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Greece National Anthem
Hymn to Liberty
I recognize you by the sharpness,
of your fearsome sword,
I recognize you by the gleam (in your eyes)
with which you rapidly survey the earth.
From the sacred bones,
of the Hellenes arisen,
and strengthened by your antique bravery,
hail, o hail, Liberty!

I shall always recognize you
by the dreadful sword you hold
as the Earth with searching vision
you survey with spirit bold
From the Greeks of old whose dying
brought to life and spirit free
now with ancient valour rising
let us hail you, oh Liberty!

By Rudyard Kipling (1918)
We knew thee of old,
O, divinely restored,
By the lights of thine eyes,
And the light of thy Sword.
From the graves of our slain,
Shall thy valour prevail,
As we greet thee again,
Hail, Liberty! Hail


131,957 sq km


Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 112, 166
Fire: 112, 199
Police: 112, 100

Greek 99%
Other (includes English and French) 1%

Greece Government

Law ministry
Ministry of Justice Transperancy and Human Rights

Latest population

Greece Police - Hellenic Police
Agency overview : Formed 1984
Preceding agencies : Hellenic Gendarmerie, Cities Police
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Overviewed by : Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction
Headquarters : Athens, Greece
Minister responsible : Ministrer of the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction
Agency executives : Lieutenant General Chief

Website : http://www.astynomia.gr/newsite.php?&lang=

For detailed and more information, see the source

Greece Political parties
Parties represented in the current Parliament and European Parliament

Coalition of the Radical Left – Unitary Social Front
Συνασπισμός Ριζοσπαστικής Αριστεράς – Ενωτικό Κοινωνικό Μέτωπο

Founded : 2004; 15 years ago as an political alliance
Founded : 22 May 2012; 6 years ago as a political party
Website : http://syriza.gr/

New Democracy
Νέα Δημοκρατία
Founded : 4 October 1974; 44 years ago
Website : http://www.nd.gr/

Golden Dawn
Λαϊκός Σύνδεσμος – Χρυσή Αυγή
Founded : 1 January 1985; 34 years ago
Website : http://www.xryshaygh.com/ Greek
Website : http://www.xryshaygh.com/en English

Movement for Change
Κίνημα Αλλαγής
Founded : 28 November 2017 launch
Founded : 16–18 March 2018 foundation
Website : http://kinimaallagis.gr/

Communist Party of Greece
Κομμουνιστικό Κόμμα Ελλάδας
Founded : 17 November [O.S. 4 November] 1918
Website : http://kke.gr/

The River
Το Ποτάμι
Founded : 26 February 2014
Website : http://topotami.gr/

Independent Greeks
Ανεξάρτητοι Έλληνες
Founded : 24 February 2012; 6 years ago
Website : http://anexartitoiellines.gr/

Union of Centrists
Ένωση Κεντρώων
Founded : 2 March 1992
Website : http://www.antidiaploki.gr/

Minor parties

Popular Unity
Λαϊκή Ενότητα
Founded : 21 August 2015
Website : http://laiki-enotita.gr/

Ecologist Greens
Οικολόγοι Πράσινοι
Founded : 7–8 December 2002
Website : http://www.ecogreens-gr.org/cms/

Democractic Left
Δημοκρατική Αριστερά
Founded : 27 June 2010
Website : http://www.dimokratikiaristera.gr/

Christian Democratic Party of the Overthrow
Χριστιανοδημοκρατικό Κόμμα Ανατροπής
Founded : May 23, 2013
Website : http://www.xristianodimokrates.gr/

United Popular Front

Ενιαίο Παλλαϊκό Μέτωπο
Founded : July 2011
Website : http://www.epamhellas.gr/

National Unity
Εθνική Ενότητα
Founded : 8 April 2016

New Right [el] 
Νέα Δεξιά
Founded : 13 May 2016
Website : https://neadexia.gr/

Greece, Another Path [el] 
Ελλάδα, ο άλλος δρόμος

Radical National Rally [el] 
Ριζοσπαστικός Εθνικός Συναγερμός

Smoking Groups for Art and Visual Art
Καπνιστικές Ομάδες για την Τέχνη και την Εικαστική Συγκρότηση

Democratic Responsibility [el] 
Δημοκρατική Ευθύνη

Society – Political Party of the Successors of Kapodistrias
Κοινωνία – Πολιτική παράταξη συνεχιστών του Καποδίστρια
Founded : 2008
Website : http://www.koinwnia.com/

Union for the Homeland and the People
Ένωση για την Πατρίδα και τον Λαό
Founded : 2014
Website : http://www.enosi-patrida.gr/

Reformers for Democracy and Development
Μεταρρυθμιστές για τη Δημοκρατία και την Ανάπτυξη
Founded : 21 October 2014
Website : http://metarrythmistes.gr/

Course of Freedom
Πλεύση Ελευθερίας
Founded : 19 April 2016
Website : https://www.plefsieleftherias.gr/

Society First
Η Κοινωνία Πρώτα
Founded : 24 April 2013

Popular Unions of Bipartisan Social Groups
Λαϊκές Ενώσεις Υπερκομματικών Κοινωνικών Ομάδων
Founded : 1989
Website : http://www.leuko.gr/

Founded : 2009
Website : http://www.drassi.gr/

Democratic National Reform Union [el] 
Ένωση Δημοκρατικής Εθνικής Μεταρρύθμισης

Society of Values [el] 
Κοινωνία Αξιών

Popular Orthodox Rally
Λαικός Ορθόδοξος Συναγερμός
Founded : 14 September 2000
Website : http://www.laos.gr/

Movement of Democratic Socialists
Κίνημα Δημοκρατών Σοσιαλιστών
Founded : 3 January 2015
Website : http://www.tokinima.gr/

Founded : March 24, 2014
Website : http://prasinoi.gr/

New Reformist Radical Reconstruction
Νέα Μεταρρυθμιστική Ριζοσπαστική Ανασυγκρότηση
Founded : 21 March 2013
Website : http://neamera.gr/

Recreate Greece
Δημιουργία Ξανά
Founded : 8 December 2011
Website : http://www.dimiourgiaxana.gr/

Liberal Alliance
Φιλελεύθερη Συμμαχία
Founded : February 2007
Website : http://www.fisy.gr/

Founded : 2009
Website : http://www.dimokratikoi.gr/

Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow
Αντικαπιταλιστική Αριστερή Συνεργασία για την Ανατροπή
Founded : 22 March 2009
Website : http://antarsya.gr/

Social Agreement
Κοινωνική Συμφωνία
Founded : 14 March 2012
Website : http://www.koinonikisymfonia.gr/

National Unity Association
Σύνδεσμος Εθνικής Ενότητας
Founded : 2011
Website : http://www.syndesmosee.org/

Pirate Party of Greece
Κόμμα Πειρατών Ελλάδας
Founded : 14 January 2012
Website : http://www.pirateparty.gr/

Left Radical Movement [el] 
Αριστερή Ριζοσπαστική Κίνηση

Communist Party of Greece Marxist–Leninist
Κομμουνιστικό Κόμμα Ελλάδας Μαρξιστικό – Λενινιστικό
Founded : November 1976
Website : http://www.kkeml.gr/

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Greece
Μαρξιστικό-Λενινιστικό Κομμουνιστικό Κόμμα Ελλάδας
Founded : November 1976
Website : http://www.m-lkke.gr/

Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece 1918–55
Κίνηση για την Ανασύνταξη του ΚΚΕ 1918–55
Founded : 1996
Website : http://anasintaxi.blogspot.com/

Workers Revolutionary Party
Εργατικό Επαναστατικό Κόμμα
Founded : 1985
Website : http://www.eek.gr/

Democratic Revival
Δημοκρατική Αναγέννηση
Founded : 2004
Website : http://www.danagennisi.gr/

Drachmi Greek Democratic Movement Five Stars
Δραχμή, Δημοκρατική Κίνηση Πέντε Αστέρων
Founded : 1 May 2014
Website : http://www.drachmi5.gr/

Fighting Socialist Party of Greece
Αγωνιστικό Σοσιαλιστικό Κόμμα Ελλάδας
Founded : February 1984
Website : http://www.aske.gr/

National Front
Eθνικό Mέτωπο
Founded : 2012
Website : http://www.ethnikometopo.gr/

National Hope
Εθνική Ελπίδα
Founded : 2010
Website : http://www.ethnikielpida.gr/

Greek Ecologists
Έλληνες Οικολόγοι
Website : http://www.ecologists.gr/

Liberal Party
Κόμμα Φιλελευθέρων
Founded : 1981 claimed 1910
Website : http://www.liberalparty.gr/

Party of Greek Hunters
Κόμμα Ελλήνων Κυνηγών
Founded : 6 March 1990
Website : http://www.kek.com.gr/

I Don't Pay Movement
Κίνημα Δεν Πληρώνω
Founded : 2012
Website : http://www.epitropesdiodiastop.blogspot.gr/

Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece
Οργάνωση για την Ανασυγκρότηση του Κομουνιστικού Κόμματος Ελλάδας
Founded : 1985
Website : http://www.oakke.gr/

Organisation of Internationalist Communists of Greece
Οργάνωση Κομμουνιστών Διεθνιστών Ελλάδας
Founded : 1934
Website : http://www.okde.gr/

Greek Unity
Ελληνική Ενότητα

Ecologists Greece
Οικολόγοι Ελλάδας
Founded : 1988
Website : http://www.oikologoi.gr/

Free Citizens
Ελεύθεροι Πολίτες
Founded : November 2011
Website : http://www.eleutheroipolites.gr/

Party of Friendship, Equality and Peace
Κόμμα Ισότητας, Ειρήνης και Φιλίας
Dostluk-Eşitlik-Barış Partisi
Founded : 1991
Website : http://www.debpartisi.org/

Ουράνιο Τόξο
Founded : 1994
Website : http://www.vinozito.org/

Panhellenic Citizen Chariot

Πανελλήνιο Άρμα Πολιτών
Founded : April 2011
Website : http://www.armapoliton.eu/

Parties during the reigns of Kings Paul and Constantine II

Christian Democracy
Χριστιανική Δημοκρατία
Founded : 1953
Website : http://www.xristianiki.gr/

Parties during the Third Hellenic Republic 1974–present

Panathinaikos Movement
Παναθηναικό Κίνημα
Founded : 2012
Website : http://www.pan-ki.gr/

Panhellenic Macedonian Front
Πανελλήνιο Μακεδονικό Μέτωπο, ΠΑ.Μ.ΜΕ.
Founded : May 2009
Website : http://pammet.blogspot.com/

Predominantly Greek Orthodox

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Where is Greece located in this large world ?
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Interesting facts
It’s believed the first Ancient Greek civilisations were formed nearly 4,000 years ago (approximately 1600 BC) by the mighty Mycenaeans of Crete (a Greek Island). The Ancient Greek Empire spread from Greece through Europe and, in 800 BC, the Greeks started to split their land into city-states, each with its own laws, customs and rulers.

The Greeks had some strange superstitions about food – some wouldn’t eat beans as they thought they contained the souls of the dead!

The Ancient Greeks had lots of stories to help them learn about their world. The gods featured heavily in these tales, and so did mythological monsters – like Cerberus, a three-headed dog that guarded the gates to the underworld; Medusa, a slithery sorceress whose look could turn people to stone; and the Cyclops who had one eye in the middle of its forehead – yikes!

These tales are known as Greek mythology.

Events at the Greek’s Olympics included wrestling, boxing, long jump, javelin, discus and chariot racing. But those taking part in the wrestling event had to be the toughest, as there were hardly any rules – and they had to compete naked. Eek!

Most Ancient Greeks wore a chiton, which was a long T-shirt made from one large piece of cotton. The poor slaves, however, had to make do with a loincloth (a small strip of cloth wrapped around the waist)!

Statues of Greek gods and goddesses were placed inside temples, the most famous of which is the Parthenon. This temple in Athens was built for the goddess Athena, the protector of the city.

A famous legend tells how, in 1180 BC, the cunning Greeks conquered the city of Troy – by hiding inside a giant wooden horse! The horse was left outside the city’s walls and, thinking it a gift, the people of Troy wheeled it inside… only for the sneaky Greek soldiers inside to creep out and seize the city!

Did you know that the Ancient Greeks invented the theatre? They loved watching plays, and most cities had a theatre – some big enough to hold 15,000 people! Only men and boys were allowed to be actors, and they wore masks, which showed the audience whether their character was happy or sad. Some of the masks had two sides, so the actor could turn them around to change the mood for each scene.

The Ancient Greeks held many festivals in honour of their gods. To celebrate the god Zeus, for example, the first Greek Olympics were held in the city of Olympia in 776 BC and are thought to have inspired our own Olympic Games! The winners of each event were given a wreath of leaves, and when they returned home, they would be given free meals and the best seats in the theatre! The city-states were often at war, but just before the Olympics, a truce would be called so that everyone could travel to Olympia safely.