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For information on Government, Corporates, NGOs, Media, Funding agencies, Philanthropists, Ad / PR agencies, Business / Industry associations, Stock exchanges, Police, Political parties ... of this country, you can click on relevant category above.

Your brand can be on the right side of any category of any country that the Brand wants.

Your Brand can help us in promoting the info and making relevant country stand out.

Its like diamonds or oil already below land.
Your brand acts for getting the diamonds or oil in the world.
And make country stand out in diamond or oil market.
So its your brands marketing strategy.

We have not mentioned any fees because we know that the world is going through pandemic situation.

 28.8.2013 : Founder death postponed by Bhau and others
 Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Apule Ghar
(Universe is our house)
Note MY house, but our house
, which means world is larger family


Andorra National Anthem
Catalan Lyrics
El gran Carlemany, mon Pare dels alarbs em deslliurà,

I del cel vida em donà de Meritxell, la gran Mare,
Princesa nasquí i Pubilla entre dues nacions, neutral
Sols resto l'única filla de l'imperi Carlemany.
Creient i lliure onze segles, creient i lliure vull ser.
Siguin els furs mos tutors i mos Prínceps defensors!
I mos Princeps defensors!

Andorra National Anthem
English Translation
The Great Charlemagne
The great Charlemagne, my Father, liberated me from the Saracens,

And from heaven he gave me life from Meritxell, the great Mother.
I was born a Princess, a Maiden neutral between two nations.
I am the only remaining daughter of the Carolingian empire
A believer and free for eleven centuries, a believer and free I want to be.
Be the laws of the land my tutors, and my Princes my defenders!
And my Princes my defenders!

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