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Alicia Alonso
Cuba 7 June 2002
Promotion of ballet dancing (Programme of Intangible Heritage)
Andrés Roemer
Mexico September 2017
Societal Change and the Free Flow of Knowledge
Ara Abramyan
Russia 15 July 2003
Dialogue among Civilizations

Bahia Hariri
Lebanon 17 November 2000
Preservation of World Heritage, education, culture, women's rights and sustainable development in the Arab world

Chantal Biya
Cameroon 14 November 2008
Education and Social Inclusion
Cheick Modibo Diarra
Mali 1998
Promotion of education, especially in sciences, sustainable development in Africa
Christiane Amanpour
United Kingdom 29 April 2015
Freedom of expression and journalist safety
Christine Hakim
Indonesia 11 March 2008
Teacher education in South East Asia
Claudia Cardinale
Italy March 2000
Promotion of women's rights, especially for women in the Mediterranean; Environment issues
Cristina Owen-Jones
Italy 23 March 2004
HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program
Deeyah Khan
Norway 17 November 2016
Artistic freedom and creativity
Esther Coopersmith
United States 2009
Forest Whitaker
United States 21 June 2011
Giancarlo Elia Valori
Italy 2001
Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage

Grand Duchess María Teresa of Luxembourg
Luxembourg 10 June 1997
Education, Women's rights, microfinance and campaign against poverty

Hayat Sindi
Saudi Arabia 1 October 2012
Promotion of science education for Arab women
Honorary Ambassadors
Ivonne A-Baki
Ecuador 15 February 2010
Ivry Gitlis
Israel 1990
Support of education and Culture of Peace and Tolerance
Jean Malaurie
France 17 July 2007
In charge of arctic polar issues, promoting environmental issues and safeguarding the culture and knowledge of the peoples of the Arctic
Jean Michel Jarre
France 24 May 1993
Protection of the environment (water, fight against desertification, renewable energies), youth and tolerance, safeguarding of World Heritage
Keith Chatsauka-Coetzee
South Africa 12 July 2012
Kim Phuc Phan Thi
Vietnam 10 November 1994
Protection and education for children, orphans and innocent victims of war
Kitín Muñoz
Spain 22 April 1997
Protection and promotion of indigenous cultures and their environment
Laura Welch Bush
United States 13 February 2003
UNESCO Honorary Ambassador for the Decade of Literacy in the context of the United Nations Literacy Decade (2003–2012)
Madanjeet Singh
India 16 November 2000
Founder of the South Asia Foundation, which promotes regional cooperation through education and sustainable development
Maha al-Khalil Chalabi
Lebanon 17 February 2016
Heritage protection and preservation in Tyre
Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière
France 27 August 2009
Marianna Vardinoyannis
Greece 21 October 1999
Protection of childhood; promotion of cultural Olympics; humanitarian relief for war victims
Mehriban Aliyeva
Azerbaijan 9 September 2004
Promotion and safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage, especially oral traditions and expressions
Miguel Angel Estrella
Argentina 26 October 1989
Promotion of Culture of Peace and tolerance through music
Milú Villela
Brazil 10 November 2004
Voluntary Action and Basic Education in Latin America
Montserrat Caballé
Spain 22 April 1994
Fundraising for children in distress and victims of war
Nasser David Khalili
United Kingdom October 2012
Promotion of intercultural dialogue and promotion of peace through education and culture.
Nizan Guanaes
Brazil 27 May 2011
Omer Zülfü Livaneli
Turkey 20 September 1996
Promotion of peace and tolerance through music and promotion of human rights
Oskar Metsavaht
Brazil 27 May 2011
Patrick Baudry
France September 1999
Education of young people through seminars, science conferences and projects in the field
Pierre Bergé
France 2 July 1993
Campaign against HIV/AIDS, human rights, Cultural Heritage
Pierre Cardin
France 1991
Promotion of the Chernobyl Program, creation of the Six Flags of Tolerance in 1995 and distribution in UNESCO Member States
Princess Dana Firas
Jordan 29 June 2017
Heritage protection and preservation
Princess Firyal of Jordan
Jordan 1992
Promotion of the Education for All initiative, humanitarian actions, World Heritage, women's rights, especially Arab women
Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco
Morocco July 2001
Protection of childhood and women's rights
Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand
Thailand 24 March 2005
Empowerment of Minority Children and the Preservation of their Intangible Cultural Heritage
Rigoberta Menchu Túm
Guatemala 21 June 1996
Promotion of Culture of Peace, protection of rights of indigenous people
Sheikh Ghassan I. Shaker
Saudi Arabia 1989
Fundraising, children and women in need, victims of war, education, microfinance
Sunny Varkey
India 2012
Promoter of education. Currently in United Arab Emirates.
Susana Rinaldi
Argentina 28 April 1992
Street children, Culture of Peace
The Princess of Hanover
Monaco 2 December 2003
Protection of children and the family, empowerment of women and girls in Africa
Ute-Henriette Ohoven
Germany 1992
UNESCO Special Ambassador for Education of Children in Need
Valdas Adamkus
Lithuania 29 September 2003
Construction of Knowledge Societies
Vigdís Finnbogadóttir
Iceland 1998
Promotion of linguistic diversity, women's rights, education
Vik Muniz
Brazil 27 May 2011
Vitaly Ignatenko
Russia 2008
Building of the capacities of the Russian language journalists and promotion of the free circulation of ideas in the Russian-speaking world
Yalitza Aparicio
Mexico 4 October 2019
Indigenous Peoples
Yazid Sabeg
Algeria 16 February 2010
Zurab Tsereteli
Georgia 30 March 1996 Cultural and artistic projects
Former Ambassadors (Next to the name of the country, it is the period)
Marin Constantin Romania 1992–2011
Ikuo Hirayama Japan 1989–2009
Lily Marinho Brazil 1999–2011
Yehudi Menuhin Switzerland, United Kingdom 1992–1999
Mstislav Rostropovich Russia 1998–2007
Sheikh Ghassan I. Shaker Oman 1989–2011