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Independence Day
September 9 1991

Tajikistan National Anthem
National Anthem

Our beloved country,
We are happy to see your pride.
Let your happiness and prosperity be forever.
We have reached this day since ancient times,
And we are standing proudly under your flag, under your flag.

Long live my homeland, my free Tajikistan!

You are a symbol of our ancestors' hope
Our honour and dignity,
You are an eternal world for your sons,
Your spring will never end,
We shall remain loyal to you, loyal to you.

Long live my homeland, my free Tajikistan!

You are a mother for all of us,
Your future is our future,
Your meaning is the meaning of our souls and bodies,
You give us happiness forever,
Because of you, we love the world, love the world!

Long live my homeland, my free Tajikistan!

Tajikistani Somoni

Emergency numbers

Tajik (official) 84.4%
Uzbek 11.9%
Kyrgyz .8%
Russian .5%
Other 2.4%
Note: Russian widely used in government and business

Tajikistan Police
Agency overview
Headquarters : Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Minister responsible : Minister of Internal Affairs
Parent agency : Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Tajik SSR
Child agencies : Presidential National Guard, Border Service

Website : http://www.vkd.tj/

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Tajikistan Political parties
Communist Party of Tajikistan
(Hizbi Komunistii Tojikiston)

Founded 1991
Website:- Not Available

The People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan
(Hizbi Khalqi-Demokrati Tojikiston,)

Founded 10 December 1994
Website:- Not Available

Minor or not represented in Parliament

Agrarian Party (Tajikistan)

Democratic Party
(Hizbi Demokratii Tojikiston)
Founded August 1990
Website:- Not Available

Justice Party
(Hizbi Adolatkhoh)
Founded 1991
Website:- Not Available

Social Democratic Party
(Hizbi Sotsial-Demokratii Tojikiston)
Founded 18 March 1998
Website:- Not Available

Socialist Party of Tajikistan
(Hizbi Sotsialistii Tojikiston,)

Lali Badakhshan
(literally Rubies of Badakhshan, named after the writings of Sufi pirs)
Founded 4 March, 1991
Website:- Not Available

Hizb ut-Tahrir
(Hizb at-Tahrir; Party of Liberation)

Founded 1953; 63 years ago
Website:- http://www.hizb-ut-tahrir.org/



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