Olympic Winners
They may be from any country, but when they win Gold Medal in Olympics, their national anthem is played. So they really make their country proud.
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Olympic Winners

Olympic Winners

First thing.
In any Olympics, out of millions of players in the world, only a few thousand take part in Olympics as players. e.g. In Brazil Olympics, about 11000 played Olympics and only 262 won Gold Medals.
We think all are winners. But Gold Medal is given to the topper. It is usually one but at time two.

We all use light.
Who invented it ?
We share the country where the person who discovered it was born or is / was living because their discoveries or inventions make their country proud.

CSRidentity.com will share over 100 such people.
Their names will be linked to the index page of related country.

And unlike Nobel Laureates, Giving Pledgers, Ashoka Fellows where we give links to Nobel Prize site or Giving Pledgers site or Ashoka Fellows site, we will create a page where we will mention the discovery and this page is linked from the greats name which is covered in related country.

While this page is a donation page, each page of persons who discover or invent things will have a banner of individuals or organisations.