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Independence Day
September 1 1991

Uzbekistan National Anthem

National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan

My sunny free land, happiness and salvation to your people,
You are a warmhearted companion to your friends!
Flourish forever with learning and creativity,
May your glory shine as long as the world exists!

These golden valleys – dear Uzbekistan,
The courageous spirit of your ancestors is with you!
When the great power of the people raged,
(You did) have charmed the world!

The faith of an open-hearted Uzbek does not die out,
The young free generation is a strong wing for you!
Beacon of independence, guardian of peace,
Lover of truth, motherland, flourish forever!

These golden valleys – dear Uzbekistan,
The courageous spirit of your ancestors is with you!
When the great power of the people raged,
(You did) have charmed the world!

Uzbekistani Som

Emergency numbers

Uzbek (official) 74.3%
Russian 14.2%
Tajik 4.4%
Other 7.1%

Police, Political parties

Uzbekistan Police
Interior Ministry overview : Formed August 25, 1991
Preceding Interior Ministry : Soviet Interior Ministry
Headquarters : 1, Yunus Radzhabi St., Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Minister responsible : Minister of Internal Affairs
Parent department : Government of Uzbekistan

Website : http://mvd.uz/uz

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Uzbekistan Political parties
The parties

Parliamentary parties

Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan
Oʻzbekiston Liberal Demokratik Partiyasi
Founded : November 15, 2003
Website : http://www.uzlidep.uz/

People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan

O'zbekistan Xalq Demokratik Partiyasi
Founded : November 1, 1991
Website : http://www.xdp.uz/

Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party
Oʻzbekiston “Milliy Tiklanish” Demokratik Partiyasi Uzbek
Демократическая партия Узбекистана «Миллий Тикланиш» Russian
Founded : June 3, 1995
Website : http://milliytiklanish.uz/

Justice Social Democratic Party
Adolat Sotsial Demokratik Partiyasi
Founded : 1995
Website : http://www.adolat.uz/

Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan
O`zbekiston ekologik hаrаkаti; Uzbek
Экологическое Движение Узбекистана Russian
Founded : 2 August 2008
Website : http://eco.uz/uz

Interesting facts
Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia.interesting facts about Uzbekistan

It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Kyrgyzstan to the northeast, Tajikistan to the southeast, Afghanistan to the south and Turkmenistan to the southwest.

Uzbekistan is one of only two countries in the world to be ‘double landlocked’ (landlocked and totally surrounded by other landlocked countries). Liechtenstein is double landlocked by 2 countries whilst Uzbekistan is surrounded by 5!

The coordinates for Uzbekistan are 41.0000° N, 69.0000°

The terrain here is varied throughout the nation. In the west there are lowlands and flat plateau, with one of the world’s largest deserts in the centre and high mountains and semiarid grasslands in the east.

The lowest point in Uzbekistan is actually 39 feet below sea level, whilst the highest point is 15,233 feet above sea level!

History fans will be intrigued to learn that in 2002, archaeologists discovered a series of ancient pyramids in a remote part of Uzebekistan, believed to be 2,700 years old!

The total land area of Uzbekistan is 172,742 square miles (447,400 square kilometres).

Uzbekistan’s population was 30.2 million in 2013.

The capital city is Tashkent; it covers an area of 129.2 square miles (334.8 square kilometres) and has a population of 2.2 million (2011).

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