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Guinea Bissau Government

Latest population


Independence Day
September 24 1973


Guinea Bissau National Anthem

This Is Our Beloved Country
Sun, sweat, verdure, and sea,
Centuries of pain and hope;
This is the land of our ancestors.
Fruit of our hands,
Of the flower of our blood:
This is our beloved country.

Long live our glorious country!
The banner of our struggle
Has fluttered in the skies.
Forward, against the foreign yoke!
We are going to build
Peace and progress
In our immortal country!
Peace and progress
In our immortal country!

Branches of the same trunk,
Eyes in the same light;
This is the force of our unity!
The sea and the land,
The dawn and the sun are singing
That our struggle has borne fruit!

West African CFA Franc

Emergency numbers
Local numbers only

Crioulo (lingua franca)
Portuguese (largely used as a second or third language)
Pular (a Fula language)

Guinea Bissau Political parties
The parties

African Independence Party of Guinea and Cape Verde
Partido Africano da Independência de Guiné e Cabo Verde PAIGC
Founded : September 19, 1956
Website : http://www.paigc.gw/

Party for Social Renewal
Partido para a Renovação Social PRS
Founded : 14 January 1992

United Social Democratic Party

Partido Unido Social Democrático PUSD
Founded : 1992

Green Party
Liga Guineense para Proteccao Ecologica LIPE

Democratic Social Front
Frente Democrática Social FDS
Founded : March 1990

Union for Change

União para a Mudança UM PDP
Founded : 1994

Resistance of Guinea-Bissau-Bafatá Movement

Resistência da Guiné-Bissau-Movimento Bafatá RGB-MB
Founded : 27 July 1986

National Union for Democracy and Progress
União Nacional para a Democracia e o Progresso UNDP
Founded : 5 December 1997
Website : http://www.abubacarbalde.com

Workers' Party

Partido dos Trabalhadores PT
Founded : 17 July 2002
Website : http://www.nodjuntamon.com/

Manifest Party of the People
Partido do Manifesto do Povo PMP
Founded : 2003

Socialist Party of Guinea-Bissau
Partido Socialista da Guiné-Bissau PSGB
Founded : 1994

Guinean Democratic Movement

Movimento Democrático Guineense
Founded : 14 February 2003

Guinean Civic Forum–Social Democracy
Fórum Cívico Guineense-Social Democracia FCG/SD
Founded : 23 February 1991

New Democracy Party Guinea-Bissau
Partido da Nova Democracia PND
Founded : 2007

Democratic Convergence Party Guinea-Bissau
Partido da Convergência Democrática PCD
Founded : 2 August 1991

Republican Party for Independence and Development
Partido Republicano para a Independência e Desenvolvimento PRID
Founded : March 2008

Social Democratic Party Guinea-Bissau
Partido Social Democrática PSD
Founded : 1995

Muslim 45.1%
Christian 22.1%
Animist 14.9%
None 2%
Unspecified 15.9%

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Bhau started postponing death of founder (his son) on 28.08.2013 because founder has not finished his responsibility to serve Mother Earth.

Many others (non blood related) helped.

That's togetherness.

Millions of individuals & organisations are serving earth.

The master key is integration and sharing their work.