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Republic Of Moldova Government

Ministry of Justice of Republic of Moldova

Latest population


Independence Day
August 27 1991

Republic Of Moldova National Anthem

Our Language

A treasure is our language that surges
From deep shadows of the past,
Chain of precious stones that scattered
All over our ancient land.

A burning flame is our language
Amidst a people waking
From a deathly sleep, no warning,
Like the brave man of the stories.

Our language is the greenest leaf
Of the everlasting forests,
Gentle river Dniester's ripples
Hiding starlight bright and shining.

Our language is more than holy,
Words of homilies of old
Wept and sung perpetually
In the homesteads of our folks.

A treasure will spring up swiftly
From deep shadows of the past,
Chain of precious stones that scattered
All over our ancient land.

Moldovan Leu

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 903
Fire: 901
Police; 902

Moldovan/Romanian 80.2% (official)
(56.7% identify their mother tongue as Moldovan, which is virtually the same as Romanian; 23.5% identify Romanian as their mother tongue), Russian 9.7%
Gagauz 4.2% (a Turkish language)
Ukrainian 3.9%
Bulgarian 1.5%
Romani 0.3%
Other 0.2%

Republic Of Moldova Political parties
Current parties in parliament

Democratic Party of Moldova
Partidul Democrat din Moldova
Founded : 8 February 1997
Website : http://www.pdm.md/

Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova
Partidul Socialiştilor din Republica Moldova
Партия социалистов Республики Молдова
Founded : 29 June 1997
Website : http://socialistii.md/

Liberal Party
Partidul Liberal
Founded : 5 September 1993
Website : http://www.pl.md/

European People's Party of Moldova

Partidul Popular European din Moldova
Founded : 23 March 2015
Website : http://www.ppe.md/

Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova

Partidul Comuniștilor din Republica Moldova
Партидул Комуништилор дин Република Молдова
Партия коммунистов Республики Молдова
Founded : October 22, 1993
Website : http://www.pcrm.md/main/index_md.php

Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
Partidul Liberal Democrat din Moldova
Founded : 8 October 2007
Website : http://www.pldm.md/

Main non-parliamentary parties

Our Party
Partidul Nostru
Founded : 1999 as Peasants' Christian Democratic Party of Moldova
Founded : 13 April 2014 as Our Party
Website : http://pnru.md/en/

Dignity and Truth Platform Party
Partidul Platforma Demnitate și Adevăr
Founded : December 2015
Website : http://www.platformada.md/

Party of Action and Solidarity
Partidul Acțiune și Solidaritate
Founded : 2016
Website : http://www.unpaspentru.md/

Minor parties

Agrarian Party of Moldova
Partidul Agrar din Moldova
Founded : 21 November 1991
Website : http://www.e-democracy.md/parties/pam/

Christian-Democratic People's Party

Partidul Popular Creștin Democrat
Founded : 20 May 1989
Website : http://www.ppcd.md/

Centrist Union of Moldova
Uniunea Centristă din Moldova
Founded : 15 May 2000
Website : http://ucm.md/

Conservative Party

Partidul Conservator

Democratic Action Party
Partidul Acţiunea Democratică
Founded : 21 July 2011
Website : http://www.padm.md/

Ecologist Green Party
Partidul Verde Ecologist
Founded : April 9, 1992
Website : http://www.greenparty.md/

European Party
Partidul European

For Nation and Country Party
Partidul Pentru Neam şi Ţară
Founded : May 5, 2007
Website : http://www.ppnt.md/

Liberal Reformist Party

Partidul Liberal Reformator
Founded : 12 April 2013
Website : http://plr.md/

Moldova's Salvation Front
Frontul Salvării Moldovei
Founded : 25 September 1999

Motherland Party
Partidul „Patria”

National Liberal Party
Partidul Național Liberal
Founded : 1993
Founded : 2000 merged into AMN
Founded : 2006 refounded on 16 December
Website : http://www.pnl.md/

National Unity Party
Partidul Unității Naționale
Founded : 11 June 2017
Website : http://www.pun.md/

New National Moldovan Party

Noul Partid Național Moldovenesc
Founded : April 23, 1998

Romanian National Party
Partidul Naţional Român
Founded : December 31, 1992
Website : http://www.optiunea.md/

Party “Democracy Home”
Partidul „Democratia Acasa”

Party “Moldova Unita”
United Moldova Partidul „Moldova Unita

Party of Law and Justice
Partidul Legii și Dreptății
Founded : 25 July 1997

Party of Regions of Moldova
Partidul Regiunilor din Moldova

Party "Our Home – Moldova"
Partidul „Casa Noastră — Moldova”

Party "Patriots of Moldova"
Partidul „Patrioţii Moldovei”

Party "The Will of the People"
Partidul „Voința Poporului”

People's Democratic Party of Moldova
Partidul Popular Democrat din Moldova

People's Movement Antimafia
Mișcarea Populară Antimafie

People's Party of the Republic of Moldova
Partidul Popular din Republica Moldova

People's Socialist Party of Moldova
Partidul Popular Socialist din Moldova

Professionals' Movement Speranta-Nadejda
Mișcarea Profesioniştilor „Speranța-Nadejda”

Progressive Society Party
Partidul Societăţii Progresiste

Republican Party of Moldova

Partidul Republican din Moldova
Founded : October 5, 1999
Website : http://www.ppnt.md/

Revival Party
Partidul «Renaştere»
Founded : 29 October 2011
Website : http://rrm.md/

Russian-Slavic Party of Moldova
Partidul Ruso-Slavean din Moldova

Social and Political Movement "New Force"

Mișcarea social-politică „Forța Noua”
Founded : 13 May 1990
Website : http://www.psdm.md/

Socialist Party of Moldova
Partidul Socialist din Moldova
Founded : 11 August 1992
Website : http://www.spm.md/

Socio-political Movement of Romanies of the Republic of Moldova
Mişcarea social-politică a Romilor din Republica Moldova

Republican Socio-Political Movement Equality
Mișcare Social-Politică Republicană Ravnopravie
Founded : 27 October 1998
Website : http://www.partidulsor.md/

Political camps

Pro-Western and pro-European (generally liberal)

Unionist Movement of the Republic of Moldova
Mişcarea Unionistă din Republica Moldova
Founded : November 6, 2005

Orthodox 90.1%
Other Christian 2.6%
Other 0.1%
Agnostic <.1%
Atheist 0.2%
Unspecified 6.9%

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