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Belarus Government

Ministry of Justice

Latest population


Independence Day
July 3 1944

Belarus National Anthem
English Translation
We, Belarusians, are peaceful people,

Wholeheartedly devoted to our Motherland.
We are faithful friends, growing up and
Living in a hardworking and independent family.
Glory to the blessed name of our land,
Glory to the brotherly union of peoples!
Our dearly beloved Motherland,
May you live long and prosper, Belarus!
Together with our brothers, we for centuries
Courageously defended our home’s threshold.
In battles for freedom, and battles for our lot
We have won our banners of victory!
Friendship of peoples is the strength of peoples
And it is our sacred sunlit path.
Proudly we fly in the clear blue skies,
The banner of victory, the sunshine's flag!

Belarusian Ruble

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 03
Fire: 01
Police: 02


Belarus Political parties
Belaya Rus
Founded : 2007
Website : www.belayarus.by

Agrarian Party (Belarus)
Founded : 1992
Website : None

Communist Party of Belarus
Founded : 1996
Website : www.comparty.by

Belarusian Socialist Sporting Party
Founded : 1996
Website : www.comparty.by

Liberal Democratic Party (Belarus)
Founded : 1994
Website : http://ldpb.by/

Republican Party of Labour and Justice
Республиканская партия труда и справедливости
Founded : 1993
Website : http://rpts.by/

BPF Party
Founded : 1988
Website : http://narodny.org%2C%20http//narodny.org/english

Belarusian Christian Democracy
Белорусская христианская демократия
Founded : 1917 (as BCDU), 2005 (as BCD)
Website : www.bchd.info

Young Front
Founded 1997
Website : www.mfront.ne

Young Belarus
Founded : 2004
Website : http://mbelarus.net/

YCSU Young Democrats
Founded : 1997

Belarusian Left Party "A Just World"
Founded : 1991
Website : www.camarade.biz

YCSU Young Democrats
Founded : 1997

Belarusian Left Party "A Just World"
Founded : 1991
Website : www.camarade.biz

United Civic Party of Belarus
Founded : 1 October 1995
Website : www.ucpb.org

Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Assembly)
Founded : 25 June 2005
Website : www.bsdp.org

BPF Party
Founded : 1988
Website : http://narodny.org%2C%20http//narodny.org/english

Eastern Orthodox
Roman Catholic

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