Glyndwr king of Wales
Ray Gravell rugby player, broadcaster, actor
Hugh Griffith actor
Kenneth Griffith actor
Jemma Griffiths singer
Ioan Gruffudd actor
Llywelyn ap Gruffydd king of Wales
Nina Hamnett artist, author
Lyn Harding actor
Guto Harri news correspondent
Henry V King of England
Henry VII King of England
Alun Hoddinott composer
Mary Hopkin singer
Sir Anthony Hopkins actor
Donald Houston actor
Glyn Houston actor
Gareth Hughes actor
Richard Hughes author
Rhys Ifans actor
Katherine Jenkins mezzo-soprano
Augustus John artist
Barry John rugby player
Gwen John artist
Aled Jones singer
Grenfell Jones cartoonist
Terry Jones comedian, actor, screenwriter, director
Tom Jones singer
Brian Josephson physicist
Thomas Edward Lawrence "Lawrence of Arabia"
Saunders Lewis politician
Ted Lewis baseball player
Desmond Llewelyn actor
Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Welsh King
Arthur Machen (born Arthur Llewelyn Jones) author
Philip Madoc actor
Richard Marquand film director
Angus McBean photographer
Ray Milland actor
Captain Sir Henry Morgan privateer
William Morgan translator
Terry Nation television screenwriter
Ivor Novello composer, singer, actor
Robert Owen philanthropist, social reformer
Mike Peters singer, musician
Siân Phillips actress
Paul Potts opera singer
John Prescott deputy prime minister U.K.
Phillip Price golfer
Jonathon Pryce actor
Paul Radmilovic Olympic medalist
Matthew Rhys actor
John Rhys-Davies actor
Ceri Richards artist
Bartholomew Roberts pirate
Evan Roberts leader Welsh religious revival
Rachel Roberts actress
Bertrand Russell philosopher, social critic
Sir Harry Donald Secombe entertainer
Michael Sheen actor
Sarah Siddons actress
Victor Spinetti actor
Howard Spring author
Henry Morton Stanley journalist, explorer
Sara Sugarman film director, actress
Bryn Terfel opera singer
Dylan Thomas poet
R. S. Thomas poet
Barry Thornton photographer, author
Rev Lewis Valentine pastor, author, editor, activist
Andrew Vicari artist
Tim Vincent television host
Jimmy Wilde boxer
Christopher Williams artist
Emlyn Williams dramatist, actor
Iris Williams singer
Kyffin Williams artist
Rhys Williams actor
Shane Williams rugby player
Waldo Williams poet
Peter Wingfield actor
Howard Winstone boxing champion
Ian Woosnam golfer
Catherine Zeta-Jones actress