We are asking corporates to request top management to donate Rs 3650/- per year or USD 50 per year to charities or NGOs of their choice. So they will see NGO Brands as well as NGOs in their locality to donate.
Please mail us your website and location (Email with images, presentations, pdf will eautomatically get deleted)
NGO Brands, CSR Budget
Funding Agencies, Philanthropists
NGO Founders, NGO Tree
CSRidentity.com is the only portal in the world to share 10000 NGO Brands at country wise and brand name wise
10000 NGO Brands
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NGO Brands

Corporates advertise or do PR. And products by corporates reachout to consumers, customers through investment in advertising & PR.
NGOs need to reachout to donors and they see whether the donor donates money to the cause they are working in and the location they are in.
So they are not organisations which invests in massive advertising and PR.

But many times, NGOs are so desparate for money, that they try to reachout to any corporate, corporate foundation, funding agency, philanthropist, celebrities which financially support NGOs (NPOs). Having worked in Advertising & PR, founder Sanjay Kunud Moreshwar Bapat, who is an Ashoka fellow for his Social Enterprise, knows that worldover people even brand gods.

If NGO is a Brand, it attracts more donors & volunteers. So donors must mention the NGO they support and make them brands.
We share the NGO Brand countrywise as well as namewise.

In addition to donors, we also cover NGOs started by Ashoka fellows because Ashoka supports social entrepreneur in the initial stage and has 4000 odd fellows in 92 odd countries in the world. Like Ashoka only if they help more than 50 countries.

Donors can fund the NGO Brands directly or ask their consultant to check the NGO Brands shared by us.
We want to help NGOs and sharing the NGO gives us satisfaction as return gift, so please avoid us unless you need urgent checking by us through our research or contacts and either physically going there or through telecon. But it will cost us time and money. And we will charge fees for consultancy.

We will share the Donors who suggest NGO Brands (not NGOs but donors like corporates, corporate foundations, funding agencies, philanthropists, with restriction that only those with donation of Rs 1 crore or USD 130000/- in last financial year can suggest NGOs. Infact should suggest NGOs because they can not support credible NGOs they are partnering 100% all the time and need other donor partners. Of course we dont charge them anything to share NGO Brands because we want NGO Brands get good money so that they serve more community members and climate and help their country government.

We do not cover NGOs which promote activism, religion, politics, naxalism, terrorism, pornography or an NGO which works against government of their country.

NGO Brand Surgery

We are not covering following (however good they may be) in NGO Brands category
NGOs which help humans of only one religion, NGO formed by politicians (again, let us say that we know politics is key for the development of the world but we have limitations because many corporates do not want to associate directly with politicians or political parties), NGOs fromed by activists, criminals, naxalites (Ashoka may have fellows who are now activists, so we will not cover them and if we have covered them, we will delete them if anyone gives a link as proof of this)

How we cover NGO Brands
We share NGO brands countrywise and on each page where we share them, we have links to social issues and health issues because we plan to share NGO Brands issuewise also.

Countrywise because a person in Chad is more concerned to take care of issues in Chad. Issuewise because that person should know issuewise NGO Brands in Chad. So the person can go to Child Health and see NGO brands in Chad working for child health. And then he supports that NGO or volunteers with them.

We dont want any commission because founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat's death was postponed by Bhau and others to serve Mother Earth and he knows instead of doing things on his own, the best way to help is share & promote NGOs, Corporates, Funding Agencies, Philanthropists, Celebrities who are helping people, animals, trees and climate because he hardly used this skill of investing time in Information & Technology for the betterment of the world.

The NGOs may be good and known brands like Pratham
But they need more awareness with donors and volunteers.

We plan to share 100000 NGO Brands in over 150 countries & islands and more importantly, donors can give funds to them directly and not through us..

But still, if a corporate requires it from us, we will do it as consultancy but we know we have to do additional offline research, have to involve our time with partner organisations, do telecon, study reports and then give consulting reports. It costs, so we will charge the cost as consultancy fees. As far as possible, we will not do it because we want to invest our time in digitising modules and make them internet driven. Not earn money but earn goodness points.

We agree that consultant or agents which help you identify right NGO partner charge, because they have to earn and pay their employees plus infrastructure and visits. So we will never ever say that dont go to them.

But we are different. So our ways of helping is different.

But we think knowledge of the most brialliant student is like a drop in the Knowledge of Ocean. So go to school, but always keep yourself update with knowledge even if you pass with gold medal in school, college.

That is why we are starting Knowledge Bank in memory of founder's father Bhau, who was in Reserve Bank of India and founder's mother, Aai, who indirectly inculcated Value of Education in him.

No school or college has dedicated Value of Education classes, so we are starting an online version of it after January 2023.

Founder donated a minor amount of Rs 100 000/- when he completed 60 years of existance in the world to 4 NGOs. And this is his starting point of donating. He plans to donate at least Rs 1 00 00 000/- is his life either to NGOs or Charities or enhancing Knowledge of people across the world through health information and through NGO Management guidelines or may be building a charitable wing for health in a hospital in Thane which is his dream of making Thane a Health Capital in the world.

Founder was keen to give everything free to everybody and not even take salary. But accident court case changed his views because even if the doctors say it was an almost fatal accident, the court sanctioned an amount of Rs 500 000/- plus Rs 100 000/- in Fixed deposit which will be received after 3 years. And the amount his family received from Mastek Foundation, Adfactors PR (largest PR agency in India), Venkat Krishnan and a not to be shared Philanthropist is much more than the Rs 600 000/- and all was given by direct bank transfer because founder's CA was clear that one should not spend or accept more than Rs 2000/- by cash.

Of course, when we buy from grocer or travel by an auto or taxi, drivers wanted cash money. But government has changed even this because everyone takes online money now (credit card or paypal or gpay).

Like brands are known, they still do advertising & PR so that their identity is known to many, we were surprised to see even good lawyers have face value - brand name (law system remains same but who said matters more.
e.g. a peon or clerk in a company saying we dont take corruption is valued less than the CEO saying they dont accept corruption.
Agreed, CEO's saying becomes important because they have a far bigger role for the company).

That is why we want good NGOs to be Brands, so that they attract more donors & volunteers and can invest time in helping communities rather than in fund raising which goes on auto mode for Brands.

It may happen that the NGO Brands we share have some other purpose. Check it before you partner.
While we share only those NGOs which are financially supported by corporates or funding agencies or philanthropists or are started by Ashoka Fellows or TED speakers .... CSRidentity.com is aware that there are reports, videos that suggest that corporates or funding agencies or philanthropists are supporting some NGO Brands with some purpose which is not development oriented, some do it with purpose of saying they donate but asking NGO Brands to give some of the donations back to them. But this is what we hear and we dont have legal proofs and do not want to enter into legal zone..

Therefore we request all the corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists to do their own credibility check before partnering with NGOs for community work. Yes, even if we share the NGO Brands, it is not possible to check credibility of 100 000 NGO Brands in one life and ultimately donors are giving their money to them, so they must be careful and also see the impact the NGO makes with the donation they receive.

Does this mean that CSRidentity.com is not taking responsibility ?
We are trying to save your time. So from thousands of NGOs which you are bombarded with, we share those that are financially supported by corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, started by Ashoka Fellows or are TED speakers. So we are saving your time with clear guidelines.
If you dont tell a doctor that you have diabetes, he will give you medicines which are not good for diabic patients. While doing an operation, they check everything, in day to day medicines like fever or cough or cold, they dont ask you what is your suger level.

In online medical advice in emergency cases, a doctor first checks with patient or relatives of patient basic things like allergies and depends on what you share and she or he cant be blamed if they are not told right things. In case of accident, the doctor has to operate the patient urgently and the BP may shoot up whereas in normal case, the BP may be medically OK, so the doctor needs information or sometimes, may not get information.
We are like online doctors and share guidelines.
So dont blame us when you donate to an NGO without checking it yourself.

Whether it is Corporate or Corporate Foundation or Funding Agency or Philanthropist with talent & experience, they know how to select NGO partners. In the volatile situation that the world is facing now, they are more careful.
They know the unfortunate fact that NGOs dont have succession planning. So in case the founder leaves the NGO because of age or accident or leaves the world, the NGO collapses immediately or in a year or two, if it has no succession plan. And the founder's daughter or son may not be capable to handling the NGO because they have to professionally manage funds and not emotionally handle funds because the funds are given by corporates or FAs or philanthropist or retail donors for the community using the NGO as media. That is why founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat whose one son is disabled and the other is a doctor, wont give CSR Consulting or Developed Nation Network Trust to any of his sons but to professionals who will do their role of helping the world through CSRidentity.com and not those who pay the money to get more money.

How we select NGO Brands ?
We think all NGOs are brands.
But know the NGOs are started by humans, so like corporates or media or any organisation, some NGO Brands are good, some dont use the funds for communities or some use for anti government or religion promotion or give some moeny back to donors for the purpose both of them know.
We thought of NGO Credibility checking but founder was part of a team which debated about NGO Credibility in India in 2001-2002 and within IndianNGOs.com, we had a team which looked at various criteria to look. And we realised it will take 3 to 6 months to study an NGO character in detail by visiting the NGO, the communities they serve, the related media or the funding agencies or corporates financing them, the related government authorities ....

It is not at all practical to do it in a large country like India and now that we plan to cover all countries, it is not right to even think that we can do it. So saying it or taking money to do 10 NGO's credibility in a year, is wrong.

So what is the way out because we plan to share 25000 NGO Brands issuewise and countrywise in 2022-23 ?
The best is

How we select NGO Brands
There are millions of NGOs in this world.
If the charity is good and works in a small village or location or in forest, they work on multiple issues. If the charity of NGO is in city, they focus on 1 to 3 issues or maybe 5.
These NGOs or charities work on multiple issues

We invite donors (Corporates, Corporate Foundations, Funding agencies, Philanthropists, celebrities) just share the name of the NGO they are partnering with alongwith Issue the NGO partner works and the related country.
We also invite organisations which give fellowships to individuals like Ashoka or Ted to share the related info. Ashoka has about 3500 fellows from 90 plus countries (founder got Ashoka Fellowship in 2005).

We know we cant check credibility of 50000 NGOs in one year or 20 years or 200 years because credibility depends on the leaders who govern the NGO.

Bhau & others postponed founder's death on 28.08.2013 maybe because he has not served Mother Earth enough.
Life with responsibility is joyful living.

And the fun is if the NGO receives fund without knowing who promoted them.
But let the NGOs dont know our name, we want funders to know us, so that they can share free the NGOs they fund.
So promoting NGO Brands is a selfish motive because founder wants to enjoy satisfaction of helping without noticed.
And the NGO can be anywhere in the world.

So the best way is
1) Let Corporate, Corporate Foundation, Funding Agency, Philanthropist (from any country), who have CSR Budget or Funding budget of Rs 1 crore or USD 0.13 million share the names of NGOs.
They dont have to give any amount to us. We share the NGO Brands with link to their website on related issue.
They just have to share a link on their official website which gives names of their NGO Partners.
(We dont want letters because then it becomes a personal thing, they should share related link)
Some celebrities may not have their own website but have facebook or whatsapp pages. In such cases, a personal letter is required because in faebook or other such portals millions of their followers write various non NGO related things and we dont want people to come to us to see that, it is better they go to such pages on their own.

2) If the NGO founder is selected by Ashoka for fellowship.
Ashoka has about 3500 plus fellows in 90 odd countries (Founder is fortunate to be an Ashoka Fellow for his social enterprise IndianNGOs.com which is the parent company of CSR Consulting which takes care of CSRidentity.com, a social enterprise whose canvas is this world & universe)

3) If the NGO founder is invited on TEDX or organisations which directly dont collect money for NGOs

4) An enterprise started by our global example, Venkat Krishnan or NGOs recommended by him (ideally we think world will be great if we have one Venkat type person for each continent or greater if each country has Venkat type fellow but we know it is toooooooooo much expecting to have such greats. So let it be a dream)

Having talked with some corporates, funding agencies, we will not share NGOs which are working on politics or with naxalites or terrorists or promote sex or promotes criminil activities (of course we will support NGOs which work with people within Jail to ensure their change of behaviour or taking care of their parents, spouse and children and are thinking of helping Thane Jail directly as well as through some others)

Of course we will promote NGO Brands to donors by investing our time.
But money can help us promote these brands with more professional organisations in different countries. That is why we want organisatons to support social, health, climate issues.

Responsibility is to help all NGO Brands and not just 1.
NGOs within the country are shared alphabetically. No NGO can come in the top 10 even if their corporate partner pays several times more because we have to take care of all NGO Brands responsibly and our NGO, Developed Nation Network Trust will come in D in the issue it supports not first or last NGO.

Email to Datacentre

Give billions of dollars but ensure that it has impact.
Just emotion driven giving can be just a percent of your total giving.
99% of your donation must be impace driven.

And when you are emotionally driven, let the charity or the NGO which received the donation be professioanal. It has to be a social enterprise for its own sustainability because the giver will expire one day but the charity or the NGO should not expire if the donor (and yes, if the founder) expires.

From the donors look at the ROI.
ROI is not financial returns.
Here R = Returns (Satisfaction)
O = Opportunities to help social cause
I = Impact of donation

Politicians, Political parties & Thane
Our global example is Thane and many think Thane plays great role in Politics.
It is interesting that we have dealt with politicians.
Founder's school mate Rajan Vichare is Member of Parliament of India (twice as of now)
Founder took some session and used to know Shri Vinay Sahastrabuddhe when he was Director General of Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini.
Today, Vinayji has entered in politics and was key MP selected by a political party in Rajya Sabha

The Thane Municipal Commissioner, T Chandrashekar, who launched founder's portal on Thane in his office, has a political party in Andhra Pradesh.
The Joint Commissioner of Police of Thane, V V Lakshminarayana, who used to volunteer for an NGO Hostel in rural Thane and founder used to meet him there, is now a politician in Telangana.
The former MP from Thane, Late Prakash Paranjpe used to stay close to founder and founder with his family (he has a son with disability Rohan) stayed at Prakashji's Delhi house.

Founder has many classmates who are at top positions in corporates in India, USA, Germany, Australia ... but the non financial power of elected politicians is far higher than the power of any corporate. So founder is keen that school bright students think of politics. But he knows politics is a field which 99.99% cant handle as leaders.

Born humans but people with inhuman attitude are not shared.
We dont want their inhuman thinking to be replicated..
Inhumans doing good PR
We can not cover those NGOs whose trustees or CEOs purposely do not see their father, grand father, father in law. Of course this does not mean (repeat does not) that we can not cover those who are stuck because they are in lock down area or flood hit area or are far off and cant come in time. We mean those who were not even a minute distance away or closeby but purposely do not see. But are doing a lot of communication maybe
as a means to do PR. But it is not sustainable PR if one knows the truth.

Their PR stands for Puncutred Reputation that will vanish when people know reality (of course only those who have humanity because we are experiencing good people still trying to help these Punctured Reputation fellows).

Punctured tyre which will not move or it may move for sometime but once people know the fact, it vanishes.

A person purposely throws bomb or nuclear bomb or murder someone or purposely does accident trying to kill someone or use bad words (we call it as mental rape) may be seen as good human being by people who do not know the person's wrong behaviour or if they know, they purposely (being more emotionally attached) neglect the reality or some with their own greedy purpose neglect it or someone fears police and other forces.

In reality, police are like soldiers. And founder changed his opinion about police after meeting V V Lakshminarayan a police professional of reputation..

Past is important because present and future depends on it
If one says dont look at the past, then it is meaningless.
Afterall, you got the job because you were educated or skilled in the past.

You exist today because you ate everyday till today (if you would not have eaten, then you would have died or in acceptable words, expired or left the world)

Heart surgery is done by a professional cardiac surgeon who got related education and practical experience in the past. And a nurse who helps the doctor while doing heart surgery for years, can not do it because she has experience of helping the operation for years and not doing the operation. Yes, legally, she has not got related education to do hear surgery.

Just because you are daughter or son or sister or brother of someone who does something inhuman, it is not human to follow that person in inhuman acts.

Yes, with you or without you, they can buy time or murder someone. But they or you cant kill truth. It will be infact clear to the world if they or you or your neighbour or neighbours driver or someone who works with them murders someone or purposelty does accident in such a way that she or he thinks no one will know the truth. But police, politicians, friends know the happenings on 11th July 2013 and 28th August 2013. So they will cleverly disclose the truth.

Politicians are clever.
They are humans and know they cant carry inhuman burden.

If you think some politician at national, regional or even city level (Nagarsevak) can be bought or can save you, its false. Their truth is also known to related authorities and they are humans so they dont want their life to be thrown just be telling lies or pretending that they dont know anything.

Founder has done his term insurance because after accident he equated the accident to what someone said on 11th July 2013 of Raktappat (blood loss) and he knows that anyone can murder anybody any time. But founder believes in law
Police, Politicians, NGOs, Corporates, Funding agencies, Doctors, Taxi drivers who know the case.

After the assasination of former PM of Japan Shinzo Abe, founder thinking is more clearer. And assasinations of two of India's PM's (Indira Gandhi & Rajeev Gandhi) had already substantiated his thinking.

And after the accidental death of billionaire Cyrus Mistry, our founder's thought that anything can happen to anybody get reconfirmed. Cyrus could have taken a professional driver but he was human being so he was in a vehicle which was driven by a great doctor and with Indian road conditions, anything can happen to a great person because roads have holes plus roads suddenly get narrow and while because Cyrus was a great human who left life at 54, it is discussed but thousands of people die because of road accidents and they just are mentioned as numbers.

But like a product has expiry date, we know all including us have expiry date. So we decided that instead of we working, we will integrate NGO Brands across the world at our cost but will need someone to take care of global promotional expenses.

In India, there are about 3.3 million NGOs and we think the world may have 8 million to 10 million NGOs. So if we plan to share and promote only 10000 or 20000 NGO Brands by 31.3.2024, its not a big figure.

Past is important because present and future depends on it
NGOs work for communities.
Many NGOs which work for tribals or with indigeneous communities or in disaster relief, live dangerous life. It is unfortunate that they dont take term insurance. Maybe because they dont have related money.

In such cases, philanthropists can come forward and do term insurance of such greats. This gives some relief because Term Insurance in India means if you die, your nominees get money.

Opportunity to Brands

We give opportunity to 26 Brands which can have banner on any of the 26 alphabets.

More importanty, we will have about 80 to 120 NGO Brands per alphabet, so if A has 600 NGO Brands, the organisation which sponsors A will have 6 banners. Remember, the cost is towards, global research, global discussions, global promotion and our sustainability.

Brand Makers and Brand promoters

(They have not suggested their name but it is founder's responsibility to share the NGOs / NPOs started by Ashoka Fellows because he is an Ashoka Fellow and realised how important it was to made him think he is different.
Now if some Ashoka Fellows have joined politics (e.g. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is an Ashoka Fellow), then we will remove the NGO they started. But if they have left the NGO and joined politics, then we will not remove the NGO)

Name with links to all the donors who suggest NGO Brands. (Will be shared alphabetically when we get the names)