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San José

Independence Day
September 15 1821

Costa Rica National Anthem
Noble homeland, your beautiful flag

Noble homeland, your beautiful flag
Proof of your life it gives us
Under the unsullied blue of your skies,
Peace rests, white and pure.

In the tenacious battle of fruitful toil,
That which brings a glow to men's faces,
Your sons, simple farm hands,
Gained eternal renown, esteem and honor.
Eternal renown, esteem and honor.

Hail, gentle homeland!
Hail, mother of love!
When anyone should attempt to besmirch your glory,
You will see your people, valiant and virile,
The rustic tool into a weapon transform.

Hail, O homeland! Your prodigal soil
Sweet shelter and sustenance gives us.
Under the unsullied blue of your sky,
May peace and labor ever live!

Costa Rican Colón

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Costa Rica Political parties
Party Lists

Parties in Legislative Assembly, 2014-2018

National Liberation Party
Partido Liberación Nacional

Founded October 12, 1951; 65 years ago
Website:- www.plncr.org

Citizens' Action Party
Partido Acción Ciudadana

Founded 2000
Website:- http://www.pac.cr/

Broad Front
Partido Frente Amplio
Founded October 16, 2004
Website:- http://www.frenteamplio.org/

Social Christian Unity Party
(Partido de Unidad Socialcristiana)

Founded 1977
Website:- http://www.partidounidadsocialcristiana.com/

Libertarian Movement Party
(Spanish: Partido Movimiento Libertario; PML)

Founded May 1994
Website:- http://www.movimientolibertario.com/

Costa Rican Renovation Party
(Spanish: Partido Renovación Costarricense)

Founded 1995
Website:- NA

National Restoration Party
(Spanish: Partido Restauración Nacional – PRN)

Founded 5 February 2005
Website:- http://restauracionnacional.com/

Accessibility without Exclusion
(Partido Accesibilidad sin Exclusión, "PASE")

Founded 5 February 2005
Website:- http://partidopase.blogspot.com/

Christian Democratic Alliance
(Alianza Demócrata Cristiana) (ADC)

Founded 9 November 2012
Website:- http://alianzademocratacristiana.com/

Nationally Unrepresented Political Parties

National Integration Party
Partido Integración Nacional

Founded January 30, 1996
Website:- NA

New Generation Party (Costa Rica)
Founded July 8, 2012
Website:- https://www.partidonuevageneracion.net/

Patriotic Alliance (Costa Rica)
(Spanish: Alianza Patriótica)

Founded 1982
Website:- NA

Cartago Green Party
Partido Verde de Cartago
Founded November 2004
Website:- NA


Partido del Sol (Spanish for Party of the Sun)
Founded February 17, 1997
Website:- NA

21st Century Curridabat
(Curridabat Siglo XXI)

Escazu's Progressive Yoke
(Yunta Progresista Escazuceña)

Defunct Political Parties

National Union Party (Costa Rica)
Founded (Most recent) July 28, 2005
Website:- NA

National Rescue Party
(Spanish: Partido Rescate Nacional)

People's Vanguard Party (Costa Rica)
(Partido Vanguardia Popular)
Founded 1943
Website:- http://vanguardiapopular.blogspot.com/

Agricultural Labour Action Party
(Spanish: Partido Acción Laborista Agrícola)
Founded after the end of the Agrarian Politics Union Party.
Website:- NA

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