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South Africa Government


Latest population

Bloemfontein (judicial)
Cape Town (legislative)
Pretoria (executive)

Independence Day
December 11 1931

South Africa National Anthem

God Bless Africa

God bless Africa
Raise high its glory

Hear our prayers
God bless us, her children

God, we ask You to protect our nation
Intervene and end all conflicts
Protect us, protect our nation,
our nation, South Africa — South Africa.

From the blue of our heaven,
From the depth of our sea,
Over our everlasting mountains,
Where the crags resound,

Sounds the call to come together,
And united we shall stand,
Let us live and strive for freedom
In South Africa our land.

South African Rand

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 10177
Fire: 10177
Police: 10111

IsiZulu 24.7%
IsiXhosa 15.6%
Afrikaans 12.1%
Sepedi 9.8%
Setswana 8.9%
English 8.4%
Sesotho 8%
Xitsonga 4%
SiSwati 2.6%
Tshivenda 2.5%
IsiNdebele 1.6%
Other (includes Khoi, Nama, and San languages) 1.9%

South African Police
Agency overview : Formed 1995
Preceding agencies : South African Police, Homeland police agencies
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Minister of Police responsible / Agency executive : National Police Commissioner
Divisions 6
Provincials: 9

Website : http://www.saps.gov.za/

For detailed and more information, see the source

South Africa Political parties
Parties represented in Parliament

African Christian Democratic Party
Founded 9 December 1993
Website:- http://www.acdp.org.za/

African Independent Congress
Founded 12 December 2005
Website:- Not Available

African National Congress

Founded 8 January 1912
Website:- http://www.anc.org.za/

African People's Convention
Founded 5 September 2007
Website:- http://www.theapc.org.za/

Agang South Africa
Founded 18 February 2013
Website:- http://agangsa.org.za/

Congress of the People (South African political party)

Founded 16 December 2008
Website:- http://www.congressofthepeople.org.za/

Democratic Alliance (South Africa)
Founded June 24, 2000; 16 years ago
Website:- http://www.da.org.za/

Economic Freedom Fighters
Founded 26 July 2013
Website:- http://www.effonline.org/

Freedom Front Plus
Vryheidsfront Plus

Founded 1 March 1994
Website:- http://www.vryheidsfront.co.za/

Inkatha Freedom Party
Founded 21 March 1975
Website:- http://www.ifp.org.za/

National Freedom Party
Founded 25 January 2011
Website:- http://www.nfp.org.za/

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania
Founded 6 April 1959
Website:- http://www.pac.org.za/

United Democratic Movement
Founded 27 September 1997
Website:- http://www.udm.org.za/

Parties unrepresented in Parliament

Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party
Founded 1994
Website:- http://www.aitup.org.za/

Africa Muslim Party
Founded 1994
Website:- http://africamuslimparty.org/

African Christian Alliance

Afrikaner Volksparty

Alliance for Democracy and Prosperity

Alliance for Community Transfomation

Alliance of Free Democrats

Al Jama-ah
Founded 23 April 2007
Website:- http://www.aljama.co.za/


Azanian People's Organisation
Founded 28 April 1978
Website:- http://www.azapo.org.za/

Black First Land First
Founded 24 October 2015
Website:- http://blf.org.za/

Boerestaat Party
Founded 30 September 1986
Website:- http://www.boerestaatparty.co.za/

Bolshevik Party of South Africa

Black Consciousness Party

Black People's Convention

Cape Party
Founded 2007
Website:- http://www.capeparty.com/

Cape People's Congress

Christen Party/Christian Party
Founded October 2005
Website:- http://www.cp.org.za/

Christian Democratic Party (South Africa)
Founded 9 September 1999
Website:- http://www.cdp.org.za/

Communist Party of South Africa (Marxist-Leninist)

Dabalorivhuwa Patriotic Front
Founded 1998
Website:- http://www.cdp.org.za/

Dagga Party
Founded February 2009
Website:- http://www.daggaparty.org/

Democratic Left Front
Founded 2008
Website:- http://democraticleft.za.net/

Democratic Socialist Movement (South Africa)
Founded 2002
Website:- http://www.socialistsouthafrica.co.za/

Dikwankwetla Party of South Africa
Founded 1974
Website:- Not Available

Economic Freedom Movement

Employment Movement of South Africa

Founded 1995
Website:- http://www.ecopeace.co.za/

Front National (South Africa)
Founded December 2013
Website:- http://frontnasionaal.com/

God's People's Party

Great Kongress of South Africa

Green Party of South Africa
Founded 1999
Website:- Not Available

Herstigte Nasionale Party
Founded 1969
Website:- http://www.hnp.org.za/

Independent African Movement

Izwi Lethu Party

Keep It Straight and Simple Party
Founded February 1994
Website:- http://www.kissparty.co.za/

Kingdom Governance Movement
Founded 2013
Website:- Not Available

Libertarian Party of South Africa
Founded October 20, 2013
Website:- http://www.libpartysa.com/

Minority Front
Founded 1 November 1993
Website:- http://www.minorityfront.com/

Moderate Independent Party

Movement Democratic Party

National Alliance (South Africa)

National Conservative Party of South Africa
Founded 16 April 2016
Website:- www.nkpsa.com

National Democratic Convention (South Africa)
Founded September 2005
Website:- http://www.nadeco.org/

National Party South Africa
Founded 5 August 2008
Website:- http://www.nationalparty.co.za/

National People's Party (South Africa)
Founded 30 September 2007
Website:- http://www.npp.za.net/index.html

New Vision Party

The Organisation Party

Pan Africanist Movement
Founded 2008
Website:- Not Available

Patriotic Alliance (South Africa)
30 November 2013
Website:- http://paparty.org.za/

Peace and Justice Congress

Republican Democrats

Socialist Party of Azania
Founded 21 March 1998
Website:- http://www.sopa.org.za/

South African Communist Party
Founded 1921
Website:- http://www.sacp.org.za/

South African Political Party

The Peoples Independent Civic Organisation

True Freedom Party

Ubuntu Party
Founded 2012
Website:- http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/

United Christian Democratic Party

Founded 1997
Website:- http://www.ucdp.org.za/

United Congress (South Africa)

Founded 2013
Website:- Not Available

United Party of South Africa

United Front

Women Forward

Workers and Socialist Party
Founded 18 December 2012
Website:- http://workerssocialistparty.co.za/

Ximoko Party
Founded 1984
Website:- Not Available

Predominantly Christian

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