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Finland Government
Ministry of Justice

Latest population


Independence Day
December 6 1917

Finland National Anthem
Our Land
OH our land Finland, our land of birth,
sound, the golden word!
There's no a valley, no a hill
not a water, a shore more precious
than this northern homeland
the dear land of our fathers!

Our land is poor, so it remains,
if you long for gold
A stranger sure abandons it,
but to us, the most precious land is this,
its wilds, islands, mainlands,
to us, they are golden.

They are dear to us
our rapids with their surges
the hummings of eternal pines
our starnights, the summers bright
all that with their pictures and songs
closed to heart.

Here with ploughs, swords, thoughts
our fathers fought,
when the day hid in the clouds
or shone with shines of happiness
here the nation of Finland, the most difficult
troubles they experienced.

This nation's battles who can
tell them, who?
When a war sounded in our valleys,
and frost brought the pain of hunger,
who measured the blood
and its sufferings?

Here has its blood flown
for our sake, too
here has it enjoyed its happiness
and sighed its worries
that nation, to which the most ancient
burden of ours was given.

Here we have a feeling excellent
and everything favourable,
although be it whatever luck
land fatherland is what we have.
What's sweeter in the world
and what's more precious?

And here is this land,
our eyes see it.
We can reach out a hand
and point at water, shore
and say: see, there's
our father's dearest land.

If we were accompained to glory
even to golden clouds,
where we wouldn't cry
but most important joy the soul would get,
to this poor home
our will would be.

The homeland of truth and poet
the land with a thousand lakes
where our life gets protection,
you the land of memories and hopes,
always be, content with your luck,
free and joyful.

Your prosperity from its hide
shall break out once
yet our love it shall rise
your hope, joy in its brilliance,
and once, your song, the land of birth
shall get the highest echo.


Emergency numbers

Finnish 87.9%
Swedish 5.2%
Russian 1.4%
Other 5.5%

Finland Police
Agency overview
Legal personality : Governmental: Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Helsinki, Finland
Parent agency Ministry of Interior

Website : http://www.poliisi.fi/english

For detailed and more information, see the source

Finland Political parties
Centre Party

Suomen Keskusta
Founded : 1906
Website : www.keskusta.fi

Finns Party
Perussuomalaiset, PS
Founded : 11 May 1995
Website : www.perussuomalaiset.fi

National Coalition Party
Kansallinen Kokoomus
Founded : 1918
Website : www.kokoomus.fi

Social Democratic Party of Finland
Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue, SDP
Founded : 1899
Website : www.sdp.fi

Green League
Vihreä liitto
Founded : 28 February 1987
Website : http://www.vihreat.fi/

Left Alliance
Founded : 1990
Website : www.vasemmisto.fi

Swedish People's Party of Finland
Svenska folkpartiet i Finland (SFP)
Founded : 1906
Website : http://www.sfp.fi/

Christian Democrats
Kristillisdemokraatit, KD
Founded : 1958
Website : www.kristillisdemokraatit.fi

Communist Party of Finland
Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue, SKP
Founded : 1984
Website : www.skp.fi

Communist Workers' Party – For Peace and Socialism
Kommunistinen Työväenpuolue – Rauhan ja Sosialismin puolesta, KTP
Founded : 1988
Website : http://www.ktpkom.fi

Pirate Party of Finland
Founded : 24 May 2008
Website : www.piraattipuolue.fi

Liberal Party
Liberaalipuolue – Vapaus valita
Founded : 2015
Website : viskipuolue.fi

Blue and White Front
Sinivalkoinen Rintama
Founded 4 April 2009
Website : www.vapauspuolue.fi

Change 2011
Muutos 2011
Founded : 4 June 2009
Website : www.muutos2011.fi

For the Poor
Köyhien Asialla
Founded November 2002
Website : www.koyhienasialla.fi

Workers Party of Finland
Suomen Työväenpuolue
Founded : 1999
Website : www.tyovaenpuolue.org

Other partis

Animal Justice Party of Finland
Independence Party

Parties outside parliament

Election campaign stations for the Pirate Party and Independence Party, Narinkka, Helsinki.
Swedish party (Ruotsalainen puolue) 1870–1906
Liberal party (Liberaalinen puolue) 1880–1885
Finnish Active Resistance Party (Suomen aktiivinen vastustuspuolue) 1904–1908
National Workers' Party (Kansallinen Työväenpuolue) 1917–?
Socialist Party of Work (Sosialistinen Työpuolue) 1917–1919
Peasant People's Party (Talonpoikaiskansan puolue) 1924–1933
Farmers' Party (Maanviljelijäin Puolue) 1927–1929
United Front (Yhteisrintama) 193?–1940
New Finnish Party (Uusi Suomalainen Puolue) 1932–1945
Finnish Socialist Party (Suomalaissosialistinen Puolue) 1932–1937
Patriotic People's Party (Isänmaallinen Kansanpuolue) 1932–1933
Finnish People's Organisation (Suomen Kansan Järjestö) 1933–1936
Finnish Socialist Workers' Party (Suomalaissosialistinen Työväen Puolue) 1934–1944
Work Front of Finland (Suomen Työrintama) 1936–1939
Party of Finnish National Work (Suomalais-Kansallisen Työn Puolue) 1939–?
National Socialist People's Party of Finland (Suomen Kansallissosialistinen Työväenpuolue) 1940–1943
Neo-Socialist Party (Uus-sosialistinen puolue) 1940–1945
Organisation of National Socialists (Kansallissosialistien Järjestö) 1940–1944
National Socialists of Finland (Suomen Kansallissosialistit) 1941–1944
Radical People's Party (Radikaalinen Kansanpuolue) 1944–1951
Independent Middle Class (Itsenäinen keskiluokka) 1949–1951
Finnish People's Party (Suomalainen kansanpuolue) 1950s
Independence Party (Itsenäisyyspuolue) 1960s
Party Organisation of Finnish Entrepreneurs (Suomen Yksityisyrittäjäin Puoluejärjestö) 1972–1979
Socialist Workers' Party (Sosialistinen Työväenpuolue) 1973–1990
Pensioners' Party of Finland (Suomen Eläkeläisten Puolue) 1985–1999
Joint Responsibility Party (Yhteisvastuu puolue) 1987–2007
Senior Citizens' Party of Finland (Suomen Senioripuolue), 1990–2014
Women's Party (Naisten puolue) 1990–1995
Party of Humanity (Ihmisyydenpuolue) 1991–1995
Finnish People's Blue-whites (Suomen Kansan Sinivalkoiset, SKS) 1993–2010
Patriotic People's Movement (Isänmaallinen kansanliike), 1993–2010
Natural Law Party (Luonnonlain puolue) 1994–2001
Forces for Change in Finland (Muutosvoimat Suomi) 2002–2007

Lutheran 69.8%
Greek Orthodox 1.1%
Other 1.7%
Unspecified 27.4%


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