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11 January

National Unity Day of Nepal
Independence Resistance Day (Morocco)

Kagami Biraki (Japan)
In Japan the New Year period is considered the most important time of the year, and 'Kagami Biraki' coincides with its celebration. Ritually it is held on the second Sunday of January and is usually celebrated by offering 'Mochi' (a concentrated round, flat rice cake). Men offer the mochi to their armour; women offer it to their mirrors.

The literal translation for 'Kagami' is 'Mirror' and 'Biraki' means 'Open' or 'Opening' as well as abstinence; i.e. to break. The expression translates as 'Open Mirror, Mirror Opening' or 'Rice Cutting Ceremony'. The tradition stems from an old military custom.

The Kagami Biraki celebration has become a custom to various martial arts such as Judo, Kendo, Karatedo, Aikido, etc.. Its occurrence officially kicks off the dojo's year and, for students, it represents a renewing of the 'Spirit' and 'Rededication' to training. It has come to mean the first gathering, (Hatsu Geiko - martial artists call it 'first training') opening or coming together in the new year of many people (members of a clan) dojo, family etc. to assemble for a lecture, message or speech given by the headmaster or leader. It is usually in order that he may share with them how he really feels and what he's really like deep down inside. It follows that the members would also use this occasion to reflect upon themselves and their actions of the previous year.

Republic Day (Albania)
Anniversary of the establishment of Albania in 1946.

1922 – First use of insulin to treat diabetes in a human patient.
1972 – East Pakistan renames itself Bangladesh.






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