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Gabon Government

Latest population


Independence Day
August 17 1960

Gabon National Anthem
The Concord
United in concord and brotherhood,
Awake, Gabon, dawn is at hand.
Stir up the spirit that thrills and inspires us!
At last we rise up to attain happiness.
At last we rise up to attain happiness.

Dazzling and proud, the sublime day dawns,
Dispelling for ever injustice and shame.
May it still advance and calm our fears,
May it promote virtue and banish warfare.

Yes, may the happy days of which our ancestors dreamed
Come for us at last, rejoicing our hearts,
And banish the sorcerers, those perfidious deceivers
Who sowed poison and spread fear.

So that, in the eyes of the world and of friendly nations,
The immortal Gabon may maintain her good repute,
Let us forget our quarrels, let us build together
The new structure of which we all have dreamed.

From the shores of the Ocean to the heart of the forest,
Let us remain vigilant, without weakness and without hatred!
Around this flag which leads us to honour,
Let us salute the Fatherland and ever sing

Central African CFA Franc

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 1300-1399
Fire: 18
Police: 1730


Gabon Political parties
The parties

Parliamentary parties

Gabonese Democratic Party
Parti Démocratique Gabonais
Founded : 1953 Gabonese Democratic Bloc
Founded : 1968 Gabonese Democratic Party
Website : http://www.gabonpdg.org/

National Woodcutters' Rally – Rally for Gabon
Rassemblement National des Bûcherons–Rassemblement pour le Gabon
Founded : 1990

Gabonese Progress Party
Parti gabonais du progrès
Founded : March 1990

Democratic and Republican Alliance
Alliance Démocratique et Républicaine

Circle of Reformist Liberals
Cercle des Libéraux Réformateurs
Founded : 1993

Social Democratic Party
Parti Social-Démocrate
Founded : 1991

National Woodcutters Rally-Kombila
Rassemblement National des Bûcherons -KOMBILA
Founded : July 1998

Other parties

Gabonese Socialist Party
Parti Socialiste Gabonais
Founded : 1991

Rally of Democrats
Rassemblement des Démocrates
Founded : 1993

Union of the Gabonese People
Union du Peuple Gabonais
Founded : 14 July 1989
Website : http://upg-ga.com/

Movement for National Rectification
Mouvement de Redressement National
Founded : 1981

Roman Catholic 42.3%
Protestant 12.3%
Other Christian 27.4%
Muslim 9.8%
Animist 0.6%
Other 0.5%
None/no answer 7.1%


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Bhau started postponing death of founder (his son) on 28.08.2013 because founder has not finished his responsibility to serve Mother Earth.

Many others (non blood related) helped.

That's togetherness.

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