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San Marino Government

Latest population

San Marino

Independence Day
September 3

San Marino National Anthem

The National Anthem of the Republic

O ancient Republic
honour to you, virtuous
honour to you (repeat stanza)
Generous fidelity,
O virtuous one.
O Republic,
Honour and eternal life,
with the life
and glory of Italy
O Republic
honour to you.


Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 113
Fire: 116
Police: 112


San Marino Police
Agency overview : Formed January 1, 1945
Preceding agencies : Traffic Police Corps, Gendarmerie
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : City of San Marino
Agency executive : Commander
Parent agency : Secretary of State of Home Affairs

Website : http://www.sanmarinosite.com/eng/corpimilitari.html

San Marino Political parties
The parties

San Marino Common Good

Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party
( Partito Democratico Cristiano Sammarinese, PDCS)
Founded 9 April 1948
Website:- www.pdcs.sm

We Sammarinese
(Noi Sammarinesi, NS)
Founded 2006
Website:- www.noisammarinesi.com

Party of Socialists and Democrats
(Partito dei Socialisti e dei Democratici, PSD)
Founded 18 February 2005
Website:- www.psd.sm

Popular Alliance (San Marino)
(Alleanza Popolare, AP)
Founded 10 January 1993
Website:- www.alleanzapopolare.net

Agreement for the Country

Union for the Republic (San Marino)
(Unione Per la Repubblica)
Founded 4 March 2011
Website:- http://www.upr.sm/

Socialist Party (San Marino)
Partito Socialista
Founded 30 May 2012
Website:- www.partitosocialista.sm

United Left (San Marino)
( Sinistra Unita, SU )
Founded 2006 (coalition)
Founded 2012 (party)
Website:- www.sinistraunita.sm

Civic 10
( Movimento Civico10 )
Founded 30 July 2012
Website:- http://www.civico10.org/

Other parties

RETE Movement
(Rinnovamento, Equità, Transparenza, Ecosostenibilità Movimento Civico)
Founded several activist groups involved in the environmental, civic rights and arts.
Website:- Not Available

For San Marino

San Marino 3.0

Sammarinese Democratic Party
(Partito Democratico Sammarinese)

Former parties

Sammarinese People
( Popolari Sammarinesi, PS )
Founded 4 February 2003
Website:- www.popolarisammarinesi.sm

Roman Catholic

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