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Sao Tome And Principe Government

Latest population

São Tomé

Independence Day
July 12 1975

Sao Tome And Principe National Anthem
Total Independence

Total independence,
Glorious song of the people,
Total independence,
Sacred hymn of combat.

In the national struggle,
Eternal oath
To the sovereign country of São Tomé and Príncipe.
Warriors in the war without weapons,
Live flame in the soul of the people,
Congregating the sons of the islands
Around the Immortal Fatherland.
Total independence, total and complete,
Building, in progress and peace,
With the heroic hands of the people,
The happiest nation on earth.

Working, struggling, struggling and conquering,
We go ahead with giant steps
In the crusade of the African peoples,
Raising the national flag.
Voice of the people, present, present and united,
Strong beat in the heart of hope
To be a hero in the hour of peril,
A hero of the Nation's resurgence.

In the national struggle,
Eternal oath
To the sovereign country of São Tomé and Príncipe.

São Tomé And Príncipe Dobra

Sao Tome And Principe Political parties
The parties

Parliamentary parties

Independent Democratic Action (Acção Democrática Independente)
Founded 1994
Website:- Not Available

Movement for the Liberation of São Tomé and Príncipe-Social Democratic Party
(Movimento de Libertação de São Tomé e Príncipe)

Founded 1960
Website:- http://www.mlstp-psd.st/

Democratic Convergence Party-Reflection Group
(Partido de Convergência Democrática-Grupo de Reflexão)

Founded 4 November 1990
Website:- Not Available

Union of Democrats for Citizenship and Development
(União dos Democratas para Cidadania e Desenvolvimento)

Founded January 2005
Website:- Not Available

Other parties

Liberal Democratic Order
(Ordem Liberal Democrata)

Founded after the 2014 general elections
Website:- Not Available

Force for Change Democratic Movement – Liberal Party
(Movimento Democrático das Forças da Mudança – Partido Liberal)

Founded 29 July 2001 presidential elections
Website:- Not Available

Christian Democratic Front
(Frente Democrática Cristã)

Generation Hope
(Geração Esperança)(defunct)

Founded 10 April 2005
Website:- Not Available

São Toméan Workers Party
(Partido Trabalhista Santomense)

Social Liberal Party
(Partido Liberal Social)(defunct)

Democratic Renovation Party
(Partido da Renovação Democrática)

National Union for Democracy and Progress
(União Nacional para a Democracia e Progresso)

Opposition Democratic Coalition
(Coligaçao Democrática da Oposiçao)

People's Party of Progress
(Partido Popular do Progresso)

Social Renewal Party
(Partido da Renovação Social)

National Platform for Development
(Plataforma Nacional para Desenvolvimento)

Stability and Social Progress Party
(Partido da Estabilidade e Progresso Social)

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