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10 February

Important celebrations / observances
Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck (Malta)
Fenkil Day (Eritrea)
National Memorial Day of the Exiles and Foibe, commemorate Italian Istrian and Dalmatian exiles and Foibe massacres (Italy, especially in Trieste)

1355 – The St. Scholastica's Day riot breaks out in Oxford, England, leaving 63 scholars and perhaps 30 locals dead in two days.
1863 – The fire extinguisher is patented.
1870 – The YWCA is founded in New York City.
1947 – Italy cedes most of Venezia Giulia to Yugoslavia.
1996 – The IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov for the first time.
2005 – North Korea announces that it possesses nuclear weapons.






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UN Day
World Pulses Day

Birthday Philanthropists