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Blood Banks (Blood donation)

Thanks to the education given by Bhau, we plan to share the concept of blood donation across the world free with Thane as a global example.

Blood like air doesnt believe in your caste, religion, nationality .... yes, only people of certain age group can donate blood or people with certain diseases like BP, HIV, diabetes ... can not donate blood because it affects the person to whom the blood is donated.

Global example of Blood donation is

Kai Wamanrao Oka Rakta Pedhi (Blood Bank)
Near Satyam collections, Ghantali, Thane
Contact : +91-22-25385248

We think CSR as Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation
and not limit it to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We want programms on every social issue to be sustainable
While many programmes are same, some can be different so that others can replicate it or increase the scale
Some can modify the way programmes are done. Which means they are reputed programmes which increases the reputation of the organisation working on the programme.
And most importantly any profit or not for profit or funding agency or philanthropic organisation or government or UN must have conscience while doing the programme, must know the challenges and solutions, limitations, opportunities ... so the programme must be a combination of professionalism and emotions (Brain and Heart).

We plan to share links to CSR programmes of corporates, funding agencies, philanthropic organisations, government, UN, celebrities and the NGO partners because we want to brand social issues as well as countries because we know a country's brand identity is related to how the country brand takes care of citizens of the country.

From an earlier strategy of having an issue and within that the subissues, we will make even subissues as issues so that the focus of the donor gets more clear.

We start the social issue from 15th June 2023.