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Papua New Guinea Government

Department of Justice and Attorney General

Latest population

Port Moresby

Independence Day
September 16 1975

Papua New Guinea National Anthem
O Arise, All You Sons

O arise all you sons of this land,
Let us sing of our joy to be free,
Praising God and rejoicing to be
Papua New Guinea.

Shout our name from the mountains to seas
Papua New Guinea;
Let us raise our voices and proclaim
Papua New Guinea.

Now give thanks to the good Lord above
For His kindness, His wisdom and love
For this land of our fathers so free,
Papua New Guinea.

Shout again for the whole world to hear
Papua New Guinea;
We're independent and we're free,
Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinean Kina

Emergency numbers
Fire: 110
Police: 000

Tok Pisin
Hiri Motu
Some 839 indigenous languages spoken
About 12% of the world's total
Many languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers

Papua New Guinea Police
Agency overview : Formed ca. 1950
Preceding agencies : Royal Papuan Constabulary, New Guinea Police Force
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Minister responsible : Ministry of Police
Agency executive : Commissioner of Police

Website : http://www.lawandjustice.gov.pg/www/html/145-the-commissioner.asp

For detailed and more information, see the sources

Papua New Guinea Political parties
Currently registered parties

As at the July 2007 general election, the list of registered political parties is:

Advance PNG Party (APNGP)

Christian Democratic Party (CDP)

Economic Endeavour Party (EEP)

Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP)

Liberal Party (LP)

Melanesian Alliance Party (MAP)

Melanesian Labour Party (MLP)

Melanesian People's Party (MPP)

National Alliance Party (NA)
Founded 1995
Website:- Not Available

National Front Party (NFP)

Nation Transformation Party (NTP)

National Vision for Humanity Party (NVHP)

New Generation Party (NGP)

One People Party (OPP)

Pan Melanesian Congress Party (PMCP)

Papua and Niugini Union Pati (PANGU)
Founded June 1967
Website:- Not Available

Party for Justice and Dignity (PJD)

People's Action Party (PAP)

People's Democratic Movement (PDM)
Founded 1985
Website:- Not Available

People's Destiny & Development Party (PDDP)

People's Development Party (PDP)

People's First Conservative Party (PFCP)

People's Freedom Party (PFRP)

People's Heritage Party (PHP)

People's Labour Party (PLP)

People's National Congress Party (PNC)

People's Progress Party (PPP)
Founded 1968
Website:- Not Available

People's Resource Awareness Party (PRAP)

People's Solidarity Party (PSP)

People's Welfare Party (PWP)

Pipol First Pati (PFP)

PNG Party (PNGP)
Founded 2007
Website:- Not Available

PNG Country Party (PNGCP)

PNG First Party (PNGFP)

Papua New Guinea Greens (PNGGP)
Founded 2001
Website:- www.pnggreensparty.org.pg

PNG Integrity Party (PNGIP)

PNG Labour Party (PNGLP)

PNG National Party (PNGNP)

PNG Revival Party (PNGRP)

Rural Pipols' Pati (RPP)

Simple People's Party (SPP)

True People's Party (TPP)

United Party (UP)

United Resources Party (URP)

Founded 1967

Yumi Reform Party (YRP)

Roman Catholic 27%
Protestant 69.4% (Evangelical Lutheran 19.5%, United Church 11.5%, Seventh-Day Adventist 10%, Pentecostal 8.6%, Evangelical Alliance 5.2%, Anglican 3.2%, Baptist 2.5%, other Protestant 8.9%)
Baha'i 0.3%
Indigenous beliefs and other 3.3%

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