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Romania Government

Ministry of Justice

Latest population


Romania National Anthem

Awaken Thee, Romanian

Wake up, Romanian, from the sleep of death
Into which you have been sunk by the barbaric tyrants
Now, or never, make a new fate for yourself,
To which even your cruel enemies will bow.

Now or never let us give proof to the world
That in these veins a Roman blood still flows,
That in our chests we hold a name with pride,
Victorious in battle, the name of Trajan!

Raise your broad forehead and see around you
How, like fir trees on a mountain, hundreds of thousands of strong men stand;
Just waiting for a voice to pounce like wolves on sheep,
Elders, men, youths, boys, from the mountains and from the plains.

Behold, great shadows, Mihai, ?tefan, Corvinus,
The Romanian Nation, your great-grandchildren,
With weapons in their arms, with your fire in their veins,
"Life in freedom or death!" shout all.

You were vanquished by the evils of your envy
And by your blind disunity, at Milcov and the Carpathians
But we, whose souls were pierced by holy liberty,
Swear that for ever in brotherhood will join.

A widowed mother from the time of Michael the Great
Claims from her sons today a helping hand,
And with tears in her eyes curses whomsoever,
In such great peril, a traitor would become.

Of thunder and of brimstone should they perish
Anyone who would flee the glorious place
When our land or our mother, with a sorrowful heart,
Will ask us to cross through swords and blazing fire.

Didn't we have enough of the yatagan of the barbaric crescent
Whose fatal wounds we still feel today;
Now the knou is intruding in our ancestral homes,
But the Lord is our witness that we shall not accept it alive.

Didn't we have enough of the blinded despotism,
Whose yoke, like cattle, for centuries we have carried?
Now the cruel ones are trying, in their blind arrogance,
To take away our language, but only dead will we surrender it.

Romanians from the four corners, now or never
Unite in thought, unite in feeling
Proclaim to the wide world that the Danube is stolen
Through intrigue and coercion, sly machinations.

Priests, lead with your crucifixes, for our army is Christian,
The motto is Liberty and its goal is holy,
Better to die in battle, in full glory,
Than to once again be slaves upon our ancient ground!

Romanian Leu

Emergency numbers

Romanian (official) 85.4%
Hungarian 6.3%
Romani 1.2%
Other 1%
Unspecified 6.1%

Romania Political parties
Parties represented in Parliament

Social Democratic Party
Partidul Social Democrat
Founded 1990 (FSN)
Founded 1992 (FDSN)
Founded 1993 (PDSR)
Founded 16 January 2001 (as PSD)
Website:- http://www.psd.ro/

National Liberal Party (Romania)
Partidul National Liberal

Founded 24 May 1875; 141 years ago
Founded 15 January 1990 (re-established after Romanian Revolution)
Founded 6 October 2014 (merger with PDL)
Website:- http://www.pnl.ro/

People's Movement Party
Partidul Miscarea Populara

Founded January 29, 2014
Website:- pmponline.ro

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats
Alianta Liberalilor si Democracilor

Founded 19 June 2015
Website:- alde.ro

Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania
(DAHR, Hungarian: Romániai Magyar Demokrata Szövetség, RMDSZ; Romanian: Uniunea Democrata Maghiara din România, UDMR)

Founded 25 December 1989
Website:- www.dahr.ro

National Democratic Party (Romania)
Partidului National Democrat

Founded 26 February 2015
Website:- pndnational.ro

Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party
(Partidul Nacional Taranesc Crestin Democrat, PNT-CD)

Founded December 1989
Website:- www.pntcd.ro

Green Party (Romania)
Partidul Verde

Website:- http://www.partidulverde.ro/

The New Republic
Partidul Noua Republica

Founded 29 January 2013
Website:- http://www.nouarepublica.2n.ro/

Minor parties

Ethnic minority organizations

See also: Romanian ethnic minorities parties

Association of Italians of Romania
(Asociatia Italienilor din România, AIR; Italian: Associazione degli Italiani in Romania, RO.AS.IT)
Founded 1993
Website:- http://roasit.ro/site/ro/

Bulgarian Union of Banat–Romania

Community of the Lippovan Russians in Romania
(Comunitatea Rusilor Lipoveni din Romania, CRL; Obshchina Russkikh-Lipovan Rumynii)
Website:- http://www.crlr.ro/en/

Cultural Union of Ruthenians of Romania
(Uniunea Culturala a Rutenilor din România, UCRR; Kultulrne Tovarystvo Rusyniv Romaniji)

Founded 2000
Website:- http://rutenii.ro/

The Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania
(German: Demokratisches Forum der Deutschen in Rumänien, DFDR; Romanian: Forumul Democrat al Germanilor din România, in short Forumul German, abbreviated FDGR)
Founded 1989
Website:- http://www.fdgr.ro/

The Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Democratica a Slovacilor si Cehilor din Romania, UDSCR; Czech: Demokratický svaz Slováku a Cechu v Rumunsku; Slovak: Demokratický zväz Slovákov a Cechov v Rumunsku)

The Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tatars of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Democratica a Tatarilor Turco-Musulmani din Romania, UDTTMR; Tatar: Romanya Müslüman Tatar Türkleri Demokrat Birligi, RMTTDB)
Founded 29 December 1989
Website:- http://uniuneatatara.ro/

The Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania
(Romanian: Federatia Comunitatilor Evreiesti din Romania, FCER)

Website:- http://www.jewishfed.ro/

Hellenic Union of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Elena din Romania, UER; Énose Ell?non tes Roumanías)

Website:- http://www.uniunea-elena.ro/

League of Albanians of Romania
(Romanian: Asociatia Liga Albanezilor din Romania, ALAR; Albanian: Liga e shqiptarëve në Rumani)
Founded 30 June 1999
Website:- http://www.alar.ro/

Party of the Roma
(Romanian: Partida Romilor, Romani: Partida le Romenge),

Founded 1990
Website:- http://www.partidaromilor.ro/

Democratic Turkish Union of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Democrata Turca din România, UDTR; Turkish: Romanya Demokrat Türk Birligi, RDTB)

Founded 1990
Website:- http://www.rdtb.ro/index.php?l=en&m=0

Union of Armenians of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Armenilor din România, UAR; Hayeri miowt yownë owminiayi)

Website:- http://www.uniuneaarmenilor.ro/

Union of Croatians of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Croatilor din România, UCR; Croatian: Zajedništvo Hrvata u Rumunjskoj, ZHR)

Union of Poles of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Polonezilor din Romania, UPR; Polish: Zwiazek Polaków w Rumunii "Dom Polski")
Website:- http://dompolski.ro/home/

Union of Serbs of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Sârbilor din România)
Founded 1989
Website:- Not Available

Union of the Ukrainians of Romania
(Romanian: Uniunea Ucrainienilor din Romania, UUR; Soyuzu Ukrayintsiv Rumuniyi, SUR)
Website:- http://www.uur.ro/

Parties with elected representation at local and county level

Coalition for Baia Mare

Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania
(Erdélyi Magyar Néppárt, EMNP; Romanian: Partidul Popular Maghiar din Transilvania, PPMT)
Founded 2011
Website:- http://www.neppart.eu/

"National Unity Bloc" Party

"Movement for Medgidia" Party

Farmers' Party of Romania

Romani Democratic Alliance Party

"Alliance for Domnesti" Party

Hungarian Civic Party
(Hungarian: Magyar Polgári Párt, Romanian: Partidul Civic Maghiar)
Founded 2008
Website:- http://www.polgaripart.ro/

Social Justice Party

Romanian Ecologist Party
(Partidul Ecologist Român)
Founded January 1990
Website:- http://www.per.ro/

"Forta Moldova" Party

National Identity and Dignity Front

Party of Ialomitans

Founded 3 June 2015
Website:- Not Available

Party of Maramuresans

Liberal Movement Party

Social Liberal Movement Party

NeoSocialist Party

New Right Party
Noua Dreapta
Founded 2000
Website:- http://www.nouadreapta.org/

Free People Party

Party for Arges and Muscel

Platform for New Civic Action (PACT)

Humanist Power Party

Republican Party of Romania

Greater Romania Party
(Partidul România Mare, PRM)
Founded 1991; 25 years ago
Website:- http://prm-central.ro/

United Romania Party
(Partidul România Unita)
Founded 23 April 2015
Website:- http://www.partidulromaniaunita.org/

Party of Democratic Romani

Romanian Social Party
(Partidul Social Românesc, PSRO)
Founded March 9, 2015
Website:- Not Available

Romanian Socialist Party
(Romanian Socialist Party (Romanian: Partidul Socialist Român)
Founded July 2003
Website:- http://www.psr.org.ro/

Christian Democratic Union of Romania

Save Bucharest Union
(Uniunea Salvati Bucurestiul)
Founded 1 July 2015[
Website:- http://usb.ro/

UpR Party

United for Siria

Independent Union for Sighisoara

Save Sebis Union

Parties without elected representation

The Romanian Communist Party (Romanian: Partidul Comunist Român, PCR)
Partidul Comunist Român

Founded 2010
Website: http://npcr.ro/

Romanian Socialist Party
Partidul Socialist Român

Founded July 2003
Website: http://npcr.ro/

New Generation Party
(Partidul Noua Generacie - Crestin Democrat, PNGCD; formerly Partidul Noua Generacie, PNG)

Founded 2000
Website: http://www.png.ro/

"Everything For the Country" Party
Partidul "Totul Pentru Tara"

Founded 1993
Website: Not Available

Partidul PRODEMO

Founded 2010
Website: http://www.ppro.org/

Social Christian People's Union
Uniunea Populara Social Crestina

Founded October 22, 2006
Website: http://uniuneapopulara.blogspot.in/

Post-1989 parties

Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party
Partidul Nacional Taranesc Crestin Democrat

Founded December 1989
Website: http://www.pntcd.ro/

Eastern Orthodox (including all sub-denominations) 81.9%
Protestant (various denominations including Reformed and Pentecostal) 6.4%
Roman Catholic 4.3%, other (includes Muslim) 0.9%
none or atheist 0.2%
unspecified 6.3%

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