Banks (In all countries. Bank names are shared in alphabetical order and next to the bank name is country of its headquarters)
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Billions of dollars can never solve social issues without involvement of Communities, NGOs, Government, Politicians and donors like Corporates, Funding Agencies ....

We value retail donation more because small donation must be like respiration. If you have problem of respiration, you are on ventilator in a hospital.

Many social issues are on ventilator in real life and stop when the founder stops. Let Thane District in India demonstrate to the world, involvement of retail donors and local celebrities. We are using local celebrities to influence people to give time, money, skill for social, health, climate issues.

Like disabled, senior citizens, education, water, one must think of issues like agriculture, environment, women, safety, youth ...

And climate change is a global issue where every individual and every for profit and not for profit organisation and government must take positive steps...



Banks is sharing websites of Banks across the world.

What is the idea
Bank customers should see the website and form an opinion whether the bank is governed well, takes care of its employees (HR policies), takes care of communities through donation as well as employee volunteering, see if the bank is climate positive in terms of less usage of paper for all its internal transactions as well as by notes which are printed on paper, thus damaging climate by cutting trees.

Nature of bank security staff, employees, manager is absolutely important because most of the people meet them and not the CEO of the bank or its board. If the staff is rude, then obviously the customer's will form their opinion accordingly. And if the staff is good, honest and caring, a small non financial mistake can be easily taken care of by customers thinking that this person has always been good but today she or he must have some kind of stress and while she / he takes care of us all the time, it is our responsibility to take care. (Of course financial mistakes are unpardonable and bank management should be responsible towards their customers)

The bank's websites gives whereall the bank is available, whereall the ATM's are available, so that customer's can decide on the bank based on accessibility of the bank either near their house or near their work place.

We are sharing banks namewise and after the name we share the country where the bank is operational. If a bank is operational in different countries, we can share them countrywise free with the only condition that the bank should give websites of the countries where they operate besides their headquarters(which we share anyway).

How can the idea be used
1) One can study banking sector across the world, the HR policies banks have in various country or the communication strategies of banks or how banks from various countries are tackling the issue of climate change

2) Banks can study what their competitors in the same country or in different countries offer to people

3) One can visit the bank website to get details of their Social issues they support, the CSR budget because that is shared in the Banks Annual report plus see if the banks is helping people who cant open their account in the bank because of their poverty (e.g.
financial inclusion programmes or in giving free account to Below the Poverty Line consumers who can save say $1 every month) or see if banks are helping students or consumers between 6 to 15 years ......

Opportunity to Brands
We will give opportunity to 27 brands to share their banner on 27 pages related to bank. One is this index page plus 26 pages for 26 alphabets.