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Saudi Arabia Government

Latest population


Independence Day
September 23 1932

Saudi Arabia National Anthem

The Royal Salute

To glory and supremacy,
Glorify the Creator of the heavens!
And raise the green flag
Carrying the emblem of God,
Repeat: God is the greatest!
O my country!
My country,
Live as the glory of Muslims!
Long live the King
For the flag
And the homeland !

Saudi Riyal

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 997
Fire: 998
Police: 999


Saudi Arabia Police
Agency overview : Formed 8 January 1926; 92 years ago
Headquarters : Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Agency executive : Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Minister of Interior
Child agency : General Security, Civil Defense, Narcotics Control, Industrial Security, Two Holy Mosques' Security, General Directorate of Court Services, General Directorate of Corrections
General Directorate of Passports, King Fahd Security College, National Center for Security Operations, Ideological Security, Saudi Interpol, Border Guards, Mujahideen, Weapons and Explosives,
Civil Affairs

Website : https://www.moi.gov.sa/

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Saudi Arabia Political parties
List of political parties


Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia

Hizb ut-Tahrir

Founded 1953; 63 years ago
Website:- http://www.hizb-ut-tahrir.org/

Party for Islamic Renewal

Umma Islamic Party
Founded 10 February 2011
Website:- Not Available

Islamic Revolutionary Organization of the Arabian Peninsula

Liberation Party of the Peninsula

Society of Propagation

Hezbollah Al-Hejaz
(Party of God in the Hejaz)
Founded May 1987
Website:- Not Available

Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia

Muslim (citizens are 85-90% Sunni and 10-15% Shia)
Other (includes Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh)
Note: despite having a large expatriate community of various faiths (more than 30% of the population), most forms of public religious expression inconsistent with the government-sanctioned interpretation of Sunni Islam are restricted; non-Muslims are not allowed to have Saudi citizenship and non-Muslim places of worship are not permitted

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