Funding agencies : Brand, Identity, Responsibility, Challenges

We have provisions to shared funding agencies countrywise.
And each UN member country shares key stakeholders in that country.
So if you want to see funding agencies in USA, go to USA from the above links and you can see funding agencies there.

On this page, we plan to share what this stakeholder Brand means, its Identity, Responsibility & Challenges.

We plan to start sharing it in April 2021














Banner on the index page of any stakeholder like FAs, Corporates, NGOs, Governments, FAs, Media ...
One can have their banner of the right side at mutually agreeable fees.

Banner on right side of Funding Agencies
The banner on the right side of index page of funding agencies will not be given to any organisation at any cost to any funding agency in 2021-22 because it is our responsibility to acknowledge Mastek Foundation for their help to founder after an almost fatal accident on 28.8.20213 and this help is an integral part of sustainability of

About 1000 Funding agencies from 100 countries including SARs... from now to 31.3.2022.