Saudi Arabia country is a Brand
National Government
Saudi Arabia Government
National Law
National Police
National Capital
National Population
Latest population
Independence Day
September 23
National Helplines
Police - 999 / 112 / 911
Ambulance - 997 / 112 / 911
Fire - 998 / 112 / 911
Traffic police - 993
Emergency - 112 / 911
Family Safety Program (Child help-line) - 116111
Ministry of Commerce and Industry - 1900
Saudi Customs - 1918
Ministry of Social Affairs (Harm and Family Violence Reports) - 1919
Customer Protection Association - 199099
e-Government Program - 199099
Human Rights Commission - 19922
National Anti-Corruption Commission - 19991
Ministry of Health (Emergency Call Center) - 937
Ministry of Interior - Diplomatic Security - 986
Command and Control Center for Security of Hajj in Holy Places - 987
Command and Control Center for Security of Hajj in Holy Places - 987
Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection - 988
General Directorate for Passports - 992
General Department for Traffic - 993
General Directorate for Border Guard - 994
General Department for Combating Drug - 995
Road Security - 996
Saudi Red Crescent - 997
Civil Defense - 998

Emergency Numbers
Ambulance: 997
Fire: 998
Police: 999

National bird, flower
National Animal
Dromedary (national animal)
National Bird
National Flower
National Fruit
National Language
National Currency
Saudi Riyal
Botanical Gardens
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Corporates, Media
Business News
Corporate Foundations
Corporate Founders
Stock Exchanges
Advertising Agencies
PR Agencies
Business Associations
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Sustainability & Reputation Tree
NGOs (Charities)
Social Entrepreneurs
NGO Brands
NGO Founders
NGO Managemenet
Funding Agencies
Social Issues
Funding Agencies
FAs by celebrities
FAs by Philanthropists
World Heritage
Value Education
Catering Colleges
Law Colleges
MBA Colleges
Medical Colleges
Social Work Colleges
Ashoka Fellows
Each country
Countries, Planets
Bordering Countries
Which country the first human was seen
Law Ministry
Political Parties
Independence day
National bird, flower
National animal
National bird
National flower
National fruit
Botanical Gardens
Interesting Facts
Nobel Laureates
Nobel Laureates
Olympic winners
Pulitzer Prize
Magsaysay Awardees
Scientists like Newton
World Heritage
UN Agencies like UNDO, WHO, World Bank, UN Years, Decades, Days like World Water Day, UN Missions, UN Goodwill Ambassadors, 17 Sustainable Development Goals
Knowledge Bank
We plan to ask at least 3650 questions issuewise like

What is the weight of brain or What is the weight of heart

7 wonders
Longest river on earth

Which is called red planet ?
First moons beyond earth ?

We dont just ask you questions and ask you to wait for answers.
We give answers below the questions.

CSRidentity.com and its founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat salutes

Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity
Social workers, NGO Founders
Doctors, Hospitals, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines
Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants
Rivers , Extinct animals
Citizens living with pride when they know they have just a few days to live on earth
People working in crematorium
Those who let Ego GO out of their thinking and in their behaviour

Climate war
If within the family there are wars, we are not surprised to see war between countries
But the biggest war that all people in all the countries, irrespective of their nationality, sex, caste, religion, nature, attitude, brilliance are fighting is war with climate & soil

Global example of
1) Retail donation
2) Blood donation
3) Birthday donation
4) NGO Management Tips for NGOs in all countries
5) Health Info World Capital
6) Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Tree

NGO Management Tips
NGO managements in all countries will be helped by giving ideas like fund raising, branding, PR, succession planning, sustainabillity & reputation

Health Info Capital
Thane doctors & hospitals can make Thane a global capital of health information where they share every body part and disease & how to tackle the disease in non medical language.

Corporates in the world
Thane can be responsible by sharing a Sustainability & Reputation Tree for corporates across the world where Tree branches & leaves include roots like Governance to the top of what world sees like vision, mission, purpose



Flag Description
green, a traditional color in Islamic flags, with the Shahada or Muslim creed in large white Arabic script (translated as "There is no god but God; Muhammad is the Messenger of God") above a white horizontal saber (the tip points to the hoist side); design dates to the early twentieth century and is closely associated with the Al Saud family, which established the kingdom in 1932; the flag is manufactured with differing obverse and reverse sides so that the Shahada reads - and the sword points - correctly from right to left on both sides
note: the only national flag to display an inscription as its principal design; one of only three national flags that differ on their obverse and reverse sides - the others are Moldova and Paraguay

National anthem
"As-Salam Al Malaki"
This country is different : You must know it
Tourism locations

World Heritage Sites : Saudi Arabia
Al - Hijr Archaeological Site(Madbin Sblih)
At - Turaif District in ad - Dir ' iyah
Historic Jeddah , the Gate to Makkah
Rock Art in the Hail Region of Saudi Arabia
Al-Ahsa Oasis , an Evolving Cultural Landscape

Tourism locations

Tourism Agencies



Aaidh ibn Abduallah al-Qarni scholar, author, activist
Abass Ibrahim singer
Abdel Aziz Khoja poet, ambassador
Abdo Khal author
Abdul Aziz bin Ahmed Al Saud humanitarian activist
Abdul Aziz bin Musa'id military commander
Abdul Rahman al-Lahim human rights lawyer
Abdul Rahman Munif novelist
Abdul-Allah Al-Sadhan actor
Abdul-Aziz former king
Abdullah A. Al Abdulgader cardiologist, electrophysiologist
Abdullah Al-Eyaf film director
Abdullah Al-Wuhaib handball player
Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud king
Abdullah Ibn Humaid jurist
Abdulmohsen Al-Bassam air force general, astronaut
Abdulrahman al-Ansary archeologist, professor
Abu al-Walid militant
Adel al-Jubeir ambassador
Adnan Zakaria Bukhari flight instructor
Ahmed Faiz Bin Marzouq long jumper
Ahmed Saleh El Bayed illusionist
Ali Abdullah Al-Daffa educator, founding fellow Islamic Academy of Sciences
Ali Ahmed Al-Amri runner
Ali Al-Ahmed political activist, scholar, writer
Ali Al-Mdfa actor
Ali Al-Sebaa actor
Al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia princess, philanthropist
Ameer Abbas Bukhari pilot
Amer Mohammed Kamfar pilot, turbojet engineer
Amjed Bedewi diplomat, ambassador
Ayman Halawani film producer
Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud foreign minister
Craig Leo Stansberry baseball player
Dania Nassief film producer
Fahad Albutairi comedian
Fahad Al-Hian actor
Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud former king
Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud former king
Fouzi Ayoub Sabri engineer, car designer
Haafidh ibn Ahmed 'Alee al-Hakamee scholar
Habib Al-Habib actor
Hadi Soua'an Al-Somaily Olympic medalist, hurdler
Haid Bin Ahmad Al-Rifaie activist
Haifaa al-Mansour film director
Hamdan Al-Bishi sprinter
Hamed Al-Bishi track and field athlete
Hamza Mohammad Bogary author
Hanadi Zakaria al-Hindi first Saudi woman commercial airline pilot
Hayat Sindi medical researcher, inventor
Hind Mohammed actress
Hisham Abdulrahman Al Howaish actor
Hussein Bakry Gazzaz founder Gazzaz Dept. Stores
Hussein Taher Al-Sabee long jumper
Ibrahim Al-Hsawi actor
Ibrahim El Hakami singer
Ibtisam Lutfi singer, songwriter
Ismail Al-Sabani track and field athlete
Jamal Abdullah Al-Saffar sprinter
Jamil Mohamed Bubashit fencer
Khaled Al-Eid Olympic medalist, equestrian
Khaled al-Johani political dissident
Khaled S. Al-Sultan rector
Khalid Abduirahman AdDosari singer, songwriter, composer
Khalid bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud former king
Khalil Ibrahim Al-Zayani football coach
Manal al-Sharif women's rights activist
Mansour al-Nogaidan writer, reformer, journalist
Mohammad Al-Ali actor, comedian
Mohammad al-Massari physicist, political dissident
Mohammed Abdalla al-Khilewi diplomat
Mohammed Abdu Othman Al A'aseere singer, composer
Mohammed Al-assa actor
Mohammed al-Dosari runner
Mohammed Al-Kharashy football manager
Mohammed Al-Mfarah actor, writer, director, producer
Mohammed bin Nawwaf bin Abdul Azaz Al-Saudi ambassador
Mohammed Othman Shaween long distance runner
Mohammed Salman Al-Khuwaliki long jumper
Mohammed Suroor Sabban politician, economist, publisher, poet
Moudheld Mahil Al-Outaibi runner
Mubarak Ata Mubarak hurdler
Muhammad prophet, founder of Islam
Muhammad Umar Chapra economist
Muhammed Saeed Taib political activist, lawyer, writer
Mutlaq Hamid Al-Thubeiti Al-Otaibi writer, poet
Nasir Al-Gasabi actor
Norah al-Faiz politician
Omar "The White Sudani" Ramzi comedian
Osamah Al-Shanqiti triple and high jumper
Rabab Fetieh academic
Rabeh Sager singer
Rashid Al Shamrani actor
Saad Khader actor, director, producer
Saad Shaddad Al-Asmari runner
Saad-eddine Rafiq Al-Hariri former prime minister of Lebanon
Saleh Abdul Rahman Al-Athel educator
Salem Mouled Al-Ahmadi triple jumper
Salem Mubarak Al-Yami sprinter
Salih bin Muhammed bin Ibrahin Al-Talib jurist
Samar Mohammad Badawi human rights activist
Sami Al-Baker fencer
Sami Angawi architect
Samir Saleh Abdullah Al-Suwailem (Emir Khattab) guerilla fighter, financier
Saud bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud former king
Saud bin Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud actor, comedian
Selwa Al-Hazzaa opthalmologist
Sultan Abdulmajeed Al-Hebshi shot putter
Sultan Al-Sedairy scientist
Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud air force pilot, astronaut
Sultan Mubarak Al-Dawoodi discus thrower
Talal Maddah singer, composer
Wajeha al-Huwaider activist, writer
Waleed Ahmad Jameel Addas economic methodologist
Yahya Al-Gahes sprinter
Yahya Amqassim writer
Yahya Hassan Ibrahim Habeeb track and field athlete
Yousef Ahmed Masrahi track and field athlete
Yousef Al-Jarrah actor
Yousef Al-Mohaimeed journalist, writer