7 Hours
We are starting a new way of volunteering where one can sit at home
and help NGOs in all countries at the same time.

No need to travel anywhere and if you want we will keep contact details secret.
Management experts from corporates, Ad / PR agencies, Business / Industry associations just have to share 7 hours once in life.

5 hours thinking, 1 hour writing, 1 hour rewriting. Email it to us so that we can put it in such a way that your answer in English gets translated in over 100 languages.

Business development & CSR experts can write about Fund Raising, Communication experts can write about how to approach corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists and how to communicate with the communities,
HR experts can write about role of Boards, CEOs, Succession planning ....
every experts can write and share what she or he or transgender thinks is the right strategy NGOs should adopt to help communities, nature, their countries & worlds climate.

If we say, please do it, you will forget. But if your loved one says, do it otherwise you will not eat for a week, then you will do the Brand Operation responsibly.

Always be happy. That's what we want. Be happy when serving Mother Earth..