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Montenegro Government

Latest population

Cetinje (Old Royal Capital, present seat of the President)
Podgorica (official)

Independence Day
May 21 2006

Montenegro National Anthem
O, Bright Dawn of May

Oh, bright dawn of May
Our mother Montenegro
We are sons of your rocks
and keepers of your honesty
We love you, the rocky hills
And your awesome gorges
That never came to know
The chains of shameful slavery.
While our unity gives wings
to our Lovcen cause
Proud shall be, celebrated will be
Our dear homeland.
A river of our waves,
Jumping into two seas,
Will bear voice to the ocean,
Eternal is our Montenegro!


Emergency numbers

Serbian 42.9%
Montenegrin (official) 37%
Bosnian 5.3%
Albanian 5.3%
Serbo-Croat 2%
Other 3.5%
Unspecified 4%

Montenegro Police
Agency overview : Formed 1831
Jurisdiction : Ministry of Interior Affairs
Headquarters : Podgorica, Montenegro
Agency executive : Director

Website : http://www.mup.gov.me/upravapolicije/naslovna/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Montenegro Political parties
Parliamentary parties

Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro
Founded : 1943 / rebranded 1991
Website : www.dps.me

Democratic Montenegro
Founded : 19 April 2015
Website : www.demokrate.me

New Serb Democracy
Founded 24 January 2009
Website : www.nova.org.me

Movement for Changes
Founded : 2002 (as an NGO) / 2006 (as a party)
Website : http://www.promjene.org

DEMOS (Montenegro)
Founded : 18 March 2015
Website : www.demos.org.me

Social Democratic Party of Montenegro
Founded : 1993
Website : http://www.sdp.co.me

Democratic People's Party (Montenegro)
Founded : 21 March 2015
Website : www.dnpcg.me

Socialist People's Party of Montenegro
Founded : 1997
Website : www.snp.co.me

United Reform Action
Founded : 14 March 2015
Website : www.ura.org.me

Bosniak Party
Founded : 2006
Website : www.bscg.me

Social Democrats of Montenegro
Founded : 31 July 2015
Website : www.sdcg.me

Liberal Party of Montenegro
Founded : 2004
Website : http://www.lpcg.me

Workers' Party (Montenegro)
Founded : 3 March 2015

New Democratic Power – FORCA
Founded : 22 October 2005

Croatian Civic Initiative
Founded : 28 August 2002
Website : http://www.hgi.co.me/

Parties without seats

Albanian Alternative
Founded : 2006

Democratic Centre of Boka
Founded : 2008
Website : http://www.dcboke.com

Democratic League in Montenegro
Founded : 9 September 1990

Democratic Party of Unity
Founded : 2006

Democratic Serb Party (Montenegro)
Founded 2003
Website : www.dsscg.com

Positive Montenegro
Founded : 26 May 2012
Website : www.pozitivnacrnagora.me

Democratic Union of Albanians
Founded : 21 November 1993

People's Party (Montenegro)
Founded : 1990
Website : www.narodnastranka.com

Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro
Founded : 25 September 2009
Website : http://jkpcg.blogspot.com

Serb List (2012)
Founded : 5 January 2012

Party of Serb Radicals

Party of Democratic Prosperity

Alternative Montenegro

Bosniak Democratic Community

Montenegrin Democratic Union

Party of United Pensioners and the Disabled

Resistance to Hopelessness

Rule of Law Movement

Serb Party

Orthodox 72.1%
Muslim 19.1%
Catholic 3.4%
Atheist 1.2%
Other 1.5%
Unspecified 2.6%

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