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Mauritania Government

Latest population


Independence Day
November 28 1960

Mauritania National Anthem
Be a helper for God, and censure what is forbidden,
And turn with the law which, which He wants you to follow,
Hold no one to be useful or harmful, except for Him,
And walk the path of the chosen one, and die while you are on it!
For what was sufficient for the first of us, is sufficient for the last one, too.
And leave those people who do evil things with respect to God.
They misrepresented him by making him similar, and made all kinds of excuses.
They made bold claims, and blackened notebooks.
They let the nomads and the sedentary people, both make bitter experiences,
And the great sins of their [doctrinal] innovations bequeathed small.
And just in case a disputant, calls you to dispute about their claims,
Do not, then, dispute on them, except by way of an external dispute.

Mauritanian Ouguiya

Emergency numbers
Fire: 118
Police: 117

Arabic (national)
Wolof (all national languages) French
Note: the spoken Arabic in Mauritania differs considerably from the modern standard Arabic used for official written purposes or in the media
The Mauritanian dialect, which incorporates many Berber words, is referred to as Hassaniya

Mauritania Political parties
Action for Change
Founded : 1996

Alliance for Justice and Democracy/Movement for Renewal
Founded : August 2007
Website : www.ajd-mr.org

Mauritanian Popular Front
Founded : 1998

Rally for Democracy and Unity
Founded : 1991

Assembly of Democratic Forces
Founded : 2002

Republican Party for Democracy and Renewal
Founded : 1992
Website : prdr.mr

Union for Democracy and Progress
Founded : 11 June 1993

Union of Democratic Forces (Mauritania)
Founded : 1991

Union of the Forces of Progress
Founded : 1991 (name changed 2000)
Website : www.ufpweb.org

Union for the Republic (Mauritania)
Founded : 2009
Website : www.upr.mr

National Rally for Reform and Development
Founded : 2007
Website : tewassoul.org

National Pact for Development and Democracy (Pacte National pour la Démocratie et le Développement, ADIL, PNDD-ADIL)


National Front for the Defence of Democracy

Muslim 100%

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