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Guyana Government

Ministry of Legal Affairs

Latest population


Independence Day
May 26 1966

Guyana National Anthem

Dear Land of Guyana, of Rivers and Plains

Dear land of Guyana, of rivers and plains;
Made rich by the sunshine, and lush by the rains,
Set gem-like and fair, between mountains and seas,
Your children salute you, dear land of the free

Green land of Guyana, our heroes of yore,
Both bondsmen and free, laid their bones on your shore.
This soil so they hallowed, and from them are we,
All sons of one Mother, Guyana the free.

Great land of Guyana, diverse though our strains,
We're born of their sacrifice, heirs of their pains,
And ours is the glory their eyes did not see,
One land of six peoples, united and free.

Our homage, our service, each day that we live;
God guard you, great Mother, and make us to be
More worthy our heritage, land of the free.

Guyanese Dollar

Emergency numbers

Guyanese Creole
Amerindian languages (including Caribbean and Arawak languages) Indian languages (including Caribbean Hindustani, a dialect of Hindi) Chinese

Guyana Political parties
The political parties

Parliamentary parties

People's National Congress Reform
Founded : 1957
Website : http://www.pncrguyana.com/

People's Progressive Party

Founded : 1 January 1950
Website : http://www.ppp-civic.org/

A Partnership for National Unity
Founded : July 2011
Website : http://www.apnuguyana.com/

Alliance for Change
Founded : 2005
Website : http://www.afcguyana.com/

Non-parliamentary parties

Justice for All Party

National Front Alliance
Founded : 1 December 2000

Working People's Alliance
Founded : 1974

The United Force
Founded : 1960

Protestant 34.8% (Pentecostal 22.8%, Seventh Day Adventist 5.4%, Anglican 5.2%, Methodist 1.4%)
Hindu 24.8%
Roman Catholic 7.1%
Muslim 6.8%
Jehovah's Witness 1.3%
Rastafarian 0.5%
Other Christian 20.8%
Other 0.9%
None 3.1%


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Bhau started postponing death of founder (his son) on 28.08.2013 because founder has not finished his responsibility to serve Mother Earth.

Many others (non blood related) helped.

That's togetherness.

Millions of individuals & organisations are serving earth.

The master key is integration and sharing their work.