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Azerbaijan Government
Ministry of Justice

UN Mission
Permanent Mission of the Republic
of Azerbaijan to the United Nations
633 Third Avenue, Suite 3210
New York, NY 10017
Telephone : 212-371-2559 212-371-2832

Latest population


Independence Day
October 18 1991

National holiday : Republic Day, 28 May

Azerbaijan National Anthem

Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
O Great Land, your children are heroes.
We are ready to be martyred for you.
We are ready to shed blood for you.
Three-coloured flag, flourish honourably!
Thousands of lives have been sacrificed.
Your bosom has become a battlefield.
Every devoted soldier
Has become a hero.
You are prospering.
My life is always dedicated to you.
My love for you is embedded in my heart
A thousand and one times.
To preserve everything
And to honour her flag
All the youth are willing.
Great Land! Great Land!
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!


Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
A gahraman övladen shanle vatan.
Sandan ötr jan vermae Jomle hazeriz.
Sandan ötr gan tökmae Jomle hazeriz!
Oochrangle bayraginle massaud yasha!
Oochrangle bayraginle masuad yasha!
Meanlerle jan goorban olde!
Senan harba maydon olde!
Hogogindan kechan asgar
Hara beer gahraman olde!
San olasan goolostan,
Sana har on jan goorban!
Sana mean beer manhabat senamde totmosh makan!
Namosoono hifz etmae,
Bayragine oksaltmae.
Jomle gangler moshtagder!
Shanle Vaten! Shanle Vaten!
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!

Azerbaijani Manat

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 03
Fire: 01
Police: 02

Azerbaijani 92.5%
Russian 1.4%
Armenian 1.4%
Other 4.7%

Police, Political parties

Azerbaijan Police
Agency overview : Formed 16 November 1999
Legal personality : Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan

Organisation : Authority of Ministry of Internal Affairs

Website : http://www.mia.gov.az/?/en/mainpage/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Azerbaijan Political parties
Azerbaijan Democratic Party
Founded : January 26, 1991
Website : http://adp-muxalifet.blogspot.com/

Civic Solidarity Party
Vətəndaş Həmrəyliyi Partiyası
Founded : 26 September 1992
Website : http://vhp.az/

Azerbaijani Popular Front Party
Azərbaycan Xalq Cəbhəsi Partiyası
Founded : 1992
Website : http://www.axcp.az/

Azerbaijan National Independence Party
Azərbaycan Milli İstiqlal Partiyası
Founded : July 3-4, 1992
Website : http://web.archive.org/web/20130703051830/http://amip.az

New Azerbaijan Party
Yeni Azərbaycan Partiyası, YAP
Founded : December 18, 1992
Website : http://www.yap.org.az/

Motherland Party (Azerbaijan)
Ana Vətən Partiyası
Founded : 1990
Website : http://avp.az/

Communist Party of Azerbaijan
Azərbaycan Kommunist Partiyası
Founded : 31 October 2011
Website : http://kommunist.biz/

Müsavat Partiyası
Founded : 1911
Website : http://musavat.org.az/

New Azerbaijan Party
Yeni Azərbaycan Partiyası, YAP
Founded : December 18, 1992
Website : http://www.yap.org.az/

Alliance Party for the Sake of Azerbaijan
Azərbaycan Naminə Alyans Partiyası

Azerbaijan Communist Party
Azərbaycan Kommunist Partiyası

Azerbaijan Communist Party
Platform of Marxism-Leninism

Azerbaijan Democratic Party
Azərbaycan Demokrat Firqəsı

Azerbaijan Green Party
Azərbaycan Yaşıllar Partiyası

Azerbaijan Hope Party
Azərbaycan Ümid Partiyasi

Azerbaijan Liberal Party
Azərbaycan Liberal Partiyası

Azerbaijan National Democrat Party
Azerbaycan Milli Demokrat Partiyası

Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party
Azerbaycan Sosial-Demokrat Partiyası

Azerbaijan Social Prosperity Party
Azərbaycan Sosial Rifah Partiyası

Civil Union Party
Vətəndas Birliyi Partiyasi

Compatriot Party
Yurddaş Partiyası

Democratic Azerbaijan's World
Demokratik Azərbaycan Dünyası

Great Order Party
Böyük Qurulus Partiyasi

Azerbaijan National Independence Party
Azərbaycan Milli İstiqlal Partiyası

Azerbaijan Political Party of Democratic Reforms
Azərbaycan Demokratik Islahatlar Siyasi Partiyasi

Justice Party
Ədalət Partiyası

Modern Equality Party
Müasir Müsavat Partiyası

National Unity
Milli Birlik

Reformist Communist Party of Azerbaijan
Azerbaycan Islahatçi Kommunist Partiyasi

South Azerbaijan National Liberation Movement
Cənubi Azərbaycan Milli Azadlıq Hərəkatı

United Communist Party of Azerbaijan
Azerbaycan Vahid Kommunist Partiyasi

Virtue Party
Fəzilət Partiyası

Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party
Bütöv Azərbaycan Xalq Cəbhəsi Partiyasi

Interesting facts
In the lowest reaches of Azokh Cave in western Azerbaijan, archaeologists have found tools and remains dating back 1.5 million years. .. the caverns were occupied for nearly two million years.

Kutabi – filled pancakes – are practically Azerbaijan’s national dish.

No social occasion is complete without tea, served with myriad trimmings. It’s often sweetened with jam – and flavoured with thyme, lemon, mint or rosewater.

The karabakh horse – renowned for its effortless speed, intelligence and endurance – is the national animal of Azerbaijan. They are endemic to the country, and one of the oldest breeds in the world.

Azerbaijan has more mud volcanoes than any other country on earth – more than 400. When its volcanoes erupt, the flames shoot up to a kilometre in the air, and when dormant they bubble and pop with noxious gases.

It’s thought that washing newborns in salt water will make them strong, truthful and bold. Children’s fingernails and hair are only cut after their first birthday.

Most people have at least one gold tooth

A gold, shimmering smile is a common sight, especially among Azerbaijan’s older generations. For some, it’s a snazzy way to replace rotten teeth. For others, it’s akin to a savings account.
Baku is also home to Little Venice, a man-made waterway that flows between shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. It has a number of islands, connected by bridges and walkways – but the best way to get around is by gondola.

When bread goes stale, Azerbaijani cooks don’t just chuck it in the bin: they hang it up in bags, separate from the rest of the rubbish, to signify their respect. If you drop bread on the floor, it’s custom to kiss it, as an apology.



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