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Flag Description 
three equal, vertical bands of red (hoist side), white, and red with the coat of arms centered in the white band; the coat of arms features a shield bearing a vicuna (representing fauna), a cinchona tree (the source of quinine, signifying flora), and a yellow cornucopia spilling out coins (denoting mineral wealth); red recalls blood shed for independence, white symbolizes peace

This country is different : You must know it
Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders in the world is in Peru

Potato originated in Peru
Mantaro River is true source of the Amazon, World's 2nd largest river
The highest sand dune in the world, Cerro Blanco
Deepest canyon in the world, Cotahuasi Canyon
Caral-supe is believed to be the oldest site occupied by humans in the Americas
Three-quarters of the world’s alpaca population lives in Peru
Peru has rainbow mountains
Lake Titicaca is world's highest navigable lake is in Peru (with Bolivia)

Peru Government

Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos del Perú.

Police (Site not working on 15th August 2022). Click here to know more.

National anthem
"Himno Nacional del Perú"


Independence Day
July 28 1821

Latest population

Emergency numbers

Botanical Gardens
Jardín Etnobotánico Nugkui
Jardín Etnobotánico Pisaq
Trujillo Botanical Garden, Trujillo

Parque de las Leyendas, San Miguel, Lima
Parque Zoológico de Huachipa - Ate, Lima
Zoocriadero - Lima
Zoológico de Quistococha - Iquitos, Loreto

Bordering countries
Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador

Maritime boundaries

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Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity
Social workers, NGO Founders
Doctors, Hospitals, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines
Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants
Rivers , Extinct animals
Citizens living with pride when they know they have just a few days to live on earth
People working in crematorium
Those who let Ego GO out of their thinking and in their behaviour

Climate war
If within the family there are wars, we are not surprised to see war between countries
But the biggest war that all people in all the countries, irrespective of their nationality, sex, caste, religion, nature, attitude, brilliance are fighting is war with climate & soil

Global example of
1) Retail donation
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3) Birthday donation
4) NGO Management Tips for NGOs in all countries
5) Health Info World Capital
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NGO Management Tips
NGO managements in all countries will be helped by giving ideas like fund raising, branding, PR, succession planning, sustainabillity & reputation

Health Info Capital
Thane doctors & hospitals can make Thane a global capital of health information where they share every body part and disease & how to tackle the disease in non medical language.

Corporates in the world
Thane can be responsible by sharing a Sustainability & Reputation Tree for corporates across the world where Tree branches & leaves include roots like Governance to the top of what world sees like vision, mission, purpose